Weekend Recap

Here is a long overdue weekend recap from when my Aunt Megan, Uncle Chad, Madigan, Apple and Fern Brandt visited us on their way to Arizona!

Finally free from the car!!!!!

We succeeded in scarring Marlo for life that weekend.  After she saw the dogs had arrived, she spent the rest of their visit refusing food, water and any attention.  Her military like tactics included hiding out in the bathtub or being perched on the highest shelf in the closet wide awake 24 hours a day.

Turns out Megan and Chad were hauling very precious cargo aside from the dogs.  Our favorite beer that you can only get up north!

While the boys went golfing, all the girls loaded up for some shopping and park time.Trying to get the ducks!

“Look at me mom look at me!”

Madigan large and in charge.

Seeesters.After a long day outside we dropped off the pups and headed to the Rio patio for some locally famous margs.

After food we headed back to our place for some beer, cards and tired puppies.

It’s always fun to have guests but it’s not everyday we get four legged visitors!  The 48 hours they were here wasn’t long enough (it never is) but Marlo may have starved herself to death in protest if they’d stayed any longer.  We learned that we are correct in thinking we need a yard before we get a dog and that Marlo will need intensive therapy when that day comes.

Hope they come back and visit soon!


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