Wedding Weekend Part 2 – Getting Ready

*a brief disclaimer – I was not the hired photographer for this wedding – I just snapped what I could when I wasn’t busy being the maid of honor.

Vanessa and Andrew chose La Crosse for their wedding day for several reasons.

Andrew went to UND for undergrad but attended grad school in La Crosse before going on to A&M in Texas for his PhD.  Vanessa and Andrew fell in love there while falling in love with each other, and Andrew proposed to Vanessa on the top of a bluff overlooking the Mississippi during a trip there last summer.  Finally, it’s just so beautiful that they couldn’t help but be swept up in it all.  It’s so lovely and the morning of their wedding day was no different.

Everyone woke up to sunny skies, very little humidity and tons of excitement.  I cannot account for what the boys were doing all day, but the girls met again in the lobby bright and early to head to the salon.
Vanessa had this incredibly calm and collected attitude throughout the whole weekend.  She was truly one of those wonderful brides that was able to let go of all anxiety regarding how anything went.  She simply wanted to marry Andrew.Tebow was spoiled fortunate enough to be the one of their three dogs (children) small enough to travel with Andrew and Vanessa for the wedding.  He was so sweet watching his ‘mommy’ get ready to marry his ‘daddy’.  Andrew is one of the most caring and big hearted men I’ve ever met.  I could not have chosen a better man for my best friend.  He proved that once again the day of the wedding, doting on Vanessa, worrying about how she was doing, and had the sweetest love letter planned for her to read while getting ready.   Seeing her happiness, laughter,  and smiles that morning was the best part of my day.
Obviously.I was grateful to meet and get to know most of the girls in the wedding party during both Vanessa’s bachelorette party and bridal shower.  Every girl in attendance was a completely supportive and calming influence on Vanessa in every way imaginable.  Nobody was dramatic, nobody was smothering, and thank goodness for that because I would have kicked some ass.  Lucky for her she has some amazing women in her life and those that she chose to stand beside her did so with such grace and love.  It was wonderful to be a part of.  Vanessa’s “something borrowed” were the earrings that I wore the day I got married.  She and I had the same problem while searching for jewelry…nothing worked!  I had these custom made to compliment my dress and Vanessa and I have very similar taste so they ended up working perfectly.  They were beautiful on her.
Judy is V’s mom and she took a total hands on approach to everything she touched regarding the wedding.  It was amazing!  She hand made Vanessa’s garter from fabric taken from her own wedding gown.  She sewed on two lockets that held meaningful photo’s and their wedding date.  

Here’s where I’m going to get choked up.

Vanessa has been my best friend since we were 19 years old.  She has always been a beautiful girl in the way that she would say I have always been a beautiful girl.  What I mean is we were both 14 and awkward once.  We were both 19 and awkward once.  We’ve had braces, weird hairstyles, questionable hair color choices, and bizarre taste in clothing.  But she’s always been beautiful.

This day was something different altogether.

I didn’t see it right away.

I was with her the night before and she definitely had a content and happy look to her.

I was with her the morning of her wedding, but everything was too chaotic and happened too fast for me to notice.

It wasn’t until the photographer, Vanessa, and myself spent a few moments alone getting her into her dress that I saw it.

She was EASILY the most beautiful I had ever seen her and the most stunning bride I’ve ever witnessed.  It went beyond her hair, beyond her makeup and beyond her dress.  She looked so serene and so happy that it was all I could do not to burst.  She was gorgeous.

Annabelle, her flower girl, seeing her for the first time after talking about (insert southern little girl accent here) ‘Vanessa’s Weddin’ for months and months.  So. Adorable.Everyone in the wedding party was ready for action and the pictures were set to start any minute.  I snagged these pictures right before Vanessa went to see Andrew for the first time that day.
And with those final two images of my glowing and gorgeous best friend, I’ll say ‘that’s all folks’ until tomorrow’s final post:  Wedding Weekend Part 3 – The Wedding


5 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend Part 2 – Getting Ready

  1. Jenny

    Yay hooray! I’ve been wondering when you were going to start posting photos again. Glad you’re back and that you got so many great shots of such a significant day!


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