Hey It’s Your Birthday…

What can I say about how much I love this little girl that I haven’t already in this post.

Today is Livi’s 7th Birthday.

This means several things.

It means that she is officially a kid.  Not an infant, baby, toddler, little girl, little kid.  She is a kid.  A big kid.  She might as well be 17.

It means that she’s arriving at the age where kids stop being sweet to each other and  learn how to be bully’s.  I plan on kicking some big kid ass if anyone so much as sneezes in her general direction.

Most importantly this means that I have not been 21 years old for SEVEN YEARS.


It hasn’t even hit me that she’s not in diapers anymore so the fact that she’s in grade school will catch up to me by the time she’s going to prom.

I guess we’ll make somewhat of a Throwback Thursday out of this post as well and meander down memory lane.  My Livi memory lane.

(pardon the quality of photo’s – technology has come a long way in 7 years)

Livi, this is when you stayed with me overnight at my college house my senior year.  We had Erbert and Gerbert at the kitchen table, went for a walk around campus, I got called a MILF, and we snuggled all night.

This is you in our front yard crushing an Outpost ice cream cone while sporting a combover.     : )

Here you are, still such a little baby, rocking a mow hawk.

This is Tyler teaching you everything you need to know.

Here you are with mom and I on Christmas Eve laughing incredibly hard due to how hilarious we are.  Or because I’m tickling you.  Details.

These are from your very first movie theatre experience – Ratatouille at the Orpheum Theatre in Ada.

Here you are freezing.

This is also from Christmas Eve and I believe you’re pretending to be interested in the porcelain ornament you received.

These hurt a little.  These were taken by me the night before I moved to Denver.  I took you for ice cream and then to the playground and choked back tears the entire night.  Just you and me.

It’s Christmas again and you’re pigtails are so cute I wanna eat you.

One of my favorite pictures of you of all time.

At the Norman County Fair with your favorite big sister.

Being your nature lovin self in our backyard.

My first visit home from Denver.  You and daddy picked me up from the airport and we spent the entire day with Greyson and Sawyer in the woods.  It was spectacular.

You are so beautiful.You are so sweet.You’re so thoughtful.

You bring everyone so much joy.

Especially me.

I love you Livi Lou – see you in a few weeks!



2 thoughts on “Hey It’s Your Birthday…

  1. Mom

    We’ll just stop right here with 7 I think. Thank you for turning back the hands of time with your photos. I miss her sweet little face of the past. I miss all the “sweet little faces” of my children. Sometimes the days go by to slowly but the years… always the years fly swiftly by.


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