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Hawaii Part 3 – Wedding Day!

Hi everyone!  Here are Jon, myself and a stop sign waiting for the party bus to take us to the wedding.  Aren’t our outfits lovely?  You can almost see all of them.  : )

Just reiterating what I said in the last post about every disastrous photo I am in.

I digress.

HERE IT IS!  The wedding post.  But first, another note about the photo’s before we begin.  Out of respect for the beautiful couple getting married, I’m only going to upload a few (a bunch) of my favorites from the ceremony and keep the rest just for them, at least until I get the go ahead from them and I’ll do a later post.

The day was perfect, even with the appointed resort photographer bossing everyone around and being as cheesy as is humanly possible.  He was the butt of everyone’s jokes for the rest of the night.  He also allowed me to appear completely competent, sane and totally awesome.  : )

Taylor and Amy were so gracious with wanting me to help document their day.  I really got my first taste of shooting a wedding and it was really really fun and addicting.  I was thrilled that they were so relaxed about the photo’s because it took a lot of the pressure off.  I tried to get the images I would have wanted were it my wedding while remaining as discreet as possible.

A few things I do realize:

I realize that I know them both, most of their friends and have met their families.  This makes things easier.  I also know that they are both attractive people getting married in Hawaii and that it’s pretty tough to mess THAT up.  What ELSE I realize (bear with me I’m about to compliment myself and it’s very hard) is that I have an ability to anticipate a shot and can wait to click the shutter until it counts.  I used to work for photographers who would shoot thousands of photos at a wedding, almost like a video, to be absolutely sure they didn’t miss anything.  To me, that’s not talent.  That’s risk management.  I am trying to believe in my talent.  For some reason it’s so so hard for me.  But I am so grateful to them for giving that tiny bit of belief to me.

Enough about that.  It’s wedding time.

The best part about this wedding is how relaxed and unpretentious it was.  Above we have Taylor’s beautiful sister Chelsea applying their momma’s makeup…on the bus…on the way to the hotel.  They’re both so adorable (love the yurman btw chels)!

The groom on the way to meet his bride.  Nerves?  Heat?  Both?  Who cares (have to give this photo credit to Jon…I had a horrible angle) it’s sweet.


Andy modeling like a pro in MY FAVORITE chairs from Restoration Hardware.  Love it.

I’m going to pretend they’re not talking about business. : )

That handsome guy?  He’s mine.  Sorry ladies.

Here we go!  Walking to the ceremony site…

My legs must look HORRIBLE for the amount the ‘photographers’ cut them out.

CUTIES!  Love them.

Ugh.  We’re truly less mental than this ‘looking every which way’ photo.  Sorry girls.

Here comes the Maid of Honor…

…here comes the bride…

It’s official!!The wedding took place a little way down the coast from Kaanapali in Wailea at Makenna Point.  I thought it was great they had the ceremony up on a bluff rather than your typical island wedding in the sand.  It provided such an amazing backdrop for their sunset wedding.After the ceremony we headed over to Duke’s for a intimate wine filled dinner with FABulous food.  The mens…as Leah would say.Oh weird!  It’s blurry and I’m in it!

Sister Love : )Amy’s beautiful sister giving a beautiful speech.Jon – Ryan – Taylor – Nick – Mark – AndyBonnie – Ali – Kelsey – Amy – Chelsea – Lauren – Leah – Janna

There we have it!  It was a great day with close friends that took place smack dab in the middle of an unbelievable vacation.  It was perfect.  Jon and I were so happy to be there with everyone, but we had some plans of our own that involved us flying out of Maui the next morning to visit Kauai for the first time!  Check back for some pictures of the MOST BEAUTIFUL of the Hawaiian Islands as well as the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever stayed in.



A bubble bath a day…

…keeps the blemishes away?

I decided to take a break from paradise today and mention something I’ve been meaning to for awhile.  It may not be quite as fun to look at as Hawaii but it might make you fun to look at?  Meh – I tried.

Most people that know me know that I am a product junkie.  Full Stop.

I’m not even sure that’s the correct term.  Product addict might be more like it.  When I check out at Sephora I make sure nobody is in ear shot to hear the amount of points I’ve accumulated.  It’s almost embarrassing until they give me free stuff to make me pretty and then I’m over it.  So.  I have spent a lot of money on products.  Not shoes, not bags, not jewelry…products.  Therefore people assume that I know everything and are constantly asking me advice on what to try.  The thing about that is everyone is SO different that what works for me might cause you a breakout.  It’s trial and error.

One thing I know for sure is we all want good skin.  I have pretty good skin.  The occasional hormonal blemish here and there but for the most part I’ve figured out how to take care of/manage my skin.  Still…if I could (as I’m sure would all of you) I would have skin like this:…gorgeous, transparant, crystal flippen clear.  Is everything wasted on the youth?  Listen to me all aged and experienced.  I tried asking Finley how she does it but she’s really hush hush about her skincare secrets.  From my observations it seems to include always putting bubbles in your bath, smiling an excessive amount, and replacing alcohol with PediaSure.  THAT’S not going to happen for me.  I hate smiling.  Luckily I’ve found something else that works pretty well for me.  The best part?  It’s 1/10th the price of some of the more pricey skin care products I’ve tried.

It’s seriously the best.  I have one in my shower too.

I also have travel size which I won’t show you a picture of because you couldn’t care less.  My point is that I use it every morning and every night and I love it!  All three of those sizes cost a fraction of what I used before.  I’ve read in several magazines beautiful models and actresses declaring that it’s their version of a facial.  It’s not oily, it won’t dry you out, it’s the perfect rich consistency.  Safe to use on a baby as well.

So if you’re a non grinning wino with no time for a bubble bath like me, THIS is a product I definitely recommend for anyone.

Have a great Wednesday!

Hawaii Part 2 – Maui Continued…

Before we delve right in to part 2 of Hawaii, I have to make a note.  I had SUCH a blast with my new camera on our trip.  I was worried that I would spend all my time behind the camera and miss out on the vacation but that was certainly not the case.  It was so much fun to be able to shoot quality beautiful photographs that I couldn’t wait to get behind the lens.  I loved every minute of my time in Hawaii whether I was taking photos or not.  However, there is a downside to being the ‘photographer’ on the trip.  I am actually in less than 15 photos and most of them are sort of awkward, that is if they’re not super blurry.  No offense to Jon or anyone else that used my camera to get me in a photo because being handed a giant nikon and loads of pressure is no fun.  I only mention this because going through these posts I’m hard to come by.  It’s half really nice (because nobody likes being photographed) and half kind of a bummer (because who would know I even went).  I’ve decided to be better about asking for what I actually want in a photo as well as training Jon on how to use my camera.


As it is with a lot of weddings, the night before there was a hosted grooms/rehearsal dinner for all of the guests in Hawaii.  It was in Wailer’s Village and was really relaxed and fun.  We began the night at the condo some of our friends were staying in and ended the night with a few of the group skinny dipping in the ocean.  I’ve been quite selective about which photo’s I’ve included in this post : )

Mix Master RyGuySee what I mean about photos I’m in?

How many Mai Tai’s did we consume on this vacation I wonder?


Awww…so cute Nick and Leah!…see what I mean…again?

It was so fun to watch Taylor and Amy the night before getting married alternate between glowing bliss and giggling disbelief.  Adorable.

The morning of the wedding Jon and I took some time for ourselves to visit a couple of our favorite places from the last time we visited Maui.  It was an overcast day which provided amazing lighting for some fun landscape and close up shots.  We started the morning searching for a rumored blow hole that we didn’t find the last trip…or this trip.  Luckily the search takes place in some amazing places so we didn’t mind too much.

This photo can’t be blamed on anyone/thing except the camera self timer.  LOVE this photo of the waves.  The blue’s were so subdued that day.Favorite.  Framing It.Another favorite.  It’s so cool to see the splashes of orange in red in the sea of black rock.After our hiking in flip flops adventure we headed over to Honolua Bay so Jon could do some snorkeling in his favorite spot!  I was worn out from being in the water all week so I stayed on shore and…snapped photos!Jurassic Park.Obsessed with the trees at Honolua…One of my favorite shots of all time.  This little guy and I danced around for about 15 minutes until I snagged these shots.There you have it!  We’ve still got the wedding and Kuaui to get through…whew.  Think I can do it in two more posts?  Thanks for reading!

Hawaii Part 1 – Maui

I took 987 photo’s in Hawaii.  It would have been several hundred more had golfing, our boat tour of the coast and a helicopter ride not been cancelled due to monsoon rains.  I of course have the smarts NOT to post all 987 photo’s, but that doesn’t mean I won’t post a ton.  I’ve decided to do it in four parts so keep checking back for the rest!

The first part is going to be on our time in Maui before the wedding.

This was our second trip to Maui and we were relieved to see it’s just as beautiful as ever.

Above photo of black rock taken mid day, below photo taken at sunrise.  So beautiful…all day.We chose to stay in Kaanapali again this trip because the beach is truly unbeatable.

Kaanapali beach allows for any type of activity you want to do whether it’s snorkel, paddle board, boogie board, play football, people watch, bird watch, read, drink, or lounge.  We did them all.  Prove it you say?  I accept the challenge.


Paddle boarding:

Boogie Boarding (sort of):


People watching (enough said):

Bird Watching:




I Win!

Aside from hanging out at the beach, there was business at hand.  This great group of people was lucky enough to enjoy Hawaii together because of these two kids getting married.

Amy and Taylor

Some friends of theirs rented a beautiful house and hosted a wonderful dinner early on in our stay in Maui so we could all relax, chow down and party.  The views were incredible.

Andy and Lauren

Ali and Jon

Leah and Nick

Janna and Mark

Amys lovely family.

Taylors lovely family.

The incredible scenery.

The Turano ladies : )

The Schwinkendorf Girls : )

Mother and Son

It was such a blast.  Check back for Hawaii Part 2 – Wedding Day!

You don’t care…right?

When I first starting coming to Denver to spend time with Jon he was a semi-new broker in a semi-new city.  He was learning the ins and outs of Denver on a daily basis and he had a special tool that helped him do so.  It was a little hand held recording device that he would use to verbally record things/properties he saw while driving.  I had never seen someone do this before.  I found it hilarious at first and loved torturing him by pushing play on it while in the car with him.  Maybe I liked to hear his serious business voice that he never used with me.  Maybe I just liked to hear his voice.  After some time I would record my own little messages on it for him to find later in his office.  More years than I’d like to admit have passed since those early days.  I haven’t seen Jon use that recording device in a long time.  In fact I haven’t even seen it in his car at all.  In the last few years he’s started to know his business and this city like the back of his hand.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he simply just knows every commercial property in Denver.  He might not, however, had it not been for those early stumbling days and that funny little tool.

I am in no way contributing all of Jon’s knowledge and success to a recording device, but I was thinking about this for a few reasons last night.

The first and most obvious is that even though I made fun of him for how dorky I thought it was, I now wish I had one!  There are so many times I’m walking somewhere, driving somewhere, sitting somewhere and an idea for this blog pops into my head.  It’s usually several specific sentences rather than an overall topic so I have a much harder time remembering.  It’s time consuming and awkward to write down several sentences, or sometimes even a paragraph while walking somewhere and downright dangerous to do while driving.  I can’t tell you how many topics I’ve wanted to talk about that simply fade into nothing because by the time I get home I can’t recall the specific sentences.  Instead of just thinking about it, I’m going to ask him where he bought his silly little recording device and SOLVE my problem rather than just tell you about it.  Look at me!  Action!  : )

The second reason I mention that story is that I’m trying to convince myself that it’s ok to not know everything right away.  Jon didn’t move to Denver and automatically become successful.  He had many years and a lot of little tools to get him where he is today.  He literally hit the pavement every day and forced himself to learn this city the best he could for his job (he also had insane amounts of confidence, but that’s a different skill I lack and a whole different post) even if it meant using a funny little recording device.  My point is, I need to realize that it’s ok to struggle a little in the beginning.  It takes time to learn the specific way you’re going to be good at something and it might look different from the way somebody else does it.  The tools someone else needs to help them thrive are probably completely different than mine.  I am also learning that even if your ways might seem a little dorky/funny (cough self-indulgent cough) to somebody else, you have to keep doing what works for you to succeed.

The final reason I started thinking about that little device is because it occurred to me I might have been the only person in Jon’s life that even KNEW about it.  Not that it’s something to be ashamed of obviously (even though I did my best to convince him it was…what an epic jerk) but I think I was.  That’s probably because nobody had any reason to know let alone any reason to care.  What I mean is, I’m sure he didn’t go around telling clients that the only reason he knew about their property is because he stumbled upon it while driving and used a hand held recorder to remember it’s appearance.  He made it his job to know, and it doesn’t matter to his clients how.  They don’t care if he struggled or how he learned or if he looked a little dorky while doing it.  Just like you guys probably don’t care if I rewrite a post eleven times before publishing it, or if I talk to myself out loud while blogging, or if I have to look alternate words up in the thesaurus to avoid sounding repetitive.  You don’t care what my tools are, you just care that I produce posts!

I have realized about myself that I don’t need to rely on anybody else to cut me down because I more often than not beat them to the punch.  I have received so many compliments on my measly blog (see…there I did it again) mostly from people I had absolutely NO IDEA even knew about it!  They recall specific posts, specific photo’s, an exact phrase.  It’s kind of unbelievable.  Yet each time somebody brings it up, I cringe.  The first words out of my mouth last night when somebody said ‘I love your blog’ were, ‘ohhh thanks, it’s so humiliating that you read it’.  WHAT!?!  It’s like I can’t help it.  The reality is I LOVE that people read it.  I have to remember that they have no idea the somewhat silly tools I use to jerk myself out of sitting paralyzed in front of my computer.  I have to stop telling everyone that the only reason they like my blog is because I was having  a good day that day and most days all my ideas are horrible and lame.  They don’t care to know that just like nobody cared about Jon’s recorder.

I was just about to type how nervous I am to post this because I feel like the story at the beginning is irrelevant and the comparisons don’t make any sense.  I’m not going to do that this time.  Instead I’m going to take a deep breath, hit publish and then immediately publish another post about Hawaii and hope this episode in anxiety gets lost in the shuffle of pretty pictures.

And then I’m going to get my dork on and buy a recorder.


Weekend Recap or ‘I’m getting to old for this sh*t’.

Pardon my language but it truly was the only way to get my point across.  As most of you are well aware, Saturday was St. Patricks Day.  I haven’t celebrated in the past few years because it’s fallen on weekday or it’s been too cold out, but THIS year it fell on a Saturday and the weather prediction was warm and sunny.  So the quite elaborate plans came together and went something like this:

– Wear some green.

-Drink all day.

That’s exactly what we did.

This mimosa out of a martini glass was consumed at 10:45 in the morning…

…followed shortly by these red solo cups of beer (because who can survive a walk to the bar without a drink)……and once at the bar (which is 3 blocks from my house) we decided a shot of jameson was the only appropriate thing to do (it’s still not noon)…

…this was about the time I started to remember I wasn’t in college anymore, then I took my shot and forgot again…

…we ended up on a rooftop bar in LoDo for a few hours of basking in the sun and more (unnecessary) beer…

…we then took down some chipotle and started our walk “home” and on our way ran into a familiar face in an unfamiliar outfit…

…and instead of making it home ended up at the same bar we started the morning at with another unfortunate shot of jameson……wait, what’s that over there in the distance…it looks like another bar we can go to with an even higher rooftop patio than this one…

…it is!  Linger was our home for the next several hours and linger we did…until it got dark……and this is where my story ends.

Well technically it ends back at my place with a dance party in the living room but I will spare you those photo’s because they are tragic.  You may notice Jon is missing from all of this.  That’s because he’s smarter than me.  I justified my planned day of drinking the entire week before by saying things like “honey, I’m still young (no i’m not) and I just want to do this one more time before I have to grow up like you!”

What an idiot.

You’ll also notice that my ‘weekend recap’ consists of one day.  That’s because I was in bed on Sunday until 2:45 p.m. and the only reason I didn’t stay there was because I had to go to work.  Oh wait, I did get up once to clean the carpet by my bedside because the glass of wine I thought I needed to bring to bed with me was spilled.  Yes, red wine.

What an idiot.

The stain came out, the headache went away, Jon only mocked me for a few hours and I was reminded once again that I am no longer in college.  Hopefully I can remember that this time.