It’s been on repeat all morning and I still can’t stop listening to it.

Blind Pilot is a band that I learned about from our friends Scott and Susan.  After we got engaged, Susie made Jon and I a CD full of songs that mattered in her and Scotts relationship.   It’s WAYYY more my style than Jons (which means it’s totally awesome) and I listened to it over and over on my solo drive up to Minnesota the week before our wedding.  I love it.

On it was this song by Blind Pilot:

3 Rounds and a Sound

I loved it so much that I considered using it somewhere in our wedding, maybe even as our first dance.  I am, however, an ardent non copier so I just couldn’t do it.  Plus we kind of always knew we would dance to this:

Glory Bound

Well Blind Pilot has a newish album out (released 9/13/11) and I really like the entire thing.  The song that’s been on repeat all day is this one:

01 Half Moon

Isn’t it lovely?   I love it.


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