Leo – Month 8


Yesterday I put this munchkin in the chair and backed up to take the photo. Not three seconds after I looked into the camera I had teared up.  Suddenly I wasn’t looking at an infant anymore.  A baby, sure, but a big boy suddenly.  Maybe it’s the overalls but he just looks so grown up to me!


As you can see he’s still just the happiest kid ever.  Just this morning we were at brunch with a friend and then Starbucks and both places strangers approached me to say “is he always this happy?” to which  I always have to nod, yes. Sure, he has his fussy moments,  but when he’s awake he’s just so darn happy to be there.  : )


You see that head tilt? That’s his move.  He’s like a darn puppy and it is SO cute.





Hardest: thing about month 8 has been his newfound resistance to riding in the car. In fact, his resistance to being ‘put’ anywhere, whether that’s his exersaucer, his stroller, the baby carrier, his bouncer…etc. He tolerates most of them for about 20 minutes or so, but the car he’s terrible in unless someone is in the back entertaining him. This makes my strong ties to home even stronger, which has been isolating and difficult.

IMG_8613First trip to the Denver zoo!

Easiest: thing about month 8 has been playtime because of the basement being finished.  It is SO NICE to have that space with super soft carpet for him to roll around on and he seems to really, really enjoy it.

IMG_8716Wearing dad’s GTC hat!

Worst: thing that happened month 8 was watching him tip backward while practicing sitting up and his head did the ‘snap back’ thing and it hit the floor (carpeted thank goodness) and the look on his face of fear and pain was pretty terrible.  Only have to deal with that the rest of my life.  : )

IMG_8583He loves morning walks to the swings at Wash Park.

Best: thing to happen month 8 was getting together 3 or 4 times with close friends here in Denver with our kids and starting to feel a sense of ‘tribe’ that I’ve been longing for being so far away from family.

IMG_8388Future Besties!

Most Unexpected: see funniest below.

Most Loved Baby Item: month 8 has been our UppaBaby stroller.  It has worked incredibly well using adaptors for our Cybex carseat and obviously works great with the stroller seat it came with.  The flexibility of going back and forth between the two seats depending on the situation is awesome.

IMG_8445Joining mom and dad at their anniversary lunch.

Funniest: thing (sort of) to happen month 8 has to do with poop.  He used to be like clockwork every morning after eating, but lately he’s been keeping us on our toes by waiting until RIGHT around bath time. Basically I was on my high horse for having waited the proper amount of time, he pooped, and I changed him and lay him on the floor to get ready for the bath.  Well, he had more to come and shat all over the bathroom rug, nearly in my hand.

Milestones: are always happening, but the biggest one has been the progress he’s made in sitting up on his own.  Just last night I was watching him push himself up on his knee’s to try and crawl. It’s so fun to watch.


Favorite Memory: will probably be watching him in the pool in Beaver Creek over Labor Day. We knew he loved the water but he took it to another level with cheek cracking grins and splashing.

IMG_8663Snuggled up in a towel after the Beaver Creek pool day.

Favorite Outfit: Don’t have a photo of it!  Darn.  : )

Favorite Photo:


Funniest Photo: TEETH





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