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Link Love



It’s September tomorrow?  What in the hell is going on?

Oh wait that’s right…I haven’t been home in two weeks.

And in that two weeks the places where I HAVE been instead of home include (but are not limited to) Manhattan, Brooklyn, SoHo, New Jersey, staring at a T-Rex skeleton, eating the best gnocchi I’ve ever had, Minneapolis, Bloomington, a baseball field, meeting baby Ruxin, LaCrosse WI, nursing my husband back to health, a rehearsal dinner, my best friends wedding, Spicer MN, a rock in the middle of a lake, horseback riding, playing barbies, and in my friend Sara’s kitchen in New London MN.  Not to mention sleeping in 6 different beds, on the subway, and in several cars.

I guess I COULD have found time to blog but Jon probably wouldn’t have liked the fact that showering and brushing my teeth would have had to be sacrificed to make that time.

So in the interest of personal hygiene I took a little break from Midwest Mountainess.

That’s the thing about blogging for free.  Nobody gets to tell me what to do.

I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things.  However, I’m not making any promises as I’m also trying to soak up every delicious last morsel of summer before it’s gone.  I’ve got lots of photo’s from our trip to NYC to share, even more from Vanessa and Andrews wedding, and then just a few (because I was sick of my camera) from my last trip to the lakes this year.

To ease my way back into regular posting, I’ll start off with a simple Friday edition of Link Love.  Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend everybody!!!

Let’s start with the most important link – Anthro is giving 25% off sale clothing and shoes this weekend!  I’ve got my eye on this and this.

Every hair tip imaginable under one easy browsing roof.

Things to know at (almost) 30.  Awesome article.  Here’s a tidbit:

I believe that your 20s are supposed to be hard. But it is not helpful to have to tackle the hard stuff while being told repeatedly that you belong to a unique generation of wastrels.

I am obsessed with this website that answers questions beginning with “what if…”.

Hilarious breakdown of a ridiculously sexist yahoo article.  Only 18 and up on this one.

Who thinks I could make this?

One of the funniest things I’ve listened to in a long time.  The worst haircut ever.

Finally I’d like to end with something a little dated…the Chik-fil-A gay marriage scandal.  I realize this is old news, but it came up again in conversation this weekend and I wanted to post my favorite summation (out of all the articles written about it) to date.  Thanks cousin Timmy for bringing it to my attention.  Meet Miranda :

Bye ya’ll.


Throwback Thursday

This Thursday doesn’t throwback very far.

It goes just a hop skip and a jump back to 2010 and covers Jon and my first trip to NYC.  He surprised me with tickets to Wicked as a Christmas gift and we planned our trip for the following April.

Well Jon surprised me AGAIN a few weeks ago when he told me we were going back to NYC for our 1 year anniversary!  We are leaving this Saturday morning and I am so excited.

In my excitement I was looking through our old photo’s and decided they would work for a Throwback Thursday post.  

Here we are at the then brand new Yankee Stadium!  It was Jackie Robinson day and everyone got a free hat.

Our first trip we did all the mandatory touristy stuff because you just never know if you’re ever going back.  We covered A LOT of ground.  The Met, little italy, chinatown, 9/11 site, famous sandwich and pizza joints etc.

Of COURSE we went to see Lady Liberty and Ellis Island.  I’m half tempted to do this again just to experience the spectacular view of city from the water.  Our first night in NYC we spent wandering around and marveling at Time’s Square.This is me doing my very best ‘native new yorker’ pose.  I’ve even got the Starbucks!As I’m sure most people do, I fell madly in love with Central Park.  You can just look and look and look and never soak it all in.  To think, just 4 months after this photo was taken, we were engaged!  So THAT’S why he made let me try on engagement rings at the NYC David Yurman boutique.

We had such a great time and I feel so lucky to be able to go back.  We’re staying in a different part of Manhattan this trip and will have many new things to discover and explore.  So far our only concrete plans are a few dinners, shopping of course, wandering, and using our Monday tickets that Jon won to see David Letterman!  Everybody look for us!

Weekend Recap

One of my looser life goals (meaning it’s lower on the totem pole than others) is golf.

Not necessarily learning how to golf because I basically know how.  I was after all on the golf team in high school.

Wait what?  You were on the golf team?



Not really.

Let me explain.

My family lives next door to the Ada Country Club aka Heart of the Valley (9 hole) golf course and I spent a lot of time there growing up.  My on and off best friend Jess and her family ran the joint so I spent even more time there when she and I were ‘on’.

My memories of “being on the golf team” involve going to the course with friends after school, flirting with the boys that were ACTUALLY on the golf team, avoiding our crazy coach at all costs, and eating the junk food that was always stuffed into our golf bags.

I’m 90% positive I never played in a single golf meet.

You’re welcome team.

So maybe I don’t know ALL there is to know about golf, but I get the general idea.

This loose life goal doesn’t really have anything to do with excelling at golf anyway.  I just want to be good enough to play 18 holes without looking like an idiot.

That and I’d like to enjoy playing 18 holes whilst not looking like an idiot.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed plenty of time AT golf courses.  Just not actually playing golf.

I posted awhile back about our couples match (which involved beer) and I had a great time!  Granted I only had to put, but still…fun.

I met Jon at a golf course and we’re married now!  So much fun!

I made out on a blanket under the stars at a golf course.  Still having fun….

Jess and I used to wander the Ada course, spot a random ball in the middle of the fairway, and sneakily do an innocent somersault over said ball and snatch it up to keep!  Turns out those balls were NOT randomly in the middle of the fairway and we probably ruined countless scores, but that’s not the point.  The point is ruining people’s scores is FUN!

I always have fun on and around golf courses.  I DO NOT, however, have fun spending four frustrating hours golfing 18 holes.

So we’re working on that.  I’ve been going with Jon to the range to hit balls, practice chipping (ugh) and putting.  I’ve been trying to power through when I would otherwise get frustrated and quit.  I’ve been hitting the ball dead straight (always have) and am trying to learn how to hit it farther.  I’ve actually been impressing Jon here and there with my surprising skills (for a girl).

So when Jon asked (signed me up without asking) if I’d like to play in a charity golf tournament (drunken mess of irons and balls) that was only 9 holes long I said yes!

Turns out each team needs at least one girl to be a team…but I was still honored to be asked/signed up with no choice.

It’s a yearly ‘tournament’ put on by good friends of Jon who are on the board for Food Bank of the Rockies.

Here are the highlights:

I’ve had to resort to the above in order to appear in any pictures.  Why were there bagpipers in attendance?  I don’t know.  Why did we put with a hockey stick on one hole?  Why were people taking shots?  Why is the hole so little and far away? Who invented golf?  These are questions better left unanswered.  That’s the swing of a sorta kinda not really golf team member if I’ve ever seen one!Another great example of questions better left unanswered.  The truth is just too terrifying.Here’s a question I can answer!  What is Ross doing?  He’s lounging, letting all the ladies drink him in, while all the boys try to be men and chuck golf clubs down the fairway.  Taylor won.  He wins every year.  It’s probably due to the muscles and the biceps and the triceps and all the other ‘ceps that aid in things like chucking golf clubs.Our team!Ryan’s job was to drive around with the keg and make sure nobody golfed TOO well.  He succeeded.I’m sure this is because the beer finally kicked in and not because they’re annoyed with my camera.  Everyone gathering to hear the results of all the contests!We think they cheated for the win.  So did these girls……not impressed.We didn’t walk away empty handed.  Jon actually won two holes!Here comes the auction portion of the program!  First up, Bruce Jenner and his thighs.  That sucker went for many hundreds of dollars.  Seriously.  Ryan would make an incredible Price Is Right girl.There’s only one winner in this photo, the others are merely winner wannabe’s.

It was a really fun day.  I think I’ve got the right idea about working on life goals.  Be outside, surround yourself with friends, laugh a lot and drink some beers.

Who says accomplishing goals is hard?

Link Love


{Image via Pinterest}

Thank God it’s Friday.

For some reason this week felt a little too long for my liking.  It was productive with lots of good news that will lead to fun things so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

Here’s a hint about said ‘fun things’.

{Image via Irene Suchoki on Etsy}

We’ve got a busy weekend planned as well and I’m looking forward to a big group dinner with friends, saying farewell to a favorite restaurant that’s closing and Jon’s 31st birthday on Sunday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend – here are some things I found around the web:

If THIS photo doesn’t get you to wear sunscreen I don’t know what will.

Worlds most expensive dog.

Americans are not as cool as we think we are.

50 shades of flesh.  Crazy.

Hilarious pinterest website where someone tests all the DIY for us!

An app every mom should have.

Really beautiful perspective on beaches.

Thanks for reading!  Follow me on pinterest and have a great weekend!

Hey It’s Your Birthday…

What can I say about how much I love this little girl that I haven’t already in this post.

Today is Livi’s 7th Birthday.

This means several things.

It means that she is officially a kid.  Not an infant, baby, toddler, little girl, little kid.  She is a kid.  A big kid.  She might as well be 17.

It means that she’s arriving at the age where kids stop being sweet to each other and  learn how to be bully’s.  I plan on kicking some big kid ass if anyone so much as sneezes in her general direction.

Most importantly this means that I have not been 21 years old for SEVEN YEARS.


It hasn’t even hit me that she’s not in diapers anymore so the fact that she’s in grade school will catch up to me by the time she’s going to prom.

I guess we’ll make somewhat of a Throwback Thursday out of this post as well and meander down memory lane.  My Livi memory lane.

(pardon the quality of photo’s – technology has come a long way in 7 years)

Livi, this is when you stayed with me overnight at my college house my senior year.  We had Erbert and Gerbert at the kitchen table, went for a walk around campus, I got called a MILF, and we snuggled all night.

This is you in our front yard crushing an Outpost ice cream cone while sporting a combover.     : )

Here you are, still such a little baby, rocking a mow hawk.

This is Tyler teaching you everything you need to know.

Here you are with mom and I on Christmas Eve laughing incredibly hard due to how hilarious we are.  Or because I’m tickling you.  Details.

These are from your very first movie theatre experience – Ratatouille at the Orpheum Theatre in Ada.

Here you are freezing.

This is also from Christmas Eve and I believe you’re pretending to be interested in the porcelain ornament you received.

These hurt a little.  These were taken by me the night before I moved to Denver.  I took you for ice cream and then to the playground and choked back tears the entire night.  Just you and me.

It’s Christmas again and you’re pigtails are so cute I wanna eat you.

One of my favorite pictures of you of all time.

At the Norman County Fair with your favorite big sister.

Being your nature lovin self in our backyard.

My first visit home from Denver.  You and daddy picked me up from the airport and we spent the entire day with Greyson and Sawyer in the woods.  It was spectacular.

You are so beautiful.You are so sweet.You’re so thoughtful.

You bring everyone so much joy.

Especially me.

I love you Livi Lou – see you in a few weeks!


What you’ve all been waiting for?

Here it is everyone!

What you’ve all been waiting for!!!

(I can hear you holding your breath)

No…it’s not any type of announcement like “I got a new job!  I’m a highly paid successful photographer! Marlo is pregnant (she’s fixed it’s impossible so don’t get your hopes up)!”

It’s way better??

This is the long awaited final installment of our near month old trip to Minnesota.


Maybe nobody is bored with photo after photo of us having the time of our lives at the lakes. Maybe everybody is.

Doesn’t matter because posting the images on my blog is the easiest way to get all the people that are in them to see them.  And they’ve been asking.

So here it is, the last lake post of the year (I’m totally lying I’m going again in August).

We left our beloved Pelican Lake on Thursday morning after celebrating the 4th of July the night before.  We had already enjoyed our first 5 days at the lake so much that we felt completely spoiled heading to somebody else’s cabin for another 4 days.

Before we arrived at our destination, we stopped at the beautiful Gull Lake Zorbaz for some grub and great live music performed by Jon’s friend John.  John was gracious enough to be the musician at our wedding and he’s really really wonderful and talented.  He’s also a new dad! No appearances were made by the newborn (it was soooo hot) but I do have some shots from the performance.

It was great to see a bunch of people we don’t get to be around very often!  An afternoon well spent.  Onward!

Christian is a grade school buddy of Jon’s and he and his girlfriend Jennie hosted our group of Minnesota friends for an incredibly fun weekend at his family cabin.  As usual with this group, the moment we all get together we regress to behaving like shot taking college students, convincing ourselves that we are still quite young and capable of such shenanigans.  It never takes long for us to end up in silly hats, playing cards, talking louder and louder, listening to great music…and drunk.  It’s so fun.This goes on and on until before you know it people are drinking out of watermelons, abusing the props, and men are in women’s restrooms.  It’s chaos.  We always rally like champions, learn nothing, and do it all over again.  But it’s different this time!  Because it’s on a boat!We’re still learning about ‘sharing’.The ‘wives’.Not posed.  Not surprising : )Always has to have a melon in his hand.  : )One word: classy.

It only gets worse from here.Told you.It’s called a diaper and it’s a lake thing.  Don’t ask questions.  Just enjoy.
No we aren’t floating in our own pee.  For some reason this lake had a high iron content or something scientific that gave it that hue.Doesn’t get better than swimming in pee with your best friends : )Except for throwing back your favorite beverage while wearing a diaper.  Sigh.  This is the reason for my MN obsession.  Things like this.  Nemesis.Jammin’ to Beiber.Shot pit stop at the lake’s only bar.Saying farewell to his loyal companion.Once sufficiently buzzed up we left the lake for some showers, yard games, more drinks and a killer sunset.He’s gentler than he looks.  Not scary in the least.  Well maybe a little.We’re all well fed…must be time for a booze cruise!Awww.  Look at that pretty loon.  Wanna go to the bar and play pull tabs?  YES!  What a great idea!  Let’s hug it out.
We ended the trip with a genius game of golf.  Four couples – boys hit – girls putt.  It was a really fun way to get the girls out on the course with the boys.…and we played into the sunset.

We crammed a lot of fun into what is always never enough time.  Jon and I were so exhausted from our vacation that we split our drive back into two separate days.

It was all worth it.  These people are the people that make Minnesota so great and me so  homesick all the time.  I’m always grateful to them for pulling us back over and over again.