Wedding Weekend Part 1 – The Rehearsal

A little over a week ago Jon and I got back from New York City, spent 24 hours at home, unpacked and repacked just in time to catch our flight to Minneapolis for the Thompson/Jagim wedding weekend!

Vanessa and Andrew hosted their friends and family in the beautiful city of La Crosse, Wisconsin in celebration of their nuptials.  They had amazing weather which only further showcased the unexpected beauty and incredible scenery of La Crosse.

I can’t really stress enough how beautiful La Crosse turned out to be.  If anyone in the Minneapolis area is looking for a weekend getaway, I would HIGHLY recommend making the 2.5 hour drive to this hidden gem.

Well things got rolling as soon as we arrived.  All gussied up with drinks in hand we met in the lobby to head over to the bandshell for the rehearsal!Beautiful Vanessa sporting her wardrobe staple…a black hair tie on her wrist : )
My handsome hubby/photographer’s assistant.  Several of these images came from his keen eye.  I’ve trained him well!After successfully getting fake married three times, everyone headed across the river for some grub and yard games.Thank goodness Missy brought a little bit of Texas to the Midwest.The beautiful bride and her new sister in law/wedding photographer.Tatum and her auntie Vanessa.  I knew Tatum when she was around 6 years old.  Needless to say it was a little alarming to see her all grown up!There was definitely a love connection between Belle and Hunter that weekend.After filling up and drinking up, the wedding party decided to hit the town for a night of shenanigans before the big day.  We even got the bride out for a little while!  Everyone dispersed eventually (some earlier than others) to get a good nights sleep before the big day.  Vanessa and I kicked Andrew out for the night and spent it together just like the night before my wedding.  There was a little girl talk, a couple of nerves and lots of excitement.

Coming up next is part two…getting ready!


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