Ross and Blythe

Chorn-Cohen-13Would you just look at those little lovebirds.  Ross and Blythe were set up on a ‘blind ski date’ exactly two years ago by the most amazing human that ever lived.  That human is me.  : )  It seemed only fitting that I get to shoot the engagement photos of the first successful match I have made.Chorn-Cohen-18Chorn-Cohen-17Chorn-Cohen-20Chorn-Cohen-15Chorn-Cohen-16Blythe’s dad has a home in Genesee so we drove up for the morning and let the mountains be our backdrop.  Chorn-Cohen-11Chorn-Cohen-10Chorn-Cohen-14Chorn-Cohen-28Chorn-Cohen-29


Chorn-Cohen-30Chorn-Cohen-32Chorn-Cohen-34Chorn-Cohen-44Chorn-Cohen-36Chorn-Cohen-38Chorn-Cohen-40Congratulations you two!  I’m looking forward to all that 2016 has in store for you.Chorn-Cohen-37

Lee Family

LeeFamily-26Meet sweet baby M.  She’s the newest addition to our group of friends out here in Denver.  I swung by their house to get some family photos and since it was MUCH too cold to go outside we found some light in the living room and did our thing.  : )LeeFamily-7LeeFamily-2LeeFamily-1LeeFamily-4LeeFamily-5LeeFamily-9LeeFamily-10LeeFamily-22LeeFamily-21LeeFamily-27LeeFamily-30LeeFamily-24

I can’t even deal with those lips.  She’s such a beauty!


Somebody was tuckered out!  She didn’t want to wake up for the camera so we just let her snooze away.

LeeFamily-39LeeFamily-38LeeFamily-41LeeFamily-43LeeFamily-46It’s so cool to see these two settled into their brand new home with their brand new baby!  Can’t wait to watch this little nugget grow up.

The Asher Girls

I’d like to introduce you to Miss Immy.

Don’t be shy pretty girl!  : )

ImogenAsher-5ImogenAsher-3This summer I met Imogen and her mama (my dear friend Leah) at the park for an impromptu photo-session to serve as a fathers day present for the mister.  Miss Immy is at the age where looking at the camera is the LAST thing she wants to do, but I utilized a few tricks to get her attention.  ImogenAsher-7ImogenAsher-2ImogenAsher-6ImogenAsher-18ImogenAsher-17ImogenAsher-9

As you can clearly see, she gets it from her mama (her beauty that is).


Webb Family 2015


These two.

They won the lottery on parents and have subsequently grown to be two of the sweetest little boys ever.  They have different personalities to be sure, but deep down they have this goodness (I credit their mom’s Minnesotan roots of course) and I just love shooting photos for them.  This is my fourth, maybe fifth year doing so?  Thanks to Rachel and Jon for calling me up every fall.  : )


We do some variation of this photo every year with Rachel.  The boys keep getting older and she just somehow remains ageless.  She’s such a beauty!


I usually have a few more photos of mister blondie above as his little brother is a bit more tentative around the camera.  Avon is such a natural in front of the lens and loves having his photo taken.  Pax makes me work a little harder for his cooperation which I don’t mind one bit, I’m the same way.  : )





Miss Finley…all grown up.

This girl needs no introductions as she’s been appearing on this blog for years and years.  It had been awhile (too long I’ll admit) since i’d seen her and she was certainly taller and generally older looking overall, but it wasn’t until I glanced at a frozen image of her on the back of my camera that I realized how much she’s grown up.  It put a little lump in my throat.  It’s interesting how a still image can show you something that even seeing someone in person can’t.   Miss Finley, you haven’t lost your touch in front of the lens.  : )2015Finley-62015Finley-122015Finley-72015Finley-5MashupFHart12015Finley-112015Finley-10MashupFHart42015Finley-132015Finley-142015Finley-152015Finley-32015Finley-522015Finley-532015Finley-582015Finley-572015Finley-382015Finley-392015Finley-42MashupFHart22015Finley-372015Finley-502015Finley-462015Finley-26MasupFHart32015Finley-45

Austin Turns One!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to future Ralph Lauren model, Austin.  He is the firstborn of some very good friends of ours and we all hung out at our neighborhood park to snag some photos of this handsome boy.

ATurano-11He was a little shy at first, naturally, but after I proved that the camera wasn’t scary and I am in fact a fun person to hang out with…the smiles started showing up.MashupATurano1ATurano-8ATurano-9ATurano-10ATurano-16He looks SO MUCH like his dad and it’s hysterical when he makes these faces because I can’t help but envision his dad doing it instead.  Cracks me up every time.MasupATurano2ATurano-36ATurano-3ATurano-4MashupATurano3ATurano-12ATurano-26MashupATurano6ATurano-7ATurano-17ATurano-6

In case you were curious where he gets his good looks…..


…genes.  It’s science.  : )

MashupATurano4ATurano-22ATurano-23ATurano-24ATurano-25ATurano-38ATurano-55ATurano-56MashupATurano7ATurano-50MashupATurano5ATurano-51I am so glad these guys asked me to document their baby turning one.  Here’s to many more years to come!!

Pelican Lake 2015

It’s that time of year again!  Time for the ‘annual lake visit’ post where everybody reading this blog falls asleep looking at variations of the same photos I’ve posted every year regarding this trip.  People smiling!  People doing water sports!  People drinking!

Look, I get it.  You know that people go to the lake and it’s really fun.  You don’t need to see photos of it year after year.  However, the simplest way for me to get said pictures in front of the faces of the people who care, is to post them here.

So deal.  : )

Also, there are babies this year!  And TWO dogs instead of one!  And people smiling!

The first day there deserves no photos because it was dark, rainy, windy and overall shitty.  I don’t want to talk about it.

Luckily, Miss Charlotte showed up with her parents and brought smiles and sunshine our way.  2015Pelican-2IMG_2060_2

Day two was much better as the sun came out and we got out on the water for a bit. 2015Pelican-32015Pelican-1 2015Pelican-52015Pelican-62015Pelican-7Have you ever seen anything cuter IN. YOUR. LIFE????  Look at those chunky legs.  : )

We made the routine trip to Zorbaz for terrible food and average drinks where we met up with the last piece of our amazing puzzle who had just arrived from Minneapolis.  The Strub Family!  We like them because they bring Miss Ellery.2015Pelican-10


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

2015Pelican-112015Pelican-82015Pelican-122015Pelican-152015Pelican-132015Pelican-142015Pelican-182015Pelican-162015Pelican-172015Pelican-19As you can see, Charlotte got passed around quite a bit.  Poor girl never got a break from us.  : )

That evening, Jon and I gave Ellery her birthday present to celebrate her 2nd birthday.  I think Jon ALMOST had more fun picking it out than Ellery did playing with it…almost.2015Pelican-20 2015Pelican-21 2015Pelican-22 2015Pelican-23 2015Pelican-24 2015Pelican-25 2015Pelican-26Push a button and it drives.  What more could a two year old want!?2015Pelican-27 2015Pelican-28 This night was SO beautiful.  Jon, Michael, Jessica and I drove four wheelers up through shanty town to lay in the grass and stare at the insane sky full of stars.  There aren’t many places I’ve ever been that you can see stars like you can in MN on a clear night.  It was great.2015Pelican-29The following day was pretty crappy weather as well, but when the sun peeked out for a brief moment we made the most of it.2015Pelican-37 2015Pelican-36 2015Pelican-34 2015Pelican-33 2015Pelican-39 2015Pelican-31 2015Pelican-32 2015Pelican-302015Pelican-382015Pelican-412015Pelican-402015Pelican-512015Pelican-53These three (soon to be four) were so sweet cruising the sandbar that I had to snag some shots.2015Pelican-42 2015Pelican-43 2015Pelican-44 2015Pelican-45 2015Pelican-46 2015Pelican-47 2015Pelican-48 2015Pelican-492015Pelican-502015Pelican-522015Pelican-572015Pelican-582015Pelican-562015Pelican-552015Pelican-542015Pelican-642015Pelican-592015Pelican-602015Pelican-612015Pelican-622015Pelican-632015Pelican-65I just love these photos of a beautiful momma with her almost two year old.  2015Pelican-66The wheels almost came off on Saturday when the weather took an ugly turn.  Not to be defeated, we chose gun shooting and beer pong to keep our spirits  up.  2015Pelican-692015Pelican-722015Pelican-732015Pelican-742015Pelican-702015Pelican-712015Pelican-762015Pelican-782015Pelican-79Everyone looks all cute shooting the BB gun.  Below, you’ll find out why I’m never in any photos. Because THIS is what happens when I hand my camera over.  : )2015Pelican-802015Pelican-812015Pelican-82Not to let weather get the best of us (but mostly because of the beer pong) we jumped into the ocean like lake before dinner at Spanky’s.  It was a wonderful way to cap off the weekend, both the freezing lake jump AND the dinner.   : )2015Pelican-832015Pelican-842015Pelican-852015Pelican-862015Pelican-882015Pelican-87On Sunday Ellery celebrated her 2nd birthday with singing, world famous cormorant cinnamon rolls and a bunch of old people.  It was awesome!IMG_2132_2IMG_2125_2Before heading to the cabin, I asked Jon (knowing already what my answer would be) what he was looking forward to the most.  He said ‘it’s going to be good for my head, to slow down a bit’.  I said I felt similar, that it was going to be good for my heart, to spend that time with these people.

It was.  IMG_2121_2