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Favorite Autumn Cocktail

Trips to the mall this time of the year involve some of my favorite shopping rituals.  Searching for new comfy sweaters instead of skin tight summer wares.  Gazing longingly at  the beautiful array of fall boots at Nordstrom while envisioning myself a super chic ski bunny.  And of course, the smell of apple cider wafting from the doors of Williams Sonoma.

I was their latest victim this week.  I went in to get a piece of our blender replaced and came out with the bizarrely large amount of ingredients it takes to mimic their impossible to resist cider.

Five Apple Cider Concentrate

Mulling Spices

Cinnamon Sticks

Floating Mulling Spice Ball (yes I’m serious)

Milling Spice Mugs (didn’t buy these…going back for them)

I love apple cider any way I get it, but there’s something magical and comforting about the smell you can get by using the W & S mulling spices.  It also just makes it feel a little more special.  I decided to ‘create’ a cocktail that would be perfect to enjoy in a new comfy sweater while looking chic in my after ski boots up in the mountains.  : )

It’s ridiculously easy.

Gather your ingredients (pumpkin not necessary).

Mix one part Five Apple Cider Concentrate with three parts water and begin to simmer.

Add 2 tablespoons Mulling Spices to apple cider mix and continue to simmer for 20 minutes.  Enjoy the delicious scent for all 20 of them.

Add your desired amount of Gentleman Jack whiskey.  I think this makes the best choice because it’s meant to be used as a mixer in cocktails and is so smooth.

Insert an overpriced W & S cinnamon stick and stir to mix.

I love cinnamon so I also like to rim the edge of my mug with it before drinking.

Only one thing left to do…drink and enjoy.  I hope this inspires you to cozy up your home with the wonderful smells of apple cider, cocktail version or not.


Weekend Recap (x3)

Now that the dust has finally begun to settle on our crazy busy and fun filled summer I’ve got some weekend recap catching up to do.

The last three weekends put me in Minnesota at the lake for a family reunion, at a beautiful park for Labor Day Monday, and just this past weekend at my favorite restaurant in Boulder with friends.

I live a pretty charmed life with some pretty great people.

Some refreshing Marg’s at Zorbaz after our exhausting horse riding expedition.  

…and with that, my Minnesota lake season ended.  Couldn’t have gone out on a higher note.

Next up…Labor Day!  We took it easy and picnicked in the park.  It was great.  And the beautiful pregnant woman in the photo’s experienced her own day of labor just four days later!  Welcome to the world Lola : ) You are crushingly beautiful already/We find ways to gamble no matter where we are : )Ahhh successful relaxing day at the park.  Good times.

Moving on!

This last weekend I spent the day and evening in Boulder with my girlfriends Katie and Ashley.  We don’t get together very often, so this needed to be special.  We decided on lunch at Pizzeria Locale.Now, let me just say, I turn into a little bit of a freak when I’m at Pizzeria Locale.

That’s because it is not simply a pizza joint.


It does something to me and I’m almost convinced they put some sort of additive in their foods.

Actually they do.

It’s called cheese.  And love.  They drizzle their pizza with cheese and their cheese with pure love.

I’m actually pretty annoying about how much I love this food.

We sat on the patio and I exclaimed to every passerby “(sigh)…i’m just so happy”.

It’s that good.  It’s the number one restaurant I recommend to people when they come to Colorado.  This is coming from a girl that doesn’t even like pizza that much.

But this isn’t pizza.  It’s so much more that that.We must’ve said “LOOK at these EFFING tomatoes” at least a hundred times.Yes.  That’s a salad with cucumbers, cantaloupe AND GOAT CHEESE!

I don’t even have a picture of the fried cheese balls we started with because I finished mine before the waiter even set down the plate.

End of summer days don’t get much better than that.  Fantastic food, gorgeous weather in a gorgeous mountain city, and incredible company.

Sigh…I’m just so happy.

Five Favorites

1.) Neutral Palette of Stripes

Perfect grouping of different weights and fabric for all summer weather.  I’m going to live in these.

-left two from Anthropologie -right three from J.CREW

2.) Josie Maran Argan Oil

This little bottle has saved my skin multiple times.  It works in the dry Denver weather as well as post water time when it feels like the combination of water and sun has sucked your skin dry.

Putting oil on your face is admittedly a little terrifying the first time as it goes against anything you’ve ever been told but totally worth it.  I also use it on my cuticles, hair, feet etc.  It’s organic and lasts forever.

3.) Adorable Travel Tissues

I picked these up at Target yesterday because I simply could not resist the packaging.  I’m such a sucker.  I’ve got them stashed bedside, in my car, and in a few bags.

Are you kidding me with that owl.  So cute.

4.) The Best Chocolate in the World

These little nuggets are made in Boulder, CO and are to die for.  I know you can buy them at Whole Foods here, but I’m not sure if they’re a nation wide item.  Regardless…seek them out because they are ridiculous.

You can tell by the fact that it’s mangled and empty that this one is my favorite.  Dark chocolate and sea salt people.  It’s a no-brainer.

5.) Organized Jewelry Drawer

With the arrival of our new bedroom furniture came days and days of rearranging.  One of my favorite things to happen was the space I created for my jewelry.  The organizers are felt lined and stackable and can be found at the wonderful Container Store.

P.S. You got a little snippety sneak peek at our bedroom redecoration today via the sliver of drawer and duvet cover.  I wrote down my goals for June and finishing our bedroom is numero uno!  Hopefully more photo’s to come soon.

A bubble bath a day…

…keeps the blemishes away?

I decided to take a break from paradise today and mention something I’ve been meaning to for awhile.  It may not be quite as fun to look at as Hawaii but it might make you fun to look at?  Meh – I tried.

Most people that know me know that I am a product junkie.  Full Stop.

I’m not even sure that’s the correct term.  Product addict might be more like it.  When I check out at Sephora I make sure nobody is in ear shot to hear the amount of points I’ve accumulated.  It’s almost embarrassing until they give me free stuff to make me pretty and then I’m over it.  So.  I have spent a lot of money on products.  Not shoes, not bags, not jewelry…products.  Therefore people assume that I know everything and are constantly asking me advice on what to try.  The thing about that is everyone is SO different that what works for me might cause you a breakout.  It’s trial and error.

One thing I know for sure is we all want good skin.  I have pretty good skin.  The occasional hormonal blemish here and there but for the most part I’ve figured out how to take care of/manage my skin.  Still…if I could (as I’m sure would all of you) I would have skin like this:…gorgeous, transparant, crystal flippen clear.  Is everything wasted on the youth?  Listen to me all aged and experienced.  I tried asking Finley how she does it but she’s really hush hush about her skincare secrets.  From my observations it seems to include always putting bubbles in your bath, smiling an excessive amount, and replacing alcohol with PediaSure.  THAT’S not going to happen for me.  I hate smiling.  Luckily I’ve found something else that works pretty well for me.  The best part?  It’s 1/10th the price of some of the more pricey skin care products I’ve tried.

It’s seriously the best.  I have one in my shower too.

I also have travel size which I won’t show you a picture of because you couldn’t care less.  My point is that I use it every morning and every night and I love it!  All three of those sizes cost a fraction of what I used before.  I’ve read in several magazines beautiful models and actresses declaring that it’s their version of a facial.  It’s not oily, it won’t dry you out, it’s the perfect rich consistency.  Safe to use on a baby as well.

So if you’re a non grinning wino with no time for a bubble bath like me, THIS is a product I definitely recommend for anyone.

Have a great Wednesday!

5 Favorites

1.) Meet BAGGU:

BAGGU is this great little company that I discovered online that offers super lightweight low carbon footprint bags in tons of fun colors, sizes and fabrics.  Plus they are sold for amazing prices.  I ordered 2 sets of the multi size zipper pouches for packing purposes along with a navy striped beach bag.

 My total order with shipping was less than $50 and they came really fast.  PLUS I got the perfect beach/camera friendly bag that I’ve been searching for.

2.) I’ve been using NARS products for awhile now and have always loved the company’s biggest seller, Orgasm blush.  In the recent winter months I’ve felt that orgasm was a little too garish for my pasty white skin so I went into Nordstrom to see what could be done:

It doesn’t look it in the case (they never do) but the Oasis blush gives that slightly flushed ‘I just came in from a quick jog’ look.  It’s perfect for my winter skin.  You can find the blush brush here (which is so easy to use and blend with it’s crazy).

3.) Some of the best things in life are free and it just so happens that my next favorite was a gift I received for christmas.  I had eyed it in Anthropologie many times and was so happy to have been given it in my favorite color!

You can pick out your own (for a great price) here!

4.) Speaking of great prices, here is one of my most favorite recent purchases:

It is EOS lip balm which was given Allure magazines Best of Beauty award 2011 for best lip balm.  You can pick one up at Target for under $3.00 and it’s kinda fun to put on.

5.) Last but certainly not least – my favorite Super Bowl commercial.

You’re welcome.



It’s been on repeat all morning and I still can’t stop listening to it.

Blind Pilot is a band that I learned about from our friends Scott and Susan.  After we got engaged, Susie made Jon and I a CD full of songs that mattered in her and Scotts relationship.   It’s WAYYY more my style than Jons (which means it’s totally awesome) and I listened to it over and over on my solo drive up to Minnesota the week before our wedding.  I love it.

On it was this song by Blind Pilot:

3 Rounds and a Sound

I loved it so much that I considered using it somewhere in our wedding, maybe even as our first dance.  I am, however, an ardent non copier so I just couldn’t do it.  Plus we kind of always knew we would dance to this:

Glory Bound

Well Blind Pilot has a newish album out (released 9/13/11) and I really like the entire thing.  The song that’s been on repeat all day is this one:

01 Half Moon

Isn’t it lovely?   I love it.