Weekend Recap

One of my looser life goals (meaning it’s lower on the totem pole than others) is golf.

Not necessarily learning how to golf because I basically know how.  I was after all on the golf team in high school.

Wait what?  You were on the golf team?



Not really.

Let me explain.

My family lives next door to the Ada Country Club aka Heart of the Valley (9 hole) golf course and I spent a lot of time there growing up.  My on and off best friend Jess and her family ran the joint so I spent even more time there when she and I were ‘on’.

My memories of “being on the golf team” involve going to the course with friends after school, flirting with the boys that were ACTUALLY on the golf team, avoiding our crazy coach at all costs, and eating the junk food that was always stuffed into our golf bags.

I’m 90% positive I never played in a single golf meet.

You’re welcome team.

So maybe I don’t know ALL there is to know about golf, but I get the general idea.

This loose life goal doesn’t really have anything to do with excelling at golf anyway.  I just want to be good enough to play 18 holes without looking like an idiot.

That and I’d like to enjoy playing 18 holes whilst not looking like an idiot.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed plenty of time AT golf courses.  Just not actually playing golf.

I posted awhile back about our couples match (which involved beer) and I had a great time!  Granted I only had to put, but still…fun.

I met Jon at a golf course and we’re married now!  So much fun!

I made out on a blanket under the stars at a golf course.  Still having fun….

Jess and I used to wander the Ada course, spot a random ball in the middle of the fairway, and sneakily do an innocent somersault over said ball and snatch it up to keep!  Turns out those balls were NOT randomly in the middle of the fairway and we probably ruined countless scores, but that’s not the point.  The point is ruining people’s scores is FUN!

I always have fun on and around golf courses.  I DO NOT, however, have fun spending four frustrating hours golfing 18 holes.

So we’re working on that.  I’ve been going with Jon to the range to hit balls, practice chipping (ugh) and putting.  I’ve been trying to power through when I would otherwise get frustrated and quit.  I’ve been hitting the ball dead straight (always have) and am trying to learn how to hit it farther.  I’ve actually been impressing Jon here and there with my surprising skills (for a girl).

So when Jon asked (signed me up without asking) if I’d like to play in a charity golf tournament (drunken mess of irons and balls) that was only 9 holes long I said yes!

Turns out each team needs at least one girl to be a team…but I was still honored to be asked/signed up with no choice.

It’s a yearly ‘tournament’ put on by good friends of Jon who are on the board for Food Bank of the Rockies.

Here are the highlights:

I’ve had to resort to the above in order to appear in any pictures.  Why were there bagpipers in attendance?  I don’t know.  Why did we put with a hockey stick on one hole?  Why were people taking shots?  Why is the hole so little and far away? Who invented golf?  These are questions better left unanswered.  That’s the swing of a sorta kinda not really golf team member if I’ve ever seen one!Another great example of questions better left unanswered.  The truth is just too terrifying.Here’s a question I can answer!  What is Ross doing?  He’s lounging, letting all the ladies drink him in, while all the boys try to be men and chuck golf clubs down the fairway.  Taylor won.  He wins every year.  It’s probably due to the muscles and the biceps and the triceps and all the other ‘ceps that aid in things like chucking golf clubs.Our team!Ryan’s job was to drive around with the keg and make sure nobody golfed TOO well.  He succeeded.I’m sure this is because the beer finally kicked in and not because they’re annoyed with my camera.  Everyone gathering to hear the results of all the contests!We think they cheated for the win.  So did these girls……not impressed.We didn’t walk away empty handed.  Jon actually won two holes!Here comes the auction portion of the program!  First up, Bruce Jenner and his thighs.  That sucker went for many hundreds of dollars.  Seriously.  Ryan would make an incredible Price Is Right girl.There’s only one winner in this photo, the others are merely winner wannabe’s.

It was a really fun day.  I think I’ve got the right idea about working on life goals.  Be outside, surround yourself with friends, laugh a lot and drink some beers.

Who says accomplishing goals is hard?


What do you think?

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