Professional Bump Photos

The wonderful Cassidy Brooke took these photos of us in beautiful Colorado Springs and I love them SO much.  I was hesitant to take maternity photos at first as I find them to be a bit awkward and overdone sometimes.  However, I’ve heard regrets from several friends who opted not to take them and so I indulged myself and am grateful I did.  It helped that Cassidy is so great and acknowledged right off the bat that I wanted no ‘funny business’, just some beautiful photos of my husband and I during a phase in our life we’re so grateful to be in.

We can’t wait to have Cassidy in our home after Baby Hendrickson arrives and see what magic she comes up with again!






Sigh.  I think I’m going to be really sad not to be pregnant anymore.  Thankfully I’ll have these as a reminder of how great it was.

Thank you so much Cassidy Brooke Photography!

Webb Family 2016


This family is one of my all time favorites and I love getting together with them every fall for a little family session. Avon and Paxton are both really different from one another but have that awesome brotherly bond that’s fun to see.  I’ve gotten to watch these two grow up over the years and this was the first year they really felt like ‘big boys’ instead of the little boys of the past.  It’s gotten tougher to elicit genuine smiles out them the older they get, so I did resort to some immature bathroom humor to get things going.  I’m experienced in that as I have three younger brothers.  I’m not ashamed.  : )



I love Paxton’s face in the one above.  That’s how most kids feel about photos!



They’re pretty adorable if you ask me.  Thanks for another fun morning Webb family!

McQuown Family 2016

2016mcquown-18The peak of fall had passed by the time I got together with this cute little family so, prior to meeting, I traversed Denver far and wide to find some fall color.  This spot was totally random, and on the side of a busy road, but we made it work!  2016mcquown-192016mcquown-42




Little Royal has gotten so big since the last time I took photos of him!  He’s quickly turning into a little man.


2016mcquown-122016mcquown-142016mcquown-15We were fast and furious as this little guy is at the age where all he wants to do is move move move!  We packed in as much as we could and sent this adorable family on their way.  Can’t wait to see how much he’s changed the next time we get together.

K/W Wedding

On a perfect fall morning in October, I ran a pen and paper up to a bride as she needed to write her vows and had forgotten supplies.  She opened the door to her beautiful room and was red and puffy with tears (the happy kind) running down her face.  “What are you doing?!” I asked as I noticed the weepy music playing, candles burning and overall dramatic feel of the room.  She just laughed through her tears and gave me a hug.  The bride is one of my closest friends and snapping her out of her romantic vow writing morning was only one of my tasks that day.  I was also her hair and makeup artist (hence my concern about the puffy crying), bridesmaid, and she also asked me to take some photos during the morning and before the ceremony.  I was busy.  : )

The couple lucked out as it truly was a classically perfect Colorado fall day in Buena Vista. As you’ll see below, her emotional morning had ZERO negative effect on her beauty for the day.  Girl is SO damn photogenic.  Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from the big day!  You might even spot one of me and my little baby bump.










A little note.

Hello world…

It’s been a minute!

Actually it’s been over 8 months which is also how long I’ve been pregnant.  That’s not my excuse for being absent, rather an interesting coincidence.

As usual, the reason I’m posting is because I have photos to share.  Without photos we might not be here at all, reuniting after such a long hiatus.  I’ve got a wedding, a few family sessions, and our maternity photos to share over the next week or two, so keep checking back for updates.  I’m also debating posting a little summation of getting and being pregnant.  We shall see as I’m due three weeks from today and I’ve got things to do!

I’m sure come January 6th (give or take a few days) I’ll have nothing BUT photos to share of he who is sure to be the cutest baby that ever lived, so hopefully this little post kickstarts me into blogging mode.  I started this blog as a way to keep family and friends updated with what’s going on in our lives and coming up soon there will be A LOT going on.  I’m excited to get back with it around here and will hopefully have lots to share.

For those of you already shaking your heads at me thinking “she has no idea how little time she’ll have for showering let alone blogging” I say – you may be right. Maybe.  But won’t it be great if I do?!  I’ll be honest and say  I’m getting a little tired of people acting like having a baby ruins your life and steals all time away.  I’m not an idiot and fully understand I’m about to have my hands full, but I’m hoping at least once a month I’ll be able to carve out some time to upload some photos and give little updates.  For your sake. So don’t root against me.  : )

See you soon.  Happy to be back.


Arizona Trip – Sonoran Preserve


We’ve all been to Arizona multiple times and seen a lot of what there is to see.  I made it my goal to find something new that we could all do together.  I found the McDowell Sonoran Preserve on Trip Advisor and we all decided to go.  We planned to arrive just before dusk so that while ‘hiking’ around we could see the sunset and it turned out to be so peaceful and beautiful.

I think I’ll just leave it at that and let the photos speak for themselves.






Pretty, right?  Highly recommend this stroll if you’re in the area.

Arizona Trip – The Zoo


When my mom called to tell me that my Grandpa Pete’s beloved cat Scooter had died, my first thought was that she, we, SOMEBODY had to go visit him.  Once I spoke to my grandpa on the phone and heard how truly, truly sad he was, there was no doubt about it;  we were headed for sunny Arizona to give Grandpa Pete some love and R & R.

It turned out to be a great deal for me because my Aunt Megan and Uncle Chad came too as well as my little sister Livi.  I hadn’t seen anyone since Thanksgiving so not only was the warm sunshine good for my soul but the people didn’t hurt either.

I am convinced that mornings in Arizona are what it’s all about.  We arrived late in the evening so it was such a treat to wake up and walk outside into the beautiful mild weather. We enjoyed many mornings in the backyard and as you can see, made ourselves quite comfortable.  : )


My Grandpa is a long time collector of trains and has several actually set up in his house.  I’m not talking simply train and tracks either.  These are elaborate set ups with billowing smoke, train sounds, scenes with people and all sorts of fun stuff.  He loves it.


Cool as the trains are, sitting all day at a Grandpa Bachelor pad isn’t how we love to spend our days, so we hit the ground running with the zoo on day one!







A highlight is always getting to feed the Giraffe’s!  Talk about up close and personal.



Livi enjoyed the Giraffe’s, but what she was looking forward to most were the Llamas.  That is until this one spit right in her face.


There were a few tears from Livi as it was everyone else’s fist instinct to laugh, but she recovered and we moved on to more zoo fun.



The zoo is always exhausting but usually worth it.  Livi had fun and it was nice to spend a day in the sun just wandering around.  We got some great photos and enjoyed a lovely late lunch together surrounded by squawking flamingo’s.