About Midwest Mountainess


I am Ali (Kinkade) Hendrickson and you have stumbled upon my blog.


This blog was created by me to serve several selfish purposes:

  1. To document our life’s happenings, mundane or otherwise, in a place accessible to anyone interested (probably just my mom).
  2. To have a space for my photographs, mundane or otherwise, in a place other than Facebook, with the hopes that i’ll be deemed ‘talented’ and in turn will become wildly famous.
  3. To share all of my favorite things with all of my favorite people.  Websites, other blogs, videos, restaurants, music, face cream, kitty liter, etc.

I am excited that you’re here, but more so I hope you keep coming back.  I’ll do my best to make it easy for you.

This blog is titled Midwest Mountainess because my husband Jon and I are Minnesota natives making our way in Denver, CO.  Deep down I will always be a Minnesota girl, but like the many other transplants living in Denver, I am thrilled to be here and fall more and more in love with the state every day.

Speaking of my brand new husband, meet Jon.


He’s basically the greatest and all my girlfriends envy my luck in having him.

Our other roommate is Marlo.

I would be outright lying to you if I didn’t admit here and now that I’m in a crazy cat lady phase due to having only her to photograph at the moment.  Just wait.  You’ll see.


10 thoughts on “About Midwest Mountainess

  1. Jessica Nelson

    Stumbled upon your blog somehow today…my husband and I are newlywed, Minnesota natives, transplanted, and making our way in Denver, too! Congratulations, and best of luck to you both!!

  2. cemooney27

    I’m sooo happy I came across your blog! My husband and I currently live in CA and are planning to move to Colorado as soon as possible! We wanted to be as far from Denver as possible because we heard it was like Colorado’s LA so we focused on Fort Collins but realistically.. Wherever the Lord wants us is where we will end up! Part of me creating my blog was to record our relocation for our families! I’m excited to explore the rest of your blog! The pictures look AMAZING!!!


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