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I got to spend a day with Finley so I took her outside for a mini shoot in her adorable new hat.  The morning light was so beautiful on her perfect little face.

For the afternoon light we threw on some chic little shades and decided to swing the day away.


Minnesota Invasion…

I don’t mean to repeat myself here, but we’ve been busy.

I won’t even apologize for not posting.  I’ll just get on with it.

As I said last week, I was busy anticipating the arrival of Miss Liz and Miss Jessica for 3 days of Denver debauchery.

For those of you that don’t know these girls…they are my people.  I know everybody that meets them inevitably loves them and in turn becomes friends with them instantly.

But the three of us have our own history, way of doing things, and occasionally our own language.  I was so happy to have them in Denver.

I haven’t laughed that much since the last time they were here for my bachelorette party.

Naturally, we did some shopping which involved a trip to Ikea where we dream decorated Jessica’s new home and caused a scene.

Got home early from shopping to spend several hours drinking wine, dancing, and getting ready for WICKED!!

This was my second time seeing it, Erin’s 4th or 5th, but most importantly Liz and Jess’s first.  It was SO EXCITING to go with them and watch them either be wide eyed aghast or tearing up just like I was.  As a side note, please go see this show if you ever have the chance.  It’s amazing.

iPhone photo quality due to no camera’s allowed.

After wiping off our Wednesday morning hangover, we made a quick trip to Boulder for some sun and sightseeing.

Which was followed by a girls night out that reunited all of my favorite ladies into one amazing night!

We laughed a lot.

Mainly because of this terrible game somebody made us play.  It goes like this – contort your face like a moron until somebody snaps a picture.  Nobody wins.  The end.Once we exercised our faces an acceptable amount we moved on and decided to do the most natural thing in the world.  Find a karaoke bar.

After we arrived at the sketchy biker/karaoke bar Liz proceeded to do the next most natural thing in the world.  Cartwheel into a Tebow on the stage.

We came, we sang, we didn’t get out of bed until noon the next day.

It took me through the weekend to recover from their visit but it was worth every second.  Come back soon ladies!!!

Weekend Recap

Here is a long overdue weekend recap from when my Aunt Megan, Uncle Chad, Madigan, Apple and Fern Brandt visited us on their way to Arizona!

Finally free from the car!!!!!

We succeeded in scarring Marlo for life that weekend.  After she saw the dogs had arrived, she spent the rest of their visit refusing food, water and any attention.  Her military like tactics included hiding out in the bathtub or being perched on the highest shelf in the closet wide awake 24 hours a day.

Turns out Megan and Chad were hauling very precious cargo aside from the dogs.  Our favorite beer that you can only get up north!

While the boys went golfing, all the girls loaded up for some shopping and park time.Trying to get the ducks!

“Look at me mom look at me!”

Madigan large and in charge.

Seeesters.After a long day outside we dropped off the pups and headed to the Rio patio for some locally famous margs.

After food we headed back to our place for some beer, cards and tired puppies.

It’s always fun to have guests but it’s not everyday we get four legged visitors!  The 48 hours they were here wasn’t long enough (it never is) but Marlo may have starved herself to death in protest if they’d stayed any longer.  We learned that we are correct in thinking we need a yard before we get a dog and that Marlo will need intensive therapy when that day comes.

Hope they come back and visit soon!

Link Love


Happy Friday!


What are your plans for this weekend?

We’re having a pseudo-celebratory dinner out for my rockstar broker of a husband tonight, possibly attending a Foodbank of the Rockies fundraiser at a baseball game on Saturday, and then the rest of my weekend is dedicated to preparing for these goons to arrive on Monday(!!):

I hope they wear those dresses on the plane.  For the record ladies?  Liz is more tan.  It’s settled.

Well, I hope whatever you’re doing it’s amazing!  Here’s some internet love to get you surfing.

  • THIS is the funniest website i’ve come across in a long time.  I’m serious.  You people click on this or I’ll never forgive you and once you do…keep scrolling.  Keep scrolling and scrolling and try not to die laughing.
  • In the spirit of Mad Men being back on the air, which is by the way the greatest show to ever air on television, this website which is not only real but pretty disturbing.
  • How the other half lives.  Karl Lagerfeld (world famous designer for Chanel, among others) and his life in a day.  It’s really fascinating and nauseating all at the same time.
  • Fun idea for a party, especially the part at the end.

Just bought tickets to see this amazing local band for me and my hubby!  Give them a listen, they’re great!

Shopping and Dreaming…

…will somebody please host an event to which I can wear the following?
I found this dress in J-Crew the other day and fell in love with it instantly.  I had to put it on, tried to justify buying it, then sadly handed it back to the salesman and pouted the rest of the day.  It doesn’t fit quite as tight as it looks on the model (go figure) or as it does on the mannequin (because they do that annoying pinning thing in the back) but it wore pretty effortlessly and comfortable.  The thing I love about neutral dresses like the one above is how versatile they are with dressing up or down.  I would dress this one down a bit and distract from the overwhelming girly-ness with this beautiful and on trend (told you Jon) indigo jacket from J-Crew.  I would get TONS of use out of this layering possibility.These shoes are where the ‘dreaming’ in the title come in.  I would truly love a well made pair of both black sandals and pumps to wear until the end of time.  They’re classic.  I chose these shoes for the outfit to add a whisper of edge and again to tone down the girly-ness in the dress.Well what can I say…once you start dreaming it’s hard to stop.  I found these beauties on the Hyde Park website that can be yours for a small fortune.  I am obsessed with rose gold (my wedding band is made of it) and love how the slight pink adds softness back in to the outfit.  Sparkly octopus clutch from Anthropologie?  J’adore.  How adorable is this outfit looking!Finally I would complete this look by stealing Leighton Meester’s face.

Just kidding, but I have had this look from Marie Claire saved on my desktop for a few weeks.  I have every intention of marching into Nordstrom cosmetics and demanding they make me look like her.  My hair color is close to hers and the pink and grey makeup would go amazing with all the things listed above.  This incredibly popular makeup palette from Sephora might be a good start for practice.

Now if only I could come up with looks like this from my own wardrobe.

Ohhhh to be rich.  Sigh.