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New York New York!

It went (sort of) like this…

Jon: So…I don’t really know how this works, or if I’m supposed to just surprise you or something…but should I be planning something for our 1 year anniversary?

Me: I don’t know how any of this works either, but it would be fun to do something memorable don’t you think?

Jon: I’ll go look at a map.

Me: (internal squealing)

Jon: How about New York City?

Me: I was hoping for a nice dinner but I guess I’ll get my luggage!

Jon: Don’t be expecting this every year.

Me: I will won’t.  

And just like that the plans and all my future expectations were set.  We were going to NYC to celebrate our first year of marriage!

Considering that my favorite things to do are eat, drink wine, take photos, shop, and wander around cities…I was pumped that we were going to the PERFECT place for all those things. The last time we visited was our first time so we had knocked a lot of the obvious touristy things off the list.  This trip I decided I wasn’t going to be a tourist but instead a traveler.  I was looking forward to enjoying the city in a different way.

While I did take quite a few photo’s, I went about it in a slightly newer way this trip.  Often times I can get carried away taking so many pictures that I constantly have the camera at my face rather than experiencing what’s surrounding me.  This time I chose one main day that I allowed myself to go camera crazy with and most of the other time I left my camera in the hotel or my bag and just used my iPhone.  It worked wonderfully.  I still got to scratch my creative itch but didn’t miss out on participating in the fun.

Our first night in NYC we scratched Jon’s itch of wanting to pretend to be Don Draper for a night.  Yes, we’re Mad Men nerds.  He did a little research, we got gussied up, and we went out for a night on the town Draper style.

Our first stop was the Grand Central Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station.  *please excuse crappy iPhone photo’s but I was trying to enjoy my night, not stage dramatically beautiful photo’s for you people : )

I agree.


In my wise old age I’ve become a pretty adventurous eater, and adventurously eat those oysters I did, but I did not enjoy one single second of it.  I hate oysters.  I guess my dreams of being a snooty fancy pants has to go down the drain.

Luckily we rebounded with one of my favorite meals I’ve ever eaten in my life.

In keeping with the Mad Men theme, we made our way down the beautiful Midtown West neighborhood to Barbetta, where Don Draper has dinner with a lovely lady on the show.   What made us want to go there was the beautiful NYC patio they’re seen dining at and the fact that it’s New York’s oldest restaurant at 106 and the only restaurant in America that’s been named a Historic Establishment.

I walked away from the meal being able to confidently say I will probably never eat better mozzarella cheese or gnocchi in my life.  It was absurd how good this food was.

We had a lovely experience with lovely conversation and I still have dreams about the gnocchi melting in my mouth.

The next morning began the day I chose to go nuts with the camera.

The first place that I chose to go camera crazy at?  Where else…

Central Park is one of those places that’s just unexplainably magical for some reason.  You just have to experience it to both realize how enormous it is and also to feel what it’s like to wander so far in that all of a sudden you look around you and there’s nothing but tree’s and sky.  Not a building in sight.  Even no people sometimes which is a complete anomaly in New York City.

I told Jon that Central Park seems to be one of the most necessary places I’ve ever been to.  Necessary in the sense that I think New Yorkers would go absolutely bonkers without it.  It couldn’t ‘not exist’.  We weren’t even in the city for 24 hours before we walked into the park, but even we felt a sense of relief to step out of the concrete jungle and into a place that forces you to slow down and exhale.

Our walk through Central Park came after having brunch at Sarabeth’s on 5th ave and Central Park South (yum) with this guy…

…and was the route we took to get to the American Museum of Natural History.

It’s really strange, but it actually takes you a minute to think “wait…are these real?” and realize that yes…they are.  They are not statues, they are not a likeness.  They are real god damn dinosaurs that were dug out of the real god damn earth.  It’s NUTS and a little bit scary.  The dinosaurs aren’t scary.  The fact that people think they didn’t exist is scary. 

You bet I did!

Jon: Eww that’s so gross, do you know how many people have touched that thing?

Me: Are you insane!?  We’ve been riding the subway!  How many people do you think touch the screens to buy the tickets, the railing walking up, the seats etc.  I am NOT going to miss touching a 140 million year old dinosaur bone you bone head.  

It was worth it and to the best of my knowledge I didn’t contract anything deadly.

Just awesomeness.

The thing that’s so cool about this museum is that it’s science and true history.  It’s all right there, right in front of you, and it’s so educational.  All facts.

If they don’t know the exact answer to something, they tell you right there.  They speculate as to what they think the answer is based on scientific reasoning, but they tell you they don’t know when they don’t.  More things should be that way.

On every trip we go on I inevitably get a little sad that I can’t scoop up everyone I love and bring them with so that they can see all the same things.  Being at the American Natural History Museum was particularly tough because of Livi.  She would have gone NUTS over seeing every animal, fish and insect that’s ever lived.  Screw Disney World.  Every kid should see a real dinosaur skeleton once in their childhood.

Incredible.  Gargantuan.  Enormous.  Makes you realize how teeny tiny us human beings are in size and importance.

Not blaming anyone for anything…just stating the cold hard facts.

I love whoever is in charge of that place and am so happy that really really smart people exist to give the rest of us a place like that to go and learn.

That concludes our Sunday afternoon in the big city.  Now onto Sunday evening where we brave the Subway yet again and then huff it over the Brooklyn Bridge for the best night ever.  

This is the partially completed 1 World Trade Center which is going up near the September 11th Memorial site.  The last time we visited, we went to the 9/11 site and it was still just an enormous pile of rubble and nothing, it’s pretty darn cool to see it completely transformed and triumphantly moving on.

We stumbled onto an incredible gem located near the base of the bridge on the Brooklyn side called The River Cafe.  It was such a beautiful little spot where we sat and admired the sweeping skyline views, reminisced on the last year, and called my mom to tell her thank you again for all the work she did a year prior for our wedding.  It was an unplanned several hour stop, but ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Feeling refreshed after resting our feet for an hour or two we decided to spend a little more time in Brooklyn and took a cab to Franny’s, a pizza joint that was ranked a favorite place to eat in the world by top chef’s of the United States.  

Seeing a trend here?  Eat, drink, eat more, drink more, walk it all off.

A taxi ride back to the hotel and just like that my photo crazy day was over.

Our anniversary was the next day and we spent it shopping in the morning and then in the second row center at a taping of David Letterman!  Afterwards we gussied up one more time for the most romantic dinner of my life at One if by Land Two if by Sea and had another favorite meal of all time.  The scallops….ohhhh dear lord the scallops.

It was so nice to get away, just Jon and I, and get lost in such an incredible place.  We reminisced a lot on the past year, speculated about our future, and constantly thanked the stars for how lucky we are in our present.

Thank you Jon for whisking me away on such a memorable trip.  My life has changed in ways I never thought were possible since the day you entered it.  You have made more of my dreams come true that I ever dared hoped for and we’re only one year of marriage in.

I can’t wait to see what’s up next : )


Weekend Recap (x3)

Now that the dust has finally begun to settle on our crazy busy and fun filled summer I’ve got some weekend recap catching up to do.

The last three weekends put me in Minnesota at the lake for a family reunion, at a beautiful park for Labor Day Monday, and just this past weekend at my favorite restaurant in Boulder with friends.

I live a pretty charmed life with some pretty great people.

Some refreshing Marg’s at Zorbaz after our exhausting horse riding expedition.  

…and with that, my Minnesota lake season ended.  Couldn’t have gone out on a higher note.

Next up…Labor Day!  We took it easy and picnicked in the park.  It was great.  And the beautiful pregnant woman in the photo’s experienced her own day of labor just four days later!  Welcome to the world Lola : ) You are crushingly beautiful already/We find ways to gamble no matter where we are : )Ahhh successful relaxing day at the park.  Good times.

Moving on!

This last weekend I spent the day and evening in Boulder with my girlfriends Katie and Ashley.  We don’t get together very often, so this needed to be special.  We decided on lunch at Pizzeria Locale.Now, let me just say, I turn into a little bit of a freak when I’m at Pizzeria Locale.

That’s because it is not simply a pizza joint.


It does something to me and I’m almost convinced they put some sort of additive in their foods.

Actually they do.

It’s called cheese.  And love.  They drizzle their pizza with cheese and their cheese with pure love.

I’m actually pretty annoying about how much I love this food.

We sat on the patio and I exclaimed to every passerby “(sigh)…i’m just so happy”.

It’s that good.  It’s the number one restaurant I recommend to people when they come to Colorado.  This is coming from a girl that doesn’t even like pizza that much.

But this isn’t pizza.  It’s so much more that that.We must’ve said “LOOK at these EFFING tomatoes” at least a hundred times.Yes.  That’s a salad with cucumbers, cantaloupe AND GOAT CHEESE!

I don’t even have a picture of the fried cheese balls we started with because I finished mine before the waiter even set down the plate.

End of summer days don’t get much better than that.  Fantastic food, gorgeous weather in a gorgeous mountain city, and incredible company.

Sigh…I’m just so happy.

Wedding Weekend Part 1 – The Rehearsal

A little over a week ago Jon and I got back from New York City, spent 24 hours at home, unpacked and repacked just in time to catch our flight to Minneapolis for the Thompson/Jagim wedding weekend!

Vanessa and Andrew hosted their friends and family in the beautiful city of La Crosse, Wisconsin in celebration of their nuptials.  They had amazing weather which only further showcased the unexpected beauty and incredible scenery of La Crosse.

I can’t really stress enough how beautiful La Crosse turned out to be.  If anyone in the Minneapolis area is looking for a weekend getaway, I would HIGHLY recommend making the 2.5 hour drive to this hidden gem.

Well things got rolling as soon as we arrived.  All gussied up with drinks in hand we met in the lobby to head over to the bandshell for the rehearsal!Beautiful Vanessa sporting her wardrobe staple…a black hair tie on her wrist : )
My handsome hubby/photographer’s assistant.  Several of these images came from his keen eye.  I’ve trained him well!After successfully getting fake married three times, everyone headed across the river for some grub and yard games.Thank goodness Missy brought a little bit of Texas to the Midwest.The beautiful bride and her new sister in law/wedding photographer.Tatum and her auntie Vanessa.  I knew Tatum when she was around 6 years old.  Needless to say it was a little alarming to see her all grown up!There was definitely a love connection between Belle and Hunter that weekend.After filling up and drinking up, the wedding party decided to hit the town for a night of shenanigans before the big day.  We even got the bride out for a little while!  Everyone dispersed eventually (some earlier than others) to get a good nights sleep before the big day.  Vanessa and I kicked Andrew out for the night and spent it together just like the night before my wedding.  There was a little girl talk, a couple of nerves and lots of excitement.

Coming up next is part two…getting ready!

What you’ve all been waiting for?

Here it is everyone!

What you’ve all been waiting for!!!

(I can hear you holding your breath)

No…it’s not any type of announcement like “I got a new job!  I’m a highly paid successful photographer! Marlo is pregnant (she’s fixed it’s impossible so don’t get your hopes up)!”

It’s way better??

This is the long awaited final installment of our near month old trip to Minnesota.


Maybe nobody is bored with photo after photo of us having the time of our lives at the lakes. Maybe everybody is.

Doesn’t matter because posting the images on my blog is the easiest way to get all the people that are in them to see them.  And they’ve been asking.

So here it is, the last lake post of the year (I’m totally lying I’m going again in August).

We left our beloved Pelican Lake on Thursday morning after celebrating the 4th of July the night before.  We had already enjoyed our first 5 days at the lake so much that we felt completely spoiled heading to somebody else’s cabin for another 4 days.

Before we arrived at our destination, we stopped at the beautiful Gull Lake Zorbaz for some grub and great live music performed by Jon’s friend John.  John was gracious enough to be the musician at our wedding and he’s really really wonderful and talented.  He’s also a new dad! No appearances were made by the newborn (it was soooo hot) but I do have some shots from the performance.

It was great to see a bunch of people we don’t get to be around very often!  An afternoon well spent.  Onward!

Christian is a grade school buddy of Jon’s and he and his girlfriend Jennie hosted our group of Minnesota friends for an incredibly fun weekend at his family cabin.  As usual with this group, the moment we all get together we regress to behaving like shot taking college students, convincing ourselves that we are still quite young and capable of such shenanigans.  It never takes long for us to end up in silly hats, playing cards, talking louder and louder, listening to great music…and drunk.  It’s so fun.This goes on and on until before you know it people are drinking out of watermelons, abusing the props, and men are in women’s restrooms.  It’s chaos.  We always rally like champions, learn nothing, and do it all over again.  But it’s different this time!  Because it’s on a boat!We’re still learning about ‘sharing’.The ‘wives’.Not posed.  Not surprising : )Always has to have a melon in his hand.  : )One word: classy.

It only gets worse from here.Told you.It’s called a diaper and it’s a lake thing.  Don’t ask questions.  Just enjoy.
No we aren’t floating in our own pee.  For some reason this lake had a high iron content or something scientific that gave it that hue.Doesn’t get better than swimming in pee with your best friends : )Except for throwing back your favorite beverage while wearing a diaper.  Sigh.  This is the reason for my MN obsession.  Things like this.  Nemesis.Jammin’ to Beiber.Shot pit stop at the lake’s only bar.Saying farewell to his loyal companion.Once sufficiently buzzed up we left the lake for some showers, yard games, more drinks and a killer sunset.He’s gentler than he looks.  Not scary in the least.  Well maybe a little.We’re all well fed…must be time for a booze cruise!Awww.  Look at that pretty loon.  Wanna go to the bar and play pull tabs?  YES!  What a great idea!  Let’s hug it out.
We ended the trip with a genius game of golf.  Four couples – boys hit – girls putt.  It was a really fun way to get the girls out on the course with the boys.…and we played into the sunset.

We crammed a lot of fun into what is always never enough time.  Jon and I were so exhausted from our vacation that we split our drive back into two separate days.

It was all worth it.  These people are the people that make Minnesota so great and me so  homesick all the time.  I’m always grateful to them for pulling us back over and over again.

Two Words…Super Sized

I mentioned in an earlier post that I took almost 1,000 photo’s during our 10 day trip to Minnesota.  Part of this is because I’m shutter obsessed, the other part is because we did so many things and saw so many people.  In attempt to get as many photo’s on here for those people as possible, I decided to just keep it simple and do it ‘two words’ style.

Settle in because there’s a lot of scrolling ahead of you.    :  )

New Brothers

Youngest Siblings
My FavoriteThe BestSunny SmilesOur CaptainSister Dunk
Handsome BrotherGiant LeapStud Muffin
Cute CoupleQuack QuackDaddy’s LapWhole World
Chow TimeWild HorsesHammock Shenanigans Memorable MomentsBooze CruiseBoyfriend GirlfriendBrotherly BuddiesNight SwimmingDouble TroubleMinnesota SkiesBrother TKLovely LocksTan TylerMad SkillsGrinning GoonsZorbaz ToastMargarita BlissSweet GirlDon’t AskBeautiful BloomsDoin’ WorkSwimming PoochBlocking SunBig ChickenHeat StrokeDoggie PaddleSkinny BeerGlamour ShotOwning ItSoaring PatriotsLounge QueenAuntie MeganFirst ChoiceDream Boat Knocked OutHoliday ParadeColor SchemeBeautiful BoatPatriotic PeacePink PontoonDon DraperCanoodling CoupleBrave Mom : )Refreshing ShowerLazy LoungerBaywatch HopefulSand BarTurkey SlayerNo WordsHoliday HottieMy MateTJ SurfingLog LuggerPelican PlanterFirework SpectatorsHope you all enjoyed the pics!  Lake overload yet?  I have one more segment left from our trip home from when we met up with Jon’s grade school buddies which I’ll have up next week!  I’ll end the post with the rest of my fireworks shots and two more words:

The End

Lance Who?

I get to be proud of my husband quite often.

I’m lucky like that.

He’s a really good guy, he’s really good at his job, and gosh darn it…people like him.

He has accomplished a lot in his life, quite a bit in last year (most importantly snagging a super hot wife) but he achieved something this past Saturday that made me the most proud of him I’ve been in some time.

He rode from Denver to Beaver Creek on a bicycle in the pouring rain all by himself.

Ok so maybe that’s an exaggeration.

He rode 120 miles from Evergreen to Avon on a Trek road bike.

And maybe it didn’t rain the WHOLE time.

Also, there were several thousand other people but for me it felt like it was just him.


ANYWAY I was an insanely proud wife all day long, almost started to cry like 100 (2) times.

Jon, his friend Aaron and their buddy Erik all completed the Triple Bypass in record great time and we had a blast celebrating them all day during and after the ride.  For those that don’t know the Triple Bypass is a 120 mile bicycle ride with over 10,000 feet of elevation gain.  It starts in Evergreen and climbs over Squaw Pass to Idaho Springs and on into Georgetown.  From there, it climbs over Loveland Pass to Frisco and over Vail Pass to the finish line in Avon (just past Vail and Beaver Creek).  It’s exhausting for your car to drive that far let alone for your legs to pedal you there.

Here are some photo’s from the day:

Aaron, Erik and Jon at an aid station after completing Squaw Pass…still looking good!Getting sun screened up like a good boy.  Sarah, Aaron and BaxterJon and AliAthletic husband and adoring wife : )
Junk in the trunk.  Aaron getting prepped for the next pass.A mess of cycles waiting while their owners refill water bottles.

Heading out for the next climb!

Look at those calves!  Surprising them at a random spot on the race with encouraging inappropriate signs!

LANCE WHO?  We got quite a few thumbs up for this one.

Thank goodness they’re still smiling!

Winding his way up the hill.They CLIMBED that shit.  Yeah – those mountains in the distance.  Crazy.Having some ‘lunch’ before continuing on!  We’re about 6 hours in at this point.

Baxter needed some hydrating as well.The WEEKEND WARRIORS’ dedicated road warriors.

Jon crossing the finish line 8 hours after starting the ride at 5:45 a.m.!The WEEKEND WARRIORS in all their sweaty drenched glory!

Don’t ask.Notice the 118.4 miles driven.  CRAZY I SAY!Time to celebrate!!!!So proud of that guy : )  Even though he has some serious helmet head.

We continued on with a huge dinner, several hours in the hot tub soothing sore muscles and a wonderful night at the Beaver Creek condo.  It was such a fun two days and if I didn’t stress it enough already – I was and am so proud of Jon for doing it.