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Puppy Brother

Mashup7Anyone that frequents this blog recognizes this face.

It’s the face that Miss Finley Hart has been absurdly lucky to be blessed with.

That mug of hers has been seen here, herehere and many times in-between.

PuppyBrother-57How it’s possible for her to get more adorable by the day I have NO IDEA.

That. Face. Kills. Me.PuppyBrother-58


Well hang on to your ovaries ladies because if you think THAT is adorable…you have no idea what you’re in for.  For that face was just given a brand new puppy brother and the combination of the two should be ILLEGAL!

PuppyBrother-44Meet Shamus Hart.

I warned you.

Mashup6PuppyBrother-50Mashup4PuppyBrother-51 PuppyBrother-53 PuppyBrother-52Mashup3PuppyBrother-11 PuppyBrother-30 PuppyBrother-31PuppyBrother-20PuppyBrother-5PuppyBrother-6PuppyBrother-8PuppyBrother-17PuppyBrother-18Stop.

Just stop.

I can’t take it.

Mashup2 PuppyBrother-9 Mashup5 PuppyBrother-41 Mashup1PuppyBrother-25 PuppyBrother-26 PuppyBrother-27



I don’t know what else to say.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the new puppies you all go out and immediately buy after viewing this.  PuppyBrother-43