Hawaii Part 1 – Maui

I took 987 photo’s in Hawaii.  It would have been several hundred more had golfing, our boat tour of the coast and a helicopter ride not been cancelled due to monsoon rains.  I of course have the smarts NOT to post all 987 photo’s, but that doesn’t mean I won’t post a ton.  I’ve decided to do it in four parts so keep checking back for the rest!

The first part is going to be on our time in Maui before the wedding.

This was our second trip to Maui and we were relieved to see it’s just as beautiful as ever.

Above photo of black rock taken mid day, below photo taken at sunrise.  So beautiful…all day.We chose to stay in Kaanapali again this trip because the beach is truly unbeatable.

Kaanapali beach allows for any type of activity you want to do whether it’s snorkel, paddle board, boogie board, play football, people watch, bird watch, read, drink, or lounge.  We did them all.  Prove it you say?  I accept the challenge.


Paddle boarding:

Boogie Boarding (sort of):


People watching (enough said):

Bird Watching:




I Win!

Aside from hanging out at the beach, there was business at hand.  This great group of people was lucky enough to enjoy Hawaii together because of these two kids getting married.

Amy and Taylor

Some friends of theirs rented a beautiful house and hosted a wonderful dinner early on in our stay in Maui so we could all relax, chow down and party.  The views were incredible.

Andy and Lauren

Ali and Jon

Leah and Nick

Janna and Mark

Amys lovely family.

Taylors lovely family.

The incredible scenery.

The Turano ladies : )

The Schwinkendorf Girls : )

Mother and Son

It was such a blast.  Check back for Hawaii Part 2 – Wedding Day!


4 thoughts on “Hawaii Part 1 – Maui

  1. Amy Lou

    LOVE MY MAUI!!! I am so glad you and Jon have come to love MY island! Yea for you to have the opportunity to go there more than once!!

    1. Ali Post author

      Thanks for reading Amy! Jon and I plan on many trips back, but we also like enjoying the OTHER islands besides just Maui.

      Don’t hog paradise – people will start to get mad at you ; )


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