Hawaii Part 2 – Maui Continued…

Before we delve right in to part 2 of Hawaii, I have to make a note.  I had SUCH a blast with my new camera on our trip.  I was worried that I would spend all my time behind the camera and miss out on the vacation but that was certainly not the case.  It was so much fun to be able to shoot quality beautiful photographs that I couldn’t wait to get behind the lens.  I loved every minute of my time in Hawaii whether I was taking photos or not.  However, there is a downside to being the ‘photographer’ on the trip.  I am actually in less than 15 photos and most of them are sort of awkward, that is if they’re not super blurry.  No offense to Jon or anyone else that used my camera to get me in a photo because being handed a giant nikon and loads of pressure is no fun.  I only mention this because going through these posts I’m hard to come by.  It’s half really nice (because nobody likes being photographed) and half kind of a bummer (because who would know I even went).  I’ve decided to be better about asking for what I actually want in a photo as well as training Jon on how to use my camera.


As it is with a lot of weddings, the night before there was a hosted grooms/rehearsal dinner for all of the guests in Hawaii.  It was in Wailer’s Village and was really relaxed and fun.  We began the night at the condo some of our friends were staying in and ended the night with a few of the group skinny dipping in the ocean.  I’ve been quite selective about which photo’s I’ve included in this post : )

Mix Master RyGuySee what I mean about photos I’m in?

How many Mai Tai’s did we consume on this vacation I wonder?


Awww…so cute Nick and Leah!…see what I mean…again?

It was so fun to watch Taylor and Amy the night before getting married alternate between glowing bliss and giggling disbelief.  Adorable.

The morning of the wedding Jon and I took some time for ourselves to visit a couple of our favorite places from the last time we visited Maui.  It was an overcast day which provided amazing lighting for some fun landscape and close up shots.  We started the morning searching for a rumored blow hole that we didn’t find the last trip…or this trip.  Luckily the search takes place in some amazing places so we didn’t mind too much.

This photo can’t be blamed on anyone/thing except the camera self timer.  LOVE this photo of the waves.  The blue’s were so subdued that day.Favorite.  Framing It.Another favorite.  It’s so cool to see the splashes of orange in red in the sea of black rock.After our hiking in flip flops adventure we headed over to Honolua Bay so Jon could do some snorkeling in his favorite spot!  I was worn out from being in the water all week so I stayed on shore and…snapped photos!Jurassic Park.Obsessed with the trees at Honolua…One of my favorite shots of all time.  This little guy and I danced around for about 15 minutes until I snagged these shots.There you have it!  We’ve still got the wedding and Kuaui to get through…whew.  Think I can do it in two more posts?  Thanks for reading!


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