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Hey It’s Your Birthday…

There’s this one girl I know…

…yes yes totally, the one with the mustache.


As you might have guessed, it is in fact her birthday today.  She’s turning something obnoxiously young like 22 or something.  Or at least she looks like she is.

By “looks” like she’s turning 22 I most certainly mean “acts” like she’s turning 22.

At least she does on Saturdays and at bachelorette parties.

On other days she acts like the newly 28 year old powerful, blonde, kick ass shoe wearing, chicagoan business woman THAT SHE IS!

(insert photo of her looking and behaving like a powerful, blonde, kick ass shoe wearing, chicagoan business woman here)

Unfortunately all I have are photo’s of her being an incredibly powerful, blonde, kick ass shoe wearing, party animal.

But I think the powerful business side of her might look something like this…

…at least in my mind.

ANYWAY…it’s her birthday…and she just happens to be exceptional.

She’s that girl that everybody likes because she’s smart, smiley, friendly, adorable, genuine, and sweet.

What makes her amazing is that she ALSO happens to be the kind of girl that I like because she’s witty, snarky, bossy, and HILARIOUS.

One of the greatest gifts my friend Erin gave me was a friendship with Ryan.  Hands down the best gift Ryan has given me was Pizzeria Locale.The best gift I’ve ever given Ryan is…….


…well it’s definitely not this blog post.

It’s probably our creepy voice that we insist on speaking with every time we’re together.  It makes us sound like morons.  Funny morons.  But a funny moron is still a moron…right?  Or is a funny moron simply HILARIOUS?!?!

I’ll work on a better gift.

Moving on.

Ryan.  You have been a fantastic addition to my life.  My momma loves you, my auntie loves you, my hubby loves you, my friends love you.

What I mean to say is, when it comes to you I am…Happy Birthday you brave and successful lady.  Can’t wait to have my first visit to Chicago include a tour from you.  We miss you around here : )


My Muse

I spent the afternoon with Miss Finley on Tuesday and as usual could not resist snapping some photo’s of her in the beautiful late morning light.

Those eyelashes and sweet little nose just kill me.  This was one of the first shoots I’ve done with her where she had a vested interest in the end result.  After nearly every shot she wanted to try a new face and then approve the image.  Maybe I’ll give her the photography bug eventually!  Here were her top choices : )

I think she picked some good ones!  It was a fun day and I’m already looking forward to hanging with her again next week!  

Have a lovely Wednesday everybody.

Shower Power

All the girls got together this past weekend to celebrate Vanessa and shower her with gifts.  The wedding day (August 25th) is coming quickly and it was nice to get to know even more of the girls that will be attending!  We had a fun weekend in Fargo-Moorhead and were reminded of our wild college days at every turn.  Here are some photo’s from the day of her shower.

Vanessa’s future mother and sister in law did such a great job with all the food and details!We even got the groom involved via SKYPE!  He’s such a keeper.It was so great to see Vanessa get spoiled with some presents and quality girl time.It was a beautiful day that Vanessa, Katie, Mary and I shut down out on the patio while finishing of the remaining Sangria.CONGRATULATIONS VANESSA!!  Can’t wait for August!

Two Words…Super Sized

I mentioned in an earlier post that I took almost 1,000 photo’s during our 10 day trip to Minnesota.  Part of this is because I’m shutter obsessed, the other part is because we did so many things and saw so many people.  In attempt to get as many photo’s on here for those people as possible, I decided to just keep it simple and do it ‘two words’ style.

Settle in because there’s a lot of scrolling ahead of you.    :  )

New Brothers

Youngest Siblings
My FavoriteThe BestSunny SmilesOur CaptainSister Dunk
Handsome BrotherGiant LeapStud Muffin
Cute CoupleQuack QuackDaddy’s LapWhole World
Chow TimeWild HorsesHammock Shenanigans Memorable MomentsBooze CruiseBoyfriend GirlfriendBrotherly BuddiesNight SwimmingDouble TroubleMinnesota SkiesBrother TKLovely LocksTan TylerMad SkillsGrinning GoonsZorbaz ToastMargarita BlissSweet GirlDon’t AskBeautiful BloomsDoin’ WorkSwimming PoochBlocking SunBig ChickenHeat StrokeDoggie PaddleSkinny BeerGlamour ShotOwning ItSoaring PatriotsLounge QueenAuntie MeganFirst ChoiceDream Boat Knocked OutHoliday ParadeColor SchemeBeautiful BoatPatriotic PeacePink PontoonDon DraperCanoodling CoupleBrave Mom : )Refreshing ShowerLazy LoungerBaywatch HopefulSand BarTurkey SlayerNo WordsHoliday HottieMy MateTJ SurfingLog LuggerPelican PlanterFirework SpectatorsHope you all enjoyed the pics!  Lake overload yet?  I have one more segment left from our trip home from when we met up with Jon’s grade school buddies which I’ll have up next week!  I’ll end the post with the rest of my fireworks shots and two more words:

The End

Lance Who?

I get to be proud of my husband quite often.

I’m lucky like that.

He’s a really good guy, he’s really good at his job, and gosh darn it…people like him.

He has accomplished a lot in his life, quite a bit in last year (most importantly snagging a super hot wife) but he achieved something this past Saturday that made me the most proud of him I’ve been in some time.

He rode from Denver to Beaver Creek on a bicycle in the pouring rain all by himself.

Ok so maybe that’s an exaggeration.

He rode 120 miles from Evergreen to Avon on a Trek road bike.

And maybe it didn’t rain the WHOLE time.

Also, there were several thousand other people but for me it felt like it was just him.


ANYWAY I was an insanely proud wife all day long, almost started to cry like 100 (2) times.

Jon, his friend Aaron and their buddy Erik all completed the Triple Bypass in record great time and we had a blast celebrating them all day during and after the ride.  For those that don’t know the Triple Bypass is a 120 mile bicycle ride with over 10,000 feet of elevation gain.  It starts in Evergreen and climbs over Squaw Pass to Idaho Springs and on into Georgetown.  From there, it climbs over Loveland Pass to Frisco and over Vail Pass to the finish line in Avon (just past Vail and Beaver Creek).  It’s exhausting for your car to drive that far let alone for your legs to pedal you there.

Here are some photo’s from the day:

Aaron, Erik and Jon at an aid station after completing Squaw Pass…still looking good!Getting sun screened up like a good boy.  Sarah, Aaron and BaxterJon and AliAthletic husband and adoring wife : )
Junk in the trunk.  Aaron getting prepped for the next pass.A mess of cycles waiting while their owners refill water bottles.

Heading out for the next climb!

Look at those calves!  Surprising them at a random spot on the race with encouraging inappropriate signs!

LANCE WHO?  We got quite a few thumbs up for this one.

Thank goodness they’re still smiling!

Winding his way up the hill.They CLIMBED that shit.  Yeah – those mountains in the distance.  Crazy.Having some ‘lunch’ before continuing on!  We’re about 6 hours in at this point.

Baxter needed some hydrating as well.The WEEKEND WARRIORS’ dedicated road warriors.

Jon crossing the finish line 8 hours after starting the ride at 5:45 a.m.!The WEEKEND WARRIORS in all their sweaty drenched glory!

Don’t ask.Notice the 118.4 miles driven.  CRAZY I SAY!Time to celebrate!!!!So proud of that guy : )  Even though he has some serious helmet head.

We continued on with a huge dinner, several hours in the hot tub soothing sore muscles and a wonderful night at the Beaver Creek condo.  It was such a fun two days and if I didn’t stress it enough already – I was and am so proud of Jon for doing it.