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Austin Turns One!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to future Ralph Lauren model, Austin.  He is the firstborn of some very good friends of ours and we all hung out at our neighborhood park to snag some photos of this handsome boy.

ATurano-11He was a little shy at first, naturally, but after I proved that the camera wasn’t scary and I am in fact a fun person to hang out with…the smiles started showing up.MashupATurano1ATurano-8ATurano-9ATurano-10ATurano-16He looks SO MUCH like his dad and it’s hysterical when he makes these faces because I can’t help but envision his dad doing it instead.  Cracks me up every time.MasupATurano2ATurano-36ATurano-3ATurano-4MashupATurano3ATurano-12ATurano-26MashupATurano6ATurano-7ATurano-17ATurano-6

In case you were curious where he gets his good looks…..


…genes.  It’s science.  : )

MashupATurano4ATurano-22ATurano-23ATurano-24ATurano-25ATurano-38ATurano-55ATurano-56MashupATurano7ATurano-50MashupATurano5ATurano-51I am so glad these guys asked me to document their baby turning one.  Here’s to many more years to come!!


Denver Zoo with the Gadient Family!

GadientVisit-23A few weekends ago Jon’s lifelong friend Brittany and her three littles made an overnight pitstop in Denver on their way to Idaho.  After a good nights sleep we all loaded up to head for the Denver Zoo.  We had beautiful weather and it was a fun challenge to chase these three munchkins all over the place trying to snag some photos.  Hope you enjoy!GadientVisit-8GadientVisit-9GadientVisit-10GadientVisit-31Mashup1GadientVisit-14GadientVisit-21I have a tough time at Zoo’s (I feel so sad for the animals) but it IS pretty majestic to see elephants this close.  The new elephant exhibit at the Denver Zoo is pretty remarkable.GadientVisit-22GadientVisit-18GadientVisit-19GadientVisit-66GadientVisit-68GadientVisit-12GadientVisit-13These photos make me want to hold onto summer as long as humanely possible!GadientVisit-16GadientVisit-17GadientVisit-20GadientVisit-15Mashup2GadientVisit-24GadientVisit-28GadientVisit-27GadientVisit-26I think Ben and Max liked this truck more than the animals…of course.  : )GadientVisit-30GadientVisit-34GadientVisit-39So glad these two were able to get together!  Too much time had passed since the last time.GadientVisit-37GadientVisit-38GadientVisit-42GadientVisit-40GadientVisit-41GadientVisit-53The beautiful carousel was a pretty big highlight…at least for me anyway, photographers can’t often resist such incredible colors. GadientVisit-44GadientVisit-50GadientVisit-45Mashup3GadientVisit-48GadientVisit-52I just LOVE the missing tooth.  She’s such a sweet girl.GadientVisit-49The biggest challenge of my day was getting Momma and all three of her nuggets in one ‘happy and smiling’ photo.  To be totally honest, I like the ‘un-perfect’ ones better anyway.  GadientVisit-54GadientVisit-55GadientVisit-57GadientVisit-59Mashup4GadientVisit-61You’ve done a great job Brittany and you have the sweetest kids EVER!  Thanks for looking us up on your way through.  GadientVisit-62

A Weekend in SF


Hello strangers.

Walk with me as I stroll down memory lane to my latest trip to San Francisco.

As everyone in the world knows, San Francisco is a hideous place.  I hardly took any photos.



My first morning there we hustled to Starbucks, hopped in a car, and continued to hustle our buns in order to catch our ferry to brunch.


Doesn’t everyone ferry to brunch?

Anyway.  My friend Erin has lived in SF for a few years and my OTHER friend Ryan just recently joined her there.  They live right down the hall from each other.  LITERALLY!  My FOMO (fear of missing out) had never been higher.  I am happy to report that we didn’t skip a beat in becoming conjoined triplets for the weekend.





SanFran-8I swear we were triplets.  I just don’t have proof.  SOMEBODY had to take the exquisite photos. SanFran-10SanFran-9You may have noticed the subtle fact that the girls are in workout clothes.  Well, this is because the plan for the day was an alcohol free brunch to be followed by a 3+ hour hike.

About 3 mimosas in we bailed on that and decided to call our chauffeur (E’s boyfriend Stanley) and have him charter us to Napa.

Way. Better. Idea.


Why was this a way better idea you ask?

Aside from the complete and total obvious (the wine) …it’s because of the light.

There is nothing…NOTHING…like California light.

SanFran-25 SanFran-24 SanFran-32 SanFran-33 Look at the next photo.  I cannot even handle how inferior the light (photography wise) in Colorado is compared to this.  It’s so ethereal and so gorgeous.  SanFran-29

Alas, I had priorities consisting of laughing, bonding, and wine drinking.  The light would have to wait.

SanFran-27SanFran-28SanFran-30SanFran-26SanFran-31Napa-1SanFran-20The three of us are natural ‘seekers of the sun’ if you will.  So we sought the sun right into an incredibly thick and green patch of grass.  We didn’t leave until the sun did.  I love these photos so much and have to thank Stanley for capturing them.
Napa-3 Napa-4 Napa-5Napa-6 Napa-7 Napa-8

This day was perfect.

SanFran-36 SanFran-34 SanFran-35 SanFran-37 SanFran-38The rest of the weekend was spent recovering (too much wine) replacing E’s broken iPhone (too much wine) and of course, eating all the food (with more wine).  My last night there, we enjoyed a chilly sunset on the water and made plans for our next adventure.  SanFran-39 SanFran-42SanFran-41SanFran-40 See ya next time SF.  SanFran-43


Here are some fun iPhone shots as well.

unnamed-6Pretty wall at the SF airport!

unnamed-3The view from Ryan’s window.

unnamed-1Ferrying to brunch!

unnamed-5Casualty of brunch.  : )

unnamed-7Good life choices.

unnamed-4I left my heart in Napa.

unnamed-2Love.  Love.  Love.

unnamed-9Napa Recovery

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetShopping Day

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetFamily.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAirport Bound

Baby Turano

BabyTurano-8 Its funny…getting older.  We all used to look forward to getting together late night at a bar, or a party, and would end up hanging out until the wee hours being mischievous.

Well, times have changed.  NOW we look forward to getting together to celebrate kids 1st birthdays, new homes, and baby showers.  Some of the elements are the same, but many look a little different.  Regardless, it’s always so nice to get the group together to celebrate one of our own on whatever their new adventure might be.  This time, it was the gorgeous Miss Amy who is expecting a baby boy this November.  We can’t WAIT to meet him.  : )


BabyTurano-21 BabyTurano-20BabyTurano-11 BabyTurano-1 BabyTurano-22 BabyTurano-7 BabyTurano-14 BabyTurano-6 BabyTurano-9BabyTurano-23BabyTurano-32BabyTurano-33BabyTurano-34BabyTurano-44BabyTurano-46BabyTurano-51BabyTurano-52BabyTurano-53BabyTurano-54BabyTurano-55BabyTurano-57

Duluth Wedding

Christian&Jennie-4A couple weeks ago Jon and I hopped on a plane to our my favorite place on earth…Minnesota!  I am rarely more excited to head to the airport than when it involves a trip home, let alone a trip involving our closest friends, their wedding, and a 4 day weekend of goodness.  Jon’s childhood buddy Christian was the luckiest man on earth that Saturday when he finally locked down the kind, generous, and beautiful Jennie.  Christian and Jennie held their wedding in Duluth and in true Minnesota fashion the weather scared the crap out of everybody for 3 days.  Then on Saturday, in a rare act of kindness by our home state, the deserving couple was given the most beautiful and perfect day they could have asked for.  Christian&Jennie-6 Christian&Jennie-2 Christian&Jennie-1 Christian&Jennie-8Jennie asked me if on the wedding day I would tag along to the salon and document the girls getting ready.  Little did she know that I LOVE the salon and getting ready part of the day.  Especially with a bride as stunning as Jennie.  It was fun to shoot in the morning and then be able to attend the wedding as a guest instead of a photographer…way less pressure and way more wine that way.  : )

I’m always nervous heading into any salon situation because they can often be dark, full of fluorescent lights, or incredibly sterile.  Lucky for me Jennie chose Adeline Inc. which was filled with gorgeous natural light and packed with color and fun details.

Christian&Jennie-11Christian&Jennie-21 Christian&Jennie-14 Christian&Jennie-27 Christian&Jennie-15 Christian&Jennie-17 Christian&Jennie-12 Christian&Jennie-35 Christian&Jennie-10 Christian&Jennie-39 Christian&Jennie-26JennieKoelling1Christian&Jennie-32Christian&Jennie-37 Christian&Jennie-42Christian&Jennie-36 Christian&Jennie-31Christian&Jennie-43JennieKoelling3Christian&Jennie-60Christian&Jennie-64Christian&Jennie-41 Christian&Jennie-24 JennieKoelling2 Christian&Jennie-23 Christian&Jennie-47 Christian&Jennie-52Christian&Jennie-50Christian&Jennie-55Christian&Jennie-63 Christian&Jennie-67 Christian&Jennie-70 JennieKoelling4Christian&Jennie-71Christian&Jennie-75Christian&Jennie-73JennieKoelling5Christian&Jennie-113 Christian&Jennie-112 Christian&Jennie-102While the girls packed up I snagged some shots of her beautiful jewelry.  JennieKoelling6 Christian&Jennie-92Christian&Jennie-88 Christian&Jennie-94It was such a fun morning.  Jennie was the most relaxed and calm bride I have ever seen.  She was absolutely radiant…I have proof:Christian&Jennie-122

Memorial Day Weekend

Max&Hanna-14Our Memorial Day weekend was spent golfing (Jon) drinking wine (me) and crossing our first summer wedding off the list.  Max&Hanna-12 My good friend Max (brother of my bestie Ashley) married another friend Hanna and all was right in the world.  Family and friends headed to a beautiful ranch near Boulder for a day of celebration.  *I was not the photographer, these are just snapshots.Max&Hanna-1 Max&Hanna-3 Max&Hanna-2 Yes that’s a bolo tie and yes he wore the shades for the ENTIRE ceremony.  Tisk tisk Max ; )Max&Hanna-6 Max&Hanna-5 Max&Hanna-4 They exchanged beautiful words, gave us a unique ceremony experience, and then welcomed us all for food, wine and playtime.  Max&Hanna-8 Max&Hanna-7 Max&Hanna-10 Max&Hanna-9 Max&Hanna-17 Max&Hanna-18 Max&Hanna-19 Max&Hanna-16 Max&Hanna-11 Max&Hanna-13 Max&Hanna-15 I’m so happy that two of my favorite people are each others favorites as well.  WIN!Max&Hanna-20Max&Hanna-23 Max&Hanna-24 Max&Hanna-26 Max&Hanna-22 Max&Hanna-21 Max&Hanna-28 Max&Hanna-30 Kite flying challenge accepted.  Max&Hanna-31 Congratulations Max and Hanna!  We were so happy to be a part of your day.  Thank you both for being such warm hosts and for staying true to who you are throughout the wedding day and always.  I hope all your peace corps dreams come true and you live happily ever after.  Max&Hanna-27