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I got to meet the newest addition to the Gusky/Bullock family yesterday and boy is he cute.Elet-2Meet Elet.Elet-5 Elet-3Congratulations Eric and Sarah – I’d say he’s a keeper : )Elet-6 Elet-4 Elet-7 Elet-9 Elet-10 Elet-8


A new challenge.

As some of you may know, I recently quit my job.


I immediately felt like I lost 20 pounds, all my muscles loosened for the first time in years, and I didn’t wake up to an instant feeling of anxiety and dread.

It was time.

Actually, the correct ‘time’ to quit passed longer ago than I’m willing to admit.  Better late than never I guess.

The job very much served its purpose for me and from it I gained relationships that I cannot imagine my life without.  That being said, it had become an absolutely toxic influence on my life, spreading negativity into every single available space.

It was time and since leaving I feel like I’ve got a new lease on life.

I’ve also got some time on my hands while I figure out my next move.

Enter Anna Karenina.

AnnaKarenina-1I have started this book approximately 14 times, usually get a good 80 pages in, and then I slowly quit.

Well, Keira Knightley is currently in starring in a movie adaptation of this book and it looks exactly like my favorite kind of film.  I can’t WAIT to see it.  I decided (after finding myself spending way to much time on pinterest lately) to spend an hour or so during my mornings alone attempting to finish this book.

My motivation?  I am not allowing myself to see the movie until I finish the book.

To get from here…


…to here…AnnaKarenina-4…takes reading this many pages.  Woof.AnnaKarenina-3Considering I want to see the film while it’s still in the theaters, I need to get my ass in gear.  Luckily for me I truly enjoy reading and have always been fast at it.  I just need to keep my interesest piqued in the slow moving, complicated, and epic storyline.  My books of choice lately have been embarrassingly easy reads (Twilight, Hunger Games, 50 Shades of Grey) that I just blow through in a few days, so this 800 pager will be a brain stimulating change of pace.

I’ll keep you updated (it really just keeps me accountable) and I’d love it if somebody would join me!  Otherwise, wish me luck.

P.S. Have any of you ever read this book cover to cover?  What did you think?



A tough decision.

I don’t want to turn this blog into a political argument.  I really, really don’t.

Some people can get so heated and nasty when arguing over politics and I don’t want to pollute this happy place with that behavior.

That being said, and in honor of my 100th blog post (woo hoo) and the importance of this (and every) election, I felt compelled to share this quote:

“I wish my moderate Republican friends would simply be honest.  They all say they’re voting for Romney because of his economic policies (tenuous and ill-formed as they are), and that they disagree with him on gay rights.  Fine.  Then look me in the eye, speak with a level clear voice, and say, ‘My taxes and take-home pay mean more than your fundamental civil rights, the sanctity of your marriage, your right to visit an ailing spouse in the hospital, your dignity as a citizen of this country, your healthcare, your right to inherit, the mental welfare and emotional well-being of your youth, and your very personhood.’

It’s like voting for George Wallace during the Civil Rights movements, and apologizing for his racism.  You’re still complicit.  You’re still perpetuating anti-gay legislation and cultural homophobia.  You don’t get to walk away clean, because you say you ‘disagree’ with your candidate on these issues.”

-Doug Wright, Pulitzer winning playwright

I was undecided where my vote was going up until a few days ago.  That might surprise a few people, but it’s true.  Most people (I think) assume that I would automatically vote for Obama.  That makes sense.  I did last time and I totally get that assumption.  The thing is,  it’s just not as simple as it used to be, the decision that is.

Turns out i’ve wrestled with it a lot this time.

It’s not like when I was in college, an idealist with little to no responsibility.  Things are a lot different now.  I’m married to somebody whose business (and our livelihood) is greatly affected by things like tax laws and who is in office.

He and I are a family now and thus my responsibilities and priorities have changed dramatically.  My priorities now involve things like having a healthy family, saving money, our financial future, investing, buying a house, sending our future kids to college, even retirement.  Unfortunately a lot of it revolves around money, but that’s life.

I’ve started to truly understand how the way I vote doesn’t just affect the ‘greater good’ in an abstract sense, but it can and will affect mine and my families every day life directly.

Grown up life complicates things.

It’s just not as simple anymore.

You don’t get to walk away clean, because you say you ‘disagree’ with your candidate on these issues.

Or is it?

That’s what the quote made me ask myself and you know what?  It really is that simple.  For me.  This time.

I just can’t be complicit.  Some maybe can and will, but I feel like I couldn’t look at myself the same way.  I, and my priorities, have changed since being 20 and 24…absolutely.  But what hasn’t changed is my belief in the absurdity of the idea that gay people don’t deserve equal rights.  Or that women don’t deserve equal pay and decision making power over their own healthcare.

I just can’t look someone in the eye (especially my future children, whether boy or girl, gay or straight) and say that my (or my husbands) take home pay meant more to me than their rights.

So I’ve decided.

It’s pretty simple.

Giving Thanks


Thank you all so much for your incredibly awesome comments about the Obama photo’s!

I started wondering if I should watermark them on the blog so people can’t steal them.  Would that be distracting to people viewing them?  Maybe I wouldn’t do that to every photo I put on the blog, just the real ‘money makers’?  What do you think?


While I’m busy being a ME MONSTER, I’d like to share with you that after my post about cheese and love, THIS HAPPENED:




Yup.  That happened.  I double checked.

Shortly thereafter, this and this happened:



…and it was awesome.


It seems small.  I know that.

But when I sit alone, every day, staring at my computer trying to create something from nothing that I hope people will enjoy, it helps to get positive feedback from a completely random human that isn’t my mom.

It’s REALLY nice when that person happens to run your favorite restaurant, which is owned and operated by the same people who own and operate the top ranked restaurant in Colorado.

It’s EVEN NICER when they found the post all on their own, without knowing me or my blog, and without anybody telling them to look.

Thank you Chris for your kind words.  You(‘ve always) now have a life long patron of Pizzeria Locale.

Monday Randomness

Alright people ~ I just passed the 1,000 pins mark on Pinterest and show no sign of stopping.  If you want to get in on the party, look over to your right and click follow me on Pinterest.  If you don’t know what Pinterest is then I’m sorry you simply CANNOT be helped.  If I’m the first to introduce you to it (doubtful) then I apologize because it’s absolutely going to suck your life into a black hole.

Second item of business…some pretty cherries to look at.

I’ve got some posts in the works for this week that are a bit less sporadic than this one, but I just had these few random things to cover.

Random things like THIS.  Click it.  For happiness.  It shows my wicked dance moves.  BTW it’s a gif from an awesome app called Gifboom.  Get it.

Lastly, I CAN’T stop listening to this song.

No…not Call Me Maybe.

THIS one.  It’s by yOya and it’s called Fireworks and it is best served really loud in a car preferably on the way to the lakes.  Enjoy and see you tomorrow.

01 Fireworks