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Finley – Fall 2013

FinleyHart-7Each fall I get the pleasure of spending an afternoon with this little nugget (as I call her).  This year we got a scorching hot day, so we sought out all the shade we could and went wild.  Hopefully you can’t tell from the photos, but she wasn’t too interested in having her photos taken this hot day.  A bribe of a trip to pinkberry seemed to do the trick.  Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
Finley1 FinleyHart-29FinleyHart-23FinleyHart-24Finley4FinleyHart-21FinleyHart-26FinleyHart-27FinleyHart-17 FinleyHart-16FinleyHart-14FinleyHart-37FinleyHart-40FinleyHart-39FinleyHart-42FinleyHart-43FinleyHart-47FinleyHart-49FinleyHart-51FinleyHart-53FinleyHart-54P.S.  The image above is my personal favorite, mostly due to the scratched knee, her favorite doll, and her insistence on wearing her ‘tiara’ for a few.  This is her.