Monthly Archives: November 2012

Webb Family

I got together with this favorite family a few weeks ago and we soaked up the last of Denver’s beautiful fall.  How cute are those boys?  How gorgeous is Mom?  Not so bad yourself either Dad : )

These are two very busy brothers and I spent most of the afternoon chasing around after them (great cardio) and bribing them to look at me.

These are just a few of my favorites.  It was a fun day.  I hope to continue watching these two munchkins grow up!

Happy Tuesday everybody!


Link Love.

It’s here!  It’s here!

Finally Friday.  What’s everyone got going on this weekend?  I have the entire day and night to myself because Jon is busy.  I’ll be cleaning, blogging, and movie watching…I’m secretly pretty pumped.  Tomorrow I get a long overdue haircut and color and true to history I’m sure I’ll be unhappy.  But snip snip nonetheless!  The rest of my weekend will be spent enjoying some quality time with my bearded husband and bratty cat.

I’ve received mixed reviews on the link love posts, but a lot of people seem to like them, and more of you would if you’d actually click on the links and explore the internet world!  It’s fun!  Come along!

This woman almost gave me a heart attack.  But I kinda liked it.

I want this book and I haven’t even gotten the chance to be a shitty mom yet.

This one’s for the boys, or female sports fans.

The joy in this video is contagious and you’re a horrible person if you don’t agree.

Alright.  I’m ALL for being green and everything…but this lady is half nuts half amazing.

Hahahahaha.  This is why I don’t want a dog but feel like I kinda need a dog.

Anybody know where I can find the non $400 version of this…cuz I need it.


That’s all folks, see ya next week!

P.S. How intense was Sandy?  Thinking about everyone out East.

Fall Photoshoot

My favorite little muse and I got together this week for what’s become an ‘annual’ photo-shoot.  We usually get it done earlier in the summer, but I’m glad we waited until fall this year.  She looks so grown up and for some reason the light is just different this time of year.  Can’t wait to get her together with her parents for some family shots!

I took more than I’m posting, but here are some of my (many) favorites.  Happy Friday!

How devestatingly adorable is she with that top knot?  Or ‘ballerina pony’ as she calls it.

Mom has had this (vintage) dress hanging in Finley’s closet for years and I’ve been dying to get it on her.  She finally fits in it and looked so cute I could hardly stand it.

It’s too bad the girl never smiles.   : )

1 part Hoosier + 1 part Broncos = all parts adorable.

I of course had to capture a few with her trademark cascading curls.  I was losing her (attention) by this point so I only snagged a couple.