Duluth Wedding

Christian&Jennie-4A couple weeks ago Jon and I hopped on a plane to our my favorite place on earth…Minnesota!  I am rarely more excited to head to the airport than when it involves a trip home, let alone a trip involving our closest friends, their wedding, and a 4 day weekend of goodness.  Jon’s childhood buddy Christian was the luckiest man on earth that Saturday when he finally locked down the kind, generous, and beautiful Jennie.  Christian and Jennie held their wedding in Duluth and in true Minnesota fashion the weather scared the crap out of everybody for 3 days.  Then on Saturday, in a rare act of kindness by our home state, the deserving couple was given the most beautiful and perfect day they could have asked for.  Christian&Jennie-6 Christian&Jennie-2 Christian&Jennie-1 Christian&Jennie-8Jennie asked me if on the wedding day I would tag along to the salon and document the girls getting ready.  Little did she know that I LOVE the salon and getting ready part of the day.  Especially with a bride as stunning as Jennie.  It was fun to shoot in the morning and then be able to attend the wedding as a guest instead of a photographer…way less pressure and way more wine that way.  : )

I’m always nervous heading into any salon situation because they can often be dark, full of fluorescent lights, or incredibly sterile.  Lucky for me Jennie chose Adeline Inc. which was filled with gorgeous natural light and packed with color and fun details.

Christian&Jennie-11Christian&Jennie-21 Christian&Jennie-14 Christian&Jennie-27 Christian&Jennie-15 Christian&Jennie-17 Christian&Jennie-12 Christian&Jennie-35 Christian&Jennie-10 Christian&Jennie-39 Christian&Jennie-26JennieKoelling1Christian&Jennie-32Christian&Jennie-37 Christian&Jennie-42Christian&Jennie-36 Christian&Jennie-31Christian&Jennie-43JennieKoelling3Christian&Jennie-60Christian&Jennie-64Christian&Jennie-41 Christian&Jennie-24 JennieKoelling2 Christian&Jennie-23 Christian&Jennie-47 Christian&Jennie-52Christian&Jennie-50Christian&Jennie-55Christian&Jennie-63 Christian&Jennie-67 Christian&Jennie-70 JennieKoelling4Christian&Jennie-71Christian&Jennie-75Christian&Jennie-73JennieKoelling5Christian&Jennie-113 Christian&Jennie-112 Christian&Jennie-102While the girls packed up I snagged some shots of her beautiful jewelry.  JennieKoelling6 Christian&Jennie-92Christian&Jennie-88 Christian&Jennie-94It was such a fun morning.  Jennie was the most relaxed and calm bride I have ever seen.  She was absolutely radiant…I have proof:Christian&Jennie-122


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