A bubble bath a day…

…keeps the blemishes away?

I decided to take a break from paradise today and mention something I’ve been meaning to for awhile.  It may not be quite as fun to look at as Hawaii but it might make you fun to look at?  Meh – I tried.

Most people that know me know that I am a product junkie.  Full Stop.

I’m not even sure that’s the correct term.  Product addict might be more like it.  When I check out at Sephora I make sure nobody is in ear shot to hear the amount of points I’ve accumulated.  It’s almost embarrassing until they give me free stuff to make me pretty and then I’m over it.  So.  I have spent a lot of money on products.  Not shoes, not bags, not jewelry…products.  Therefore people assume that I know everything and are constantly asking me advice on what to try.  The thing about that is everyone is SO different that what works for me might cause you a breakout.  It’s trial and error.

One thing I know for sure is we all want good skin.  I have pretty good skin.  The occasional hormonal blemish here and there but for the most part I’ve figured out how to take care of/manage my skin.  Still…if I could (as I’m sure would all of you) I would have skin like this:…gorgeous, transparant, crystal flippen clear.  Is everything wasted on the youth?  Listen to me all aged and experienced.  I tried asking Finley how she does it but she’s really hush hush about her skincare secrets.  From my observations it seems to include always putting bubbles in your bath, smiling an excessive amount, and replacing alcohol with PediaSure.  THAT’S not going to happen for me.  I hate smiling.  Luckily I’ve found something else that works pretty well for me.  The best part?  It’s 1/10th the price of some of the more pricey skin care products I’ve tried.

It’s seriously the best.  I have one in my shower too.

I also have travel size which I won’t show you a picture of because you couldn’t care less.  My point is that I use it every morning and every night and I love it!  All three of those sizes cost a fraction of what I used before.  I’ve read in several magazines beautiful models and actresses declaring that it’s their version of a facial.  It’s not oily, it won’t dry you out, it’s the perfect rich consistency.  Safe to use on a baby as well.

So if you’re a non grinning wino with no time for a bubble bath like me, THIS is a product I definitely recommend for anyone.

Have a great Wednesday!


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