Leo – Month 10

Ten months old.

That’s basically a year. How on earth has a year nearly come and gone? It’s absolutely insane. When I take time to reflect, and really remember him as a two-month-old, I guess it makes more sense. But then I remember bringing him home from the hospital and it feels like yesterday.

Motherhood is confusing.


10Month-13I’m writing this after getting home from the parent/infant class that Leo and I attend twice a week. I look forward to it because he is enthralled by a new environment and fellow kiddos for over an hour and I am not solely responsible for his entertainment. Is that harsh? Well, it’s true. Leo turned 10 months old and with that he suddenly became very, very attached to his momma. It’s pretty sweet, most of the time, but I have to put him down at times during the day to…I don’t know…DO ANYTHING, and he used to be quite content on his own and now he just whines at me.

Crying I can take, but the whining…ugh.

I think (please let this be true) that it’s a phase, but the last few weeks have been challenging.

Lucky for him I think he’s super cute and forgive him everything the minute he lays that sweet noggin on my shoulder for a nuzzle.


As far as Leo is concerned, books are life. We used to read 3-4 before each nap and bedtime, but these days I’d guess we read 20+ every day. He loves it so much and book reading is a phase I hope he never grows out of.


As you can see, the photos are getting much more challenging to take each passing month. Leo is on the move and has no time for momma’s ceaseless need to document his life.


Guess what else happened month 10?!  HALLOWEEN!

Man, before he was born I was all “I won’t care about Halloween until he does”.

Yeah right. After he was born I was all “how many costumes can we afford!?!?”

I settled on one, but it was tough. There’s a great chance all three of us dress up next year. Are you reading this Jon?

We took him to a pumpkin patch in Beaver Creek, another one in Denver, to Union Station for a raging Halloween party and he got to wear his costume to music class and parent/infant class.  He only cared about seeing sheep.


Look how happy he is to see a real live sheep for the first time. And then look how happy Dad is to see him so happy.


Hardest: thing about month 10 has been the 180 he’s taken from being very chill and self-sufficient most days to now requiring pretty much all I have to give him. I know it’s the job, but it’s a bummer to look forward to bedtime. It’s very unlike him (or at least who he’s been for his short life) so like I said earlier, I think it’s a phase.


Easiest: part of having a ten-month-old is staying off of my phone because he’ll snatch it the minute he see’s it.  : )


Worst: thing to happen month ten was a 10 day stretch from hell. Jon’s parents flew out here on a Thursday to spend time with Leo and on Friday he woke up with a pretty high fever that lasted through the weekend and into Monday. I felt pretty bad for Jon’s parents because he wanted nothing to do with anyone but Jon and me. We tried taking Jon’s mom out for a birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I was excited, I was dressed up, I meticulously packed a diaper bag full of entertainment a food for Leo – we even did an early bird special with a 5:00 reservation on a Saturday night so that he’d be in good spirits and home in bed on time. Nope. The beautiful bottle of wine was poured around the table, I got one sip and then had to bail with the baby. It was a bummer.

Then Jon left the next morning for a trip to Pebble Beach. While they were there the group decided to extend for a day. So I was on my own for four days. The day Jon was finally returning, I got Leo out of bed and he threw up everywhere. A lot. And it continued for an hour, which for the record is really scary.  So, we spent the day at the doctor, covered in puke, Leo lost nearly a pound, and this frazzled momma was all alone. Poor munchkin was finally feeling better and Jon and I were looking forward to a weekend together when in the middle of the night I woke up to VIOLENTLY throw up in multiple rooms of our house. Jon woke up the next morning feeling similarly.  So yeah. It was a marathon of a few weeks.  We’re all on the mend, thanks for asking. : )

Best: thing to happen month 10 was probably my realization that I really shine as a mom in the toughest moments (#humbebrag). Seriously though. The daily (and sometimes mundane) grind can take its toll on this girl, but when that baby really needs me, I show up in a big way. I was proud of myself for maintaining my cool when my infant was hurling vomit out of his tiny body and I was all alone at 6:00 a.m. and just had to figure it out.


Most unexpected: thing to happen was Leo learning that he can have opinions about things and express them however he deems necessary. That and the fact that he’s already tall enough for his car seat upgrade. 30 inches!


Most loved baby item: all of the books. Particularly The Pout-Pout Fish.

Funniest: thing is tough to explain but it was Jon and my first time having to try not to laugh at Leo doing something naughty.


Milestones: full on crawling, pulling up, and stressing his momma out.

Favorite memory: for me this month is from a simple morning walk to Starbucks when we stopped to take some photos in the leaves and multiple strangers and dogs stopped by to admire my cute baby and let him flirt with them.  Simple, wonderful morning.

Favorite outfit: 

Favorite photo: 


Funniest photo: this is his move every time I try to put him in his car seat.


Stay tuned because next month we’ll have a special guest writer for Leo’s 11-month post (it’s Jon).


2 thoughts on “Leo – Month 10

  1. Jerri Kallroos

    I just love all your post/blogs! And I can’t wait to read/see Jon’s perspective on fatherhood! And I cannot wait to see little/big Leo again some day! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love to you all!


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