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Shopping and Dreaming

Just as an FYI for everybody – J.Crew is giving 30% all final sale items through today!

Typically final sale makes me nervous because I always like to try things on before I buy.  I’m a little less nervous with J.Crew because I’ve learned what sizes and styles of theirs work on me.

I went through the sale this morning and put together two outfits with some of my favorite items from the sale – one dressy and one casual.

For a dressy outfit I love a great pencil skirt paired with a classic button down that has a little twist with the animal print.  Add a skinny belt around the waist and a pop of color in a necklace and I’d be all set for a dinner out, day in my imaginary office, or a happy hour with the ladies.  The best part about all the pieces above is that they could be paired with a million other items.

For a more casual look I would recycle the belt and sunnies from above, trade out the skirt for some bright skinny jeans to be paired with an equally bright sweater and fun leopard wedges.  Can’t forget a cute bracelet and classic bag that would go with everything!

Just can’t get enough of J.Crew in my wardrobe.

Happy Shopping!


Five Favorites

1.) Neutral Palette of Stripes

Perfect grouping of different weights and fabric for all summer weather.  I’m going to live in these.

-left two from Anthropologie -right three from J.CREW

2.) Josie Maran Argan Oil

This little bottle has saved my skin multiple times.  It works in the dry Denver weather as well as post water time when it feels like the combination of water and sun has sucked your skin dry.

Putting oil on your face is admittedly a little terrifying the first time as it goes against anything you’ve ever been told but totally worth it.  I also use it on my cuticles, hair, feet etc.  It’s organic and lasts forever.

3.) Adorable Travel Tissues

I picked these up at Target yesterday because I simply could not resist the packaging.  I’m such a sucker.  I’ve got them stashed bedside, in my car, and in a few bags.

Are you kidding me with that owl.  So cute.

4.) The Best Chocolate in the World

These little nuggets are made in Boulder, CO and are to die for.  I know you can buy them at Whole Foods here, but I’m not sure if they’re a nation wide item.  Regardless…seek them out because they are ridiculous.

You can tell by the fact that it’s mangled and empty that this one is my favorite.  Dark chocolate and sea salt people.  It’s a no-brainer.

5.) Organized Jewelry Drawer

With the arrival of our new bedroom furniture came days and days of rearranging.  One of my favorite things to happen was the space I created for my jewelry.  The organizers are felt lined and stackable and can be found at the wonderful Container Store.

P.S. You got a little snippety sneak peek at our bedroom redecoration today via the sliver of drawer and duvet cover.  I wrote down my goals for June and finishing our bedroom is numero uno!  Hopefully more photo’s to come soon.

Shopping and Dreaming…

…will somebody please host an event to which I can wear the following?
I found this dress in J-Crew the other day and fell in love with it instantly.  I had to put it on, tried to justify buying it, then sadly handed it back to the salesman and pouted the rest of the day.  It doesn’t fit quite as tight as it looks on the model (go figure) or as it does on the mannequin (because they do that annoying pinning thing in the back) but it wore pretty effortlessly and comfortable.  The thing I love about neutral dresses like the one above is how versatile they are with dressing up or down.  I would dress this one down a bit and distract from the overwhelming girly-ness with this beautiful and on trend (told you Jon) indigo jacket from J-Crew.  I would get TONS of use out of this layering possibility.These shoes are where the ‘dreaming’ in the title come in.  I would truly love a well made pair of both black sandals and pumps to wear until the end of time.  They’re classic.  I chose these shoes for the outfit to add a whisper of edge and again to tone down the girly-ness in the dress.Well what can I say…once you start dreaming it’s hard to stop.  I found these beauties on the Hyde Park website that can be yours for a small fortune.  I am obsessed with rose gold (my wedding band is made of it) and love how the slight pink adds softness back in to the outfit.  Sparkly octopus clutch from Anthropologie?  J’adore.  How adorable is this outfit looking!Finally I would complete this look by stealing Leighton Meester’s face.

Just kidding, but I have had this look from Marie Claire saved on my desktop for a few weeks.  I have every intention of marching into Nordstrom cosmetics and demanding they make me look like her.  My hair color is close to hers and the pink and grey makeup would go amazing with all the things listed above.  This incredibly popular makeup palette from Sephora might be a good start for practice.

Now if only I could come up with looks like this from my own wardrobe.

Ohhhh to be rich.  Sigh.

5 Favorites

1.) Meet BAGGU:

BAGGU is this great little company that I discovered online that offers super lightweight low carbon footprint bags in tons of fun colors, sizes and fabrics.  Plus they are sold for amazing prices.  I ordered 2 sets of the multi size zipper pouches for packing purposes along with a navy striped beach bag.

 My total order with shipping was less than $50 and they came really fast.  PLUS I got the perfect beach/camera friendly bag that I’ve been searching for.

2.) I’ve been using NARS products for awhile now and have always loved the company’s biggest seller, Orgasm blush.  In the recent winter months I’ve felt that orgasm was a little too garish for my pasty white skin so I went into Nordstrom to see what could be done:

It doesn’t look it in the case (they never do) but the Oasis blush gives that slightly flushed ‘I just came in from a quick jog’ look.  It’s perfect for my winter skin.  You can find the blush brush here (which is so easy to use and blend with it’s crazy).

3.) Some of the best things in life are free and it just so happens that my next favorite was a gift I received for christmas.  I had eyed it in Anthropologie many times and was so happy to have been given it in my favorite color!

You can pick out your own (for a great price) here!

4.) Speaking of great prices, here is one of my most favorite recent purchases:

It is EOS lip balm which was given Allure magazines Best of Beauty award 2011 for best lip balm.  You can pick one up at Target for under $3.00 and it’s kinda fun to put on.

5.) Last but certainly not least – my favorite Super Bowl commercial.

You’re welcome.


Shopping and Dreaming.

I know I promised this yesterday, but Jon and I had an engagement dinner Saturday night for some great friends of ours (pics to come).  The happiness was swelling, the laughter was abundant, and the drinks were flowing.  Less eloquently, I was hungover and exhausted the day after(Sunday).  It’s my first blogging blip and and I’m certain it will not be my last.  Alas, here are some of my favorite recent acquisitions, where to get them, and my current lusts.

The first is a long awaited, two years in the works, WORK OF ART by Grace Bonney of Design Sponge (one of my favorite blogs of all time).  This is a beautiful hardcover book full of DIY projects, before and afters, entertaining ideas and much much more.  The website is clean and easy to navigate but the book is really something to behold.  I can not wait to finish bookmarking my pages and get a real start on our condo.

I picked this book up in Anthropologie about a million times, but the roughly $50 price tag was just too much to justify given the extensive and thorough website.  It’s been recently discounted on the Antrho website to $35 but I got it for a steal on Amazon for $16.50.

Speaking of steals, I bought this scarf at one of the most up and coming clothing stores in the country…Target.   I saw it from about 30 feet away and it was love at first sight. They have it in a few other patterns and shades in store.  Here’s what is great about this scarf.  I could make you touch it, tell you it was form Michael Kors, and you would envy and believe me.  I got it for $15 and it’s PERFECT for my upcoming Hawaii trip.  It’s worn, soft, beachy and perfect.

Speaking of my upcoming trip – I’m constantly on the hunt for cute and reasonable accessories to brighten up an otherwise plain outfit.  The scarf was one and this recent steal from Anthropologie is another.  I bought these earrings in one color (Hawaii appropriate turquoise) a few weeks ago and went back for the other color (gold and diamond) right before new years because of the great price.  I couldn’t find them on the website but I know there’s still some in the store.  I paid about $14.00 per pair.

Another recent Antrhopologie steal was this adorable little clutch.  Well I’m making it a clutch – I believe it’s actually meant to be a make-up bag.  Whatever it is, it’s incredibly well made with beautiful detailing and the perfect size.  Again, I can’t find it on the website to link it for you, but I know they had quite a few for sale in store in both blue and red.  I got it at an additional 20% off sale price last weekend for around $17.00.

Finally, my last steal to mention.  I’ve been on the hunt for one of these since Jon and I got engaged.  I have to give my mom props because she found it first and bought the dog version for my Aunt Megan for Christmas.  It is a bedside jewelry dish and it is whimsical, adorable and only $10.00 (!) at Anthropologie.  I love mine.  Aside from serving a practical purpose (aka not giving Jon a heart attack by placing my rings on the edge of my bathroom sink) it is a subtle and sweet accessory to a room.

Even with all of those recent purchases (steals!) what is life without a couple of lusts.  Here are my current two:

Can’t get off the Hawaii planning train – it’s where my brain lives.  This coverup is perfect for jumping from beach to boat and back:

Jon and I were out for Sushi Friday night and this was playing on all the T.V’s.  It reminded me of my Grandpa Pete as it stars his favorite band.

Sacha Baron Cohen NEEDS to play Freddie Mercury in a movie.  He’s PERFECT!  Great voice, great band, GREAT classic music DVD.