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Hey It’s Your Birthday…

There’s this one girl I know…

…yes yes totally, the one with the mustache.


As you might have guessed, it is in fact her birthday today.  She’s turning something obnoxiously young like 22 or something.  Or at least she looks like she is.

By “looks” like she’s turning 22 I most certainly mean “acts” like she’s turning 22.

At least she does on Saturdays and at bachelorette parties.

On other days she acts like the newly 28 year old powerful, blonde, kick ass shoe wearing, chicagoan business woman THAT SHE IS!

(insert photo of her looking and behaving like a powerful, blonde, kick ass shoe wearing, chicagoan business woman here)

Unfortunately all I have are photo’s of her being an incredibly powerful, blonde, kick ass shoe wearing, party animal.

But I think the powerful business side of her might look something like this…

…at least in my mind.

ANYWAY…it’s her birthday…and she just happens to be exceptional.

She’s that girl that everybody likes because she’s smart, smiley, friendly, adorable, genuine, and sweet.

What makes her amazing is that she ALSO happens to be the kind of girl that I like because she’s witty, snarky, bossy, and HILARIOUS.

One of the greatest gifts my friend Erin gave me was a friendship with Ryan.  Hands down the best gift Ryan has given me was Pizzeria Locale.The best gift I’ve ever given Ryan is…….


…well it’s definitely not this blog post.

It’s probably our creepy voice that we insist on speaking with every time we’re together.  It makes us sound like morons.  Funny morons.  But a funny moron is still a moron…right?  Or is a funny moron simply HILARIOUS?!?!

I’ll work on a better gift.

Moving on.

Ryan.  You have been a fantastic addition to my life.  My momma loves you, my auntie loves you, my hubby loves you, my friends love you.

What I mean to say is, when it comes to you I am…Happy Birthday you brave and successful lady.  Can’t wait to have my first visit to Chicago include a tour from you.  We miss you around here : )