Minnesota Invasion…

I don’t mean to repeat myself here, but we’ve been busy.

I won’t even apologize for not posting.  I’ll just get on with it.

As I said last week, I was busy anticipating the arrival of Miss Liz and Miss Jessica for 3 days of Denver debauchery.

For those of you that don’t know these girls…they are my people.  I know everybody that meets them inevitably loves them and in turn becomes friends with them instantly.

But the three of us have our own history, way of doing things, and occasionally our own language.  I was so happy to have them in Denver.

I haven’t laughed that much since the last time they were here for my bachelorette party.

Naturally, we did some shopping which involved a trip to Ikea where we dream decorated Jessica’s new home and caused a scene.

Got home early from shopping to spend several hours drinking wine, dancing, and getting ready for WICKED!!

This was my second time seeing it, Erin’s 4th or 5th, but most importantly Liz and Jess’s first.  It was SO EXCITING to go with them and watch them either be wide eyed aghast or tearing up just like I was.  As a side note, please go see this show if you ever have the chance.  It’s amazing.

iPhone photo quality due to no camera’s allowed.

After wiping off our Wednesday morning hangover, we made a quick trip to Boulder for some sun and sightseeing.

Which was followed by a girls night out that reunited all of my favorite ladies into one amazing night!

We laughed a lot.

Mainly because of this terrible game somebody made us play.  It goes like this – contort your face like a moron until somebody snaps a picture.  Nobody wins.  The end.Once we exercised our faces an acceptable amount we moved on and decided to do the most natural thing in the world.  Find a karaoke bar.

After we arrived at the sketchy biker/karaoke bar Liz proceeded to do the next most natural thing in the world.  Cartwheel into a Tebow on the stage.

We came, we sang, we didn’t get out of bed until noon the next day.

It took me through the weekend to recover from their visit but it was worth every second.  Come back soon ladies!!!


4 thoughts on “Minnesota Invasion…

  1. Jessica Steussy

    I think I’m still recovering or maybe it’s just going back to work has me wore out already! Not impressed by the load of work on my desk when I got back on Monday. I had a great time, love you ladies!

  2. Liz

    You were right, your burgers and nails photo is way better than mine. How could I have ever doubted you? I’m glad you put up 50% cute photos of me and 50% completely embarrassing. It made for 100% fun. Thanks again for all of your hospitality and fashion advice. Love to you and all the beautiful ladies in these photos.


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