Link Love


{Image via Pinterest}

Thank God it’s Friday.

For some reason this week felt a little too long for my liking.  It was productive with lots of good news that will lead to fun things so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

Here’s a hint about said ‘fun things’.

{Image via Irene Suchoki on Etsy}

We’ve got a busy weekend planned as well and I’m looking forward to a big group dinner with friends, saying farewell to a favorite restaurant that’s closing and Jon’s 31st birthday on Sunday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend – here are some things I found around the web:

If THIS photo doesn’t get you to wear sunscreen I don’t know what will.

Worlds most expensive dog.

Americans are not as cool as we think we are.

50 shades of flesh.  Crazy.

Hilarious pinterest website where someone tests all the DIY for us!

An app every mom should have.

Really beautiful perspective on beaches.

Thanks for reading!  Follow me on pinterest and have a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “Link Love

  1. Emily

    Ali I love Link Love on Fridays! I always check out every link and this time will be downloading the thank you note app for my phone…anyways, one teeny, tiny suggestion (keep in mind I know NOTHING about maintaining a website) but it would awesome if you could get the links to open in a new window so that I can close it and still have your Blog up and not have to hit the back button…totally up to you though! Take care you beautiful thing…

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