V’s Weekend

A few weeks back I packed up for a trip down South to Texas.  My best friend Vanessa and her fiancé are living there while he finishes up his Ph.D. at Texas A&M.  Vanessa wanted to show all her girls where she’s living so we threw her a good old fashioned bachelorette party in San Antonio.

There were six of us, which if you ask me is a perfect number, and we all slept comfortably in a beautiful condo at the even more beautiful resort which was gifted to us for the weekend by some family/family friends.

We started out the first night in true bachelorette party fashion with exorbitant amounts of wine, lingerie and laughter.

Oh yeah, and corn.She was NOT comfortable handling lingerie.  Love you Gina!

Drunk dialing is ALWAYS wise.

While everyone else was treating Vanessa, I decided to give Andrew a little something.  You’re welcome Andrew!!  You to V : )

Well one thing lead to another, and by ‘thing‘ I mean glasses of wine, and we decided we should probably break into the pool.

That’s all I can show you for the sake of modesty.  We eventually tired of the pool, except we couldn’t figure out how to get out of the pool area.  Security came and we thought ourselves quite convincing when we told him we had gotten there when it was still open, stayed there all along, and then whoever closed up locked us in without telling us.  Brilliant.

The next morning we took full advantage of another awesome feature of the resort (legally this time)…a lazy river situated on a beach. We must’ve floated around that sucker 50 times.

It was perfect weather, a great way to get to know each other, and the catalyst for a fun night out for dinner and drinks on the River Walk.

Sorry for the signed profanity.  The guy behind us was a creeper extraordinaire and wouldn’t leave us alone until we allowed him to buy us a shot and take a photo with us.  He proceeded to give V his e-mail so we could ‘send’ him the photo.  Oh yeah, he had a gray scraggly pony tail that went down to his ass sticking out the back of that hat.  Dreamy.

I then got to spend the next couple of days in College Station with Vanessa, Andrew, their two roommates and 3 dogs.  I was prepared for chaos but it was actually wonderful and I am now the proud goddogmother to Riggins, Tebow and Summer.  While there I got to help nanny V’s little miss Belle, walk the dogs, help V try on her wedding dress and be part of a celebration during which someone became a Doctor.  It was jam packed and really fun.


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