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Favorite Autumn Cocktail

Trips to the mall this time of the year involve some of my favorite shopping rituals.  Searching for new comfy sweaters instead of skin tight summer wares.  Gazing longingly at  the beautiful array of fall boots at Nordstrom while envisioning myself a super chic ski bunny.  And of course, the smell of apple cider wafting from the doors of Williams Sonoma.

I was their latest victim this week.  I went in to get a piece of our blender replaced and came out with the bizarrely large amount of ingredients it takes to mimic their impossible to resist cider.

Five Apple Cider Concentrate

Mulling Spices

Cinnamon Sticks

Floating Mulling Spice Ball (yes I’m serious)

Milling Spice Mugs (didn’t buy these…going back for them)

I love apple cider any way I get it, but there’s something magical and comforting about the smell you can get by using the W & S mulling spices.  It also just makes it feel a little more special.  I decided to ‘create’ a cocktail that would be perfect to enjoy in a new comfy sweater while looking chic in my after ski boots up in the mountains.  : )

It’s ridiculously easy.

Gather your ingredients (pumpkin not necessary).

Mix one part Five Apple Cider Concentrate with three parts water and begin to simmer.

Add 2 tablespoons Mulling Spices to apple cider mix and continue to simmer for 20 minutes.  Enjoy the delicious scent for all 20 of them.

Add your desired amount of Gentleman Jack whiskey.  I think this makes the best choice because it’s meant to be used as a mixer in cocktails and is so smooth.

Insert an overpriced W & S cinnamon stick and stir to mix.

I love cinnamon so I also like to rim the edge of my mug with it before drinking.

Only one thing left to do…drink and enjoy.  I hope this inspires you to cozy up your home with the wonderful smells of apple cider, cocktail version or not.


February Recipe

My very late recipe for the month of February is called “Gentleman’s Whiskey and Honey“.  No it’s not a scary boozy chicken dish, it’s an approachable boozy cocktail!   If I had actually thought this out I would have made a green cocktail in honor of St. Patricks day tomorrow, but I can’t go down the scary road of wondering what would be different if I thought things out before I did them.


My February recipe IS indeed a cocktail, it IS a month late and it IS very very delicious.

A preface:

I hate liquor.  I dislike the taste, I HATE the way it makes me behave, and most importantly I feel like I’m cheating on wine.  If I’m drinking liquor for a night out I’m either the hilarious fun to be around life of the party (in my mind) or crying somewhere in a corner (in real life).  I am very hesitant around cocktails.

Well…Sean is the bar manager at the restaurant I work at and he is a mix master.  One night at work Sean asked us to try his new drink creation therefore enabling us to better promote it.  I say “us” but the only person that tried it was me because I swallowed it all in one delicious gulp while batting my coworkers away with my free hand.  This drink is delicious.  Why?  Because it doesn’t taste like booze.  This drink is extremely dangerous.  Why?  Because it doesn’t taste like booze.

Let’s do it.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is make some honey water.  This is the most difficult thing you’ll do for this whole recipe and all it takes is mixing equal parts honey with boiling water.  You can make a pretty big batch and just keep it in your refrigerator for those lonely Tuesday afternoons.  A quarter cup of each will make about three of these cocktails.

Set the honey water aside and proceed to assemble all necessary bar tools.  By necessary I mean ‘really fun to buy from Williams Sonoma with wedding gift cards’.  I’m sure you could do without, but the most clutch for me was the measurer (technical term).

You’re going to freshly press/squeeze one whole orange and one half lemon into your cocktail shaker.  Before you cut the orange, shave off a little strip to be used as a pretty twist later.

The next step is the good stuff.  You’re going to measure and add 1 and 1/2 ounces of Gentleman Jack (no substitutions…it’s so smooth).

Get that honey water back in your hands to measure and add 1 ounce to the shaker.  Add some ice, shake it up, pour it out and enjoy.

It’s so smooth, so light and refreshing, and it’s filled with vitamin C!

Honestly though this is a great cocktail and so simple to prepare.  I suggest it for those nights when you want to be the life of the party, have a good cry, or if you need to knock out a toddler.

*No Finley’s were harmed in the making of this cocktail.  : )