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Weekend Recap (x3)

Now that the dust has finally begun to settle on our crazy busy and fun filled summer I’ve got some weekend recap catching up to do.

The last three weekends put me in Minnesota at the lake for a family reunion, at a beautiful park for Labor Day Monday, and just this past weekend at my favorite restaurant in Boulder with friends.

I live a pretty charmed life with some pretty great people.

Some refreshing Marg’s at Zorbaz after our exhausting horse riding expedition.  

…and with that, my Minnesota lake season ended.  Couldn’t have gone out on a higher note.

Next up…Labor Day!  We took it easy and picnicked in the park.  It was great.  And the beautiful pregnant woman in the photo’s experienced her own day of labor just four days later!  Welcome to the world Lola : ) You are crushingly beautiful already/We find ways to gamble no matter where we are : )Ahhh successful relaxing day at the park.  Good times.

Moving on!

This last weekend I spent the day and evening in Boulder with my girlfriends Katie and Ashley.  We don’t get together very often, so this needed to be special.  We decided on lunch at Pizzeria Locale.Now, let me just say, I turn into a little bit of a freak when I’m at Pizzeria Locale.

That’s because it is not simply a pizza joint.


It does something to me and I’m almost convinced they put some sort of additive in their foods.

Actually they do.

It’s called cheese.  And love.  They drizzle their pizza with cheese and their cheese with pure love.

I’m actually pretty annoying about how much I love this food.

We sat on the patio and I exclaimed to every passerby “(sigh)…i’m just so happy”.

It’s that good.  It’s the number one restaurant I recommend to people when they come to Colorado.  This is coming from a girl that doesn’t even like pizza that much.

But this isn’t pizza.  It’s so much more that that.We must’ve said “LOOK at these EFFING tomatoes” at least a hundred times.Yes.  That’s a salad with cucumbers, cantaloupe AND GOAT CHEESE!

I don’t even have a picture of the fried cheese balls we started with because I finished mine before the waiter even set down the plate.

End of summer days don’t get much better than that.  Fantastic food, gorgeous weather in a gorgeous mountain city, and incredible company.

Sigh…I’m just so happy.


Weekend Recap Part 2

So this is awkward.

It’s the weekend and I’m doing a recap of last weekend.  So not my fault.  I blame WordPress for deleting my hours of hard work on Part 1.  In retrospect, WordPress MAY have been looking out for my best interest considering the post ended with me pee’ing in a portable ‘bathroom’.  I’ve never been good at seeing the signs.

Anyway, Jon was gone last weekend so I had a nice and relaxing selfish weekend at home.  I did work quite a bit, but also got to catch up on time with good friends.  It was a good time because it was time NOT spent at a concert or bar where yelling is required to communicate.

Erin and I met up for a long overdue solo brunch at Lucille’s.  Neither of us had ever been there before so it was fun to try it out!  The bloody mary’s were delicious, the weather was beautiful and the food was of the brunch variety so it should go without saying that we devoured it.

WHY is brunch so delicious and so bad for you?  Another question – why does brunch always involve about 6 different beverages per person?  We had a coffee, waters, two bloody mary’s, and a latte all on our tiny little table combined with beignet’s, two giant plates of food, miscellaneous sauces, brown sugar, creamer etc.  It takes a lot of ingredients to make up a successful brunch I guess.

This weekend I also had the pleasure of hanging out with Miss Finley so her mom and dad could go enjoy a concert and night out.  Excuse me did I say Miss Finely?  I’m so sorry.  What I meant to say was Princess Finley.

Finley is very unique and didn’t wan’t to follow trends by making just any old Valentines day cards for her parents.  I took her to Target and let her choose an art project to make for them and she chose sea life window decals that she got to color herself : )

After Finley went to bed, Ashley came over to visit and watch the Grammy’s!  Not much to report there except for how gorgeous Adele looked…

…and how much I hate Gwyneth Paltrow for looking this amazing…

…not fair.

I’m going to change the subject and stop boring you with my weekend and instead bore you with my Valentines Day!  Yay!

Jon and I celebrated as married for the first time and it was really nice.  We had a great dinner at Ocean Prime at Larimer Square.  I always love going to Larimer because it’s so beautiful and festive 365 days a year.

I gave Jon a round of golf at the Princeville course in Kauai and he got me a beautiful bracelet from my favorite jewelry designer.

I ALSO received a single rose from the restaurant before we left and I decided to be incredibly generous and re-gift it…

…Happy Valentines day Marlo!

She went absolutely bonkers over it for about five minutes until she eventually turned it into a chew toy.   Because she’s a cat/dog.

In honor of Valentines Day and of Love, here is a video for you all to watch.  My best friend Vanessa is getting married this summer and these are her engagement photo’s!  I did not take the photo’s for I did not yet have my camera nor do I live in Texas (where she lives).  She did send me the raw files and I did my best at editing them on my ancient programs on my ancient laptop.  I think they’re fantastic because THEY are fantastic.  Enjoy!

Weekend Recap.

This past weekend was deliciously indulgent for Jon and I in more ways than one.  The main reason being that my weekends are usually filled with something that could be called the opposite of indulgent…work.  Problems are created where having fun is concerned because nearly everyone else on the planet has the opposite schedule.  However, this past weekend I was blissfully free.

I did have to work Friday afternoon/night but, I finished up early and went to see a late movie with my girlfriend Ashley.

We indulged in some popcorn and chose to see one of our favorite books that the movies chose to ruin.  Alright not ruin, but change.  For several years now, when anybody asks me for a book recommendation, I excitedly push them towards Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.

The book is wonderful and one of my all time favorites, though i’ve heard from others that it’s tough to get started.  I believe that’s because the narration of the book comes from inside the mind of Oskar Shell, who is a smart, funny and sometimes heartbreaking nine year old boy.  It’s a unique point of view for a book, but surely not the strangest.  Well they went ahead and made a movie of the book (of course) and Ashley and I went to see it.

It’s got a big name cast, centers around a big event in history, and is sure to be a big success in theaters.  It’s just not as big as the book.  Read the book.

Saturday morning Jon and I got up bright and early to walk down the street and meet friends for brunch at Lola.  We were celebrating our friend Ryan’s 30th birthday with delicious food and even more delicious flavored mimosa’s.  Brunch turned into neighborhood bar crawl which naturally turned into beer pong.  It was a gorgeous 58 degree sunny January day, so indulge in it we did.

My skills in beer pong proved once again to be pathetic, so I bowed out gracefully and let the real champs go to work.

It would be tragic if I left out Nick and Leah’s adorable dogs who are one of the main reasons I want the kind of dog I want.  A mini poodle.  NOT a toy poodle.  A mini one.

This is Remy.  He posed nicely (by nicely I mean for 1/4 second) for a few photo’s.

This is Mojo.  He had zero interest.

It was a great afternoon.  Happy Birthday RyGuy!

Jon and I got home starving so we decided to walk 1/2 a block (I love our neighborhood) to one of the most popular and well reviewed restaurants in Denver, Z Cuisine.

Jon had been there before with a client, but this was my first time.  Don’t get me wrong, he has tried to take me numerous times, but they don’t take reservations and it is ALWAYS packed.  It’s described as a French Bistrot and Parisian Wine Bar and it’s about as authentic as you can get.  If you live in Denver and are reading this…GO – but please call and invite me first.  It’s incredibly cozy and romantic, the waiters are intimidatingly knowledgeable, and the food is to die for.  We indulged happily in a beautiful cocktail, delicious wine, and the fact that even on the website they encourage you to linger.  No rushing through this experience allowed.

I can’t wait to bring my dad the next time he visits.  It just might be the place to finally convince them to move here.

Finally on Sunday Jon and I indulged in some lazy alone time at home of which I will spare you any boring photo’s.  We lounged around, did some Hawaii research, I blogged/facebooked and of course we watched about 45 hours of football.

I wish every weekend could be just like this one.