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Link Love

What’s everybody got planned for the weekend?

This week sailed by for me, but I’m so excited to have the entire weekend off with some great things to look forward to.  Jon and I are meeting some friends to see a comedy show tonight.  We love anything live and, as I’m sure you can tell from my incredible wit, we love funny things.  : ) So we decided we needed to hit up Denver’s Comedy Works more often!

Tomorrow some friends of mine/ours from the summer Jon and I met are in town!  Courtney and Ian are two of our favorite Californians/Minnesotans at heart.  Ian plays for a rugby team and they are playing in the championships this weekend in town.  I had barely even heard of rugby before I knew Ian and now that I’ve watched a few games I feel confident in recommending taking one in.  It’s a fascinating and intense sport.  We always look forward to seeing them.

Sunday signals the beginning of Denver’s Jazz in the Park and we’ve recruited a significantly large group to go hang out.  We’ll set up picnic blankets in the park, open up some bottle’s of wine, snack on yummy food and enjoy the beautiful evening full of great jazz music.  I’m very excited for that one.

Since I did so much posting this week and preparing of posts for next week, my Link Love is a little week so I apologize.  I didn’t have time to scour the internet as thoroughly as I normally do.

Hope you all have an event filled and wonderful weekend!

I love and have always loved to shop on this website.  They make the most beautiful, whimsical handcrafted gifts in Austin, TX.

Which one would you dare to try?  I think I’d choose the green one.


I wasted an entire afternoon on this list.  My personal faves are 1 – 6 -7 & 9

The olympics are coming the olympics are coming!

Speaking of olympics, here’s a gorgeous interpretation of them.

It doesn’t matter the language, you can always understand.  Gets me every time.  Take a look at this beautiful wedding.  That DRESS!  My goodness.

Another video…CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!

See you next week!  Thank you so so so so so much for reading : )