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Leo’s First Birthday


Leo woke up on January 10th a one-year-old.


It feels both completely insane that a year has gone by and yet it also makes total sense. If you’re a mom you get it.  The days are long but the years are short…SO SHORT.

I didn’t think we would celebrate with a party, but when the time came, as well as Auntie Erin, I couldn’t resist. The party hat my mom made for Leo anchored the whole thing. : )




Contrary to the ‘serene’ nature of these photos, the day was absolute mayhem. What you can’t see in these photos are the at least 5 other babies and children, the 15 adults in the basement, and my head spinning in circles. I don’t think I got to speak to anyone for more than 10 seconds.



Leo was entirely unimpressed with his sugar-free, gluten free birthday cake. The kid knows what’s good, what can I say.  I imagined smashed cake and a messy face but he got a bit on his hand and then tried to crawl into my lap when everyone stared at him and sang Happy Birthday.


We had a great day, we’re so thankful to everyone that came, and special thanks to Auntie Erin for most of these photos.  I’ve included some additional photos I took of him at 12 months at the end of this post as well as one from each month leading up. So fun to watch him change and grow!


It’s probably time for the ‘rocker photos’ to end.  : )








Kinkade Christmas 2013

KinkadeChristmas-1 We had such a fantastic week back in my hometown over Christmas.  It was one of those trips that I knew was going to be special, and it was, in a way that I fear won’t be duplicated for quite some time.  It helped that it was the first Christmas Jon and I had been in Ada since before we got married, which felt like forever ago!  All of the stars seemed to align and everyone was able to get away from their responsibilities to spend the week together.  Jon and I didn’t feel torn in a bunch of different directions, my brothers were all able to take time off from work to spend time there, and my Grandpa Pete flew home for his first Minnesota Christmas in 13 years!  We made a lot of great memories and it will go down as one of my favorite Christmases ever.

My mom always does such an incredible job decorating her house for the holidays so I thought I’d share some photos of her skills that she decided not to pass down to me.  : )

Mashup4 KinkadeChristmas-8 Her Christmas trees are consistently some of the most beautiful I see every year.  It makes my pathetic tree look like a 5 year old decorated it.  KinkadeChristmas-20Mashup3Mashup1

She’s amassed a pretty cool collection of decor over the years and I always look forward to seeing how she puts it all together.  She doesn’t just decorate the main areas of the house either, she makes sure every bedroom has their own little holiday touches as well.  She turns the house into a warm and inviting place that you never want to leave…and we barely did!  Partly because of the freezing temperatures, but mostly because it’s so enjoyable to be there.

KinkadeChristmas-7 KinkadeChristmas-15 KinkadeChristmas-24KinkadeChristmas-17 KinkadeChristmas-18 KinkadeChristmas-19 When she can’t buy the kind of centerpiece she wants, WORRY NOT!  She’ll craft it out of ice, throw it on a pizza pan and turn it into a glowing work or art.  What the hell.  I am SO not good at this stuff.Masup5 KinkadeChristmas-3 KinkadeChristmas-5 KinkadeChristmas-6KinkadeChristmas-31Mashup6 KinkadeChristmas-29My brother Tyler has turned into a pretty skilled chef and he was kind enough to give my Mom and Dad a bit of a break from feeding everyone all week.  He made us some delicious pasta Christmas Eve while we all waited in angst for Grandpa Pete to arrive in the tundra.
KinkadeChristmas-26KinkadeChristmas-16Just to prove how much more skilled my mother is at creative things, I made that hideous bloody ‘A’ in Grampa (spelled that way on purpose), after which she kindly fired me, and then finished the rest by herself.  KinkadeChristmas-27 KinkadeChristmas-28 Even the pups were quietly and patiently awaiting his arrival.KinkadeChristmas-32 KinkadeChristmas-33 IMG_5384 Livi was texting Jon, Chad and Greyson wondering why they were taking so long to deliver her favorite houseguest.  Before we knew it, the headlights rolled in the driveway and out popped a frozen Grandpa.  Forgive the terrible iPhone photos but I had to act quickly to capture the moment!  IMG_5388 IMG_5391Once he had arrived, everyone was home and all felt right in the world.  KinkadeChristmas-35 KinkadeChristmas-36 Mashup7KinkadeChristmas-37 To me, there is nothing better in the entire world than when the Kinkade house is filled with the commotion of food being prepared, people arriving, and drinks being shared.  It’s the greatest.KinkadeChristmas-38KinkadeChristmas-41 KinkadeChristmas-43 KinkadeChristmas-40 We carried on our tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve.  Our entire lives it’s been new pajamas to wear to bed and on Christmas morning, but this year my mom went rogue and got us deliciously comfy blankets instead.

Genius.  KinkadeChristmas-44 KinkadeChristmas-45 Walking around that house the rest of the week you could, at any given moment, find at least one of us curled up somewhere with those blankets.  They were a hit.
KinkadeChristmas-50 KinkadeChristmas-49KinkadeChristmas-46 KinkadeChristmas-47 KinkadeChristmas-48Before too long, everyone shipped off to bed anxiously awaiting what came next…Christmas morning!!KinkadeChristmas-60 KinkadeChristmas-53 KinkadeChristmas-59I have to say, Christmas is always better when there’s a little person involved.  Livi makes it all even more fun.
KinkadeChristmas-51 KinkadeChristmas-54 KinkadeChristmas-55Mashup10 KinkadeChristmas-67 Grandpa Pete has a history of dolling out questionable gifts, but he hit the nail on the head for Jon this year.  ; )  Take a close look at that t-shirt and consider recent laws passed in Colorado.  KinkadeChristmas-66 KinkadeChristmas-71 Mashup8KinkadeChristmas-56 KinkadeChristmas-52 KinkadeChristmas-68Mashups9 Mashup9KinkadeChristmas-70 KinkadeChristmas-74 All the boys in their Vikings gear.  At least they feel the pain of being Vikes fans as a family.  KinkadeChristmas-75 KinkadeChristmas-76 So, I’d like to pause here and point out my Grandpa’s shirt.  When going through these photos I realized that we MAY be a crazy cat family.  They appear everywhere.  I think we can see who’s to blame here…KinkadeChristmas-69KinkadeChristmas-84KinkadeChristmas-78 KinkadeChristmas-79Typical picture taking shenanigans out of those two.  I believe that move is to ward off the infamous ‘double chin photo’.
KinkadeChristmas-80 KinkadeChristmas-83KinkadeChristmas-93 KinkadeChristmas-85 KinkadeChristmas-86 KinkadeChristmas-87 KinkadeChristmas-88 KinkadeChristmas-89 KinkadeChristmas-90 Later in the afternoon, once our extended family arrived, we all gathered to watch Grandpa Pete open his ‘big present’.  It was a series of small hints leading him to a gift certificate which gifted him with his life long dream of driving a steam engine train.  Do you drive a train?  Captain a train?  Direct a train?  I don’t know.  He gets to drive a train.  In Nevada.  We all cried.  Well, all the girls did.  He tried to be stoic and it was a very cool moment.Mashup11 Mashup12 Mashup13KinkadeChristmas-99 KinkadeChristmas-98 KinkadeChristmas-100 This is basically what the week looked like.  Everyone eating.  Constant and relentless eating.  It was blissful.  : )KinkadeChristmas-102 KinkadeChristmas-101 KinkadeChristmas-103 KinkadeChristmas-104KinkadeChristmas-105 Greyson had to leave Christmas night for stupid work, so he wanted to get a few photos with Livi first.  As usual, she didn’t want to smile.  Thank goodness my mom was there for the assist.  KinkadeChristmas-107 KinkadeChristmas-108It worked!
Mashup14 KinkadeChristmas-106 KinkadeChristmas-111 KinkadeChristmas-112 KinkadeChristmas-113We spent many nights in the family room playing any number of games.  Once or twice we decided to brave the elements and head ‘up town’ to the Ada bars for some fun.  Fun it was.  Every minute.IMG_5399 IMG_5408 IMG_5413IMG_5401 IMG_5486 IMG_5455 IMG_5489 IMG_5485 IMG_5430 IMG_5447Sometimes we use things like blogs and social media to try and present our lives more perfect than they really are.  I’m guilty, you’re guilty, we all are.  Who wants to see the nitty gritty reality all the time?  Nobody does.  I have to be honest and say that this trip wasn’t perfect.  But if this post makes it seem like it was, that’s because it was as close as it’s ever gotten.  Looking back at this post makes me smile the whole way through, but at the same time gives me a tightness in my heart because I know how rare weeks like that can be.
IMG_5448I just feel damn lucky that I get to share my life with all these people…cat crazy as they are.  I’m not sure Morely shares my sentiment.  : )  Mashup15 KinkadeChristmas-124 KinkadeChristmas-125 KinkadeChristmas-126

Beaver Creek Family Vacation Part 1

Thanksgiving-184 Jon and I looked all over ski country for a place to gather our families for Thanksgiving.  From Vail, Breckenridge, and Beaver Creek all the way to Cordillera.  We fell in love with one that ended up falling through, which also ended up being the best possible thing to happen to us.  It lead us to the perfect house.  Comfortable, incredibly spacious, sweeping views of our favorite ski resort, unbeatable location, and with a great kitchen for my Dad.

Thanksgiving-182 Thanksgiving-2 HeidiTurkeyDay-15The setting couldn’t have been more beautiful.  Nestled right into the mountain, directly on runs leading into the Bachelor Gulch base, and with an outdoor hot tub for prime viewing of skiers, the horizon, and wildlife.

Thanksgiving-34 Thanksgiving-38 Thanksgiving-81 MindyTurkeyDay-24 MindyTurkeyDay-25 Thanksgiving-12 I have to admit that the night we arrived I loved seeing everybody ooh and ahh over the house.  I myself did the same thing the first time I walked in and so so hoped everyone else would have the same reaction and that we had met their expectations.

We spent the first evening mostly in the living room, around the fireplace with drinks in hand, reveling in each others company.

MindyTurkeyDay-7Mom had the great idea (since Livi was to be the only kid) to give her the doll she’d been begging for Christmas.  Something to help ‘entertain’ her while all the adults did boring adult stuff.  I grew up playing with American Girl dolls and could hardly WAIT for the day that Livi was interested.  I was probably more excited than she was.

Thanksgiving-3 Thanksgiving-4 Thanksgiving-7 Thanksgiving-5 Grandpa Pete was the first person to get tears out of us (not even an hour into the vacation) by laughing so hard at something that he started (then we all started…and by all I mean the girls) to cry.

Thanksgiving-6 Thanksgiving-28 Thanksgiving-27 Thanksgiving-26It didn’t take long for everyone to strap on some robes and head for the hot tub for some oohing and ahhing at the stars and view.

MindyTurkeyDay-1 MindyTurkeyDay-2 MindyTurkeyDay-3 MindyTurkeyDay-4 MindyTurkeyDay-5 MeganTurkeyDay-8 Thanksgiving-9 MindyTurkeyDay-6 Thanksgiving-8It was a great night.  A great start.  

Exhausted, everyone headed to their beds to prepare for the first morning of vacation in Beaver Creek.

MindyTurkeyDay-10~ Hostess with the most-ess up early making breakfast burritos! ~

MindyTurkeyDay-19 MindyTurkeyDay-20~ Bed Heads ~

Thanksgiving-13Thanksgiving-132First item of business?  SKIING!  I was so pumped that people (especially livi) wanted to get out there.  My uncle Chad skied every single day he was there like a champ!   


~ Livi’s little baby ski’s. ~

Thanksgiving-37 ~ Everybody getting geared up! ~

Thanksgiving-36~ Even Makenna (or Buffy…she couldn’t decide) had her ski sweater ready. ~

Thanksgiving-10We headed over to the Beaver Creek base for a day full of fun.

MeganTurkeyDay-2 MeganTurkeyDay-3 Thanksgiving-14Thanksgiving-90 Thanksgiving-101MindyTurkeyDay-13MindyTurkeyDay-12 Thanksgiving-15 We spent a good portion of the day on the bunny hill teacher the beginners how to ski.

Livi picked it up right away…

Thanksgiving-16 …Ryan not so much.   :  )

Thanksgiving-21 Thanksgiving-20 MindyTurkeyDay-17 Thanksgiving-18 Thanksgiving-22 Thanksgiving-23 It was amazing for me to watch Jon with Livi, teaching a pretty nervous and scared little girl, how to be brave and go for it.  Great day.

MindyTurkeyDay-14 Thanksgiving-19 MindyTurkeyDay-15 MindyTurkeyDay-16

Thanksgiving-17 Thanksgiving-24Everyone had a great time, even if they weren’t skiing.  It was so warm that it bordered on hot so we all soaked up as much famous Colorado sunshine as we could take.  Once Livi tuckered out, she declared that she needed to teach Sawyer how to ski, and just like that she was a pro.  Another night of game playing, hot tubbing and reflecting on the great day followed.

I’ve got one final installment coming later this week of the rest of our trip.  Stay tuned!

Thanksgiving Recap

It was part an attempt to thank everyone for what they did to make our wedding possible, but mostly it was fulfilling a dream I’ve had since living in Colorado.  For Thanksgiving, both the Kinkade’s and the Hendrickson’s made their way to Beaver Creek Colorado for a week long vacation hosted by Jon and I.  We found the perfect house in the perfect location, planned and plotted for months, bought all the food and alcohol our cars could carry and crossed our fingers for good weather.

It turns out when it comes to being hosts, we’re not too shabby.

I don’t know what I can say about this week without coming off too sappy.  After dropping everyone off at the airport, I cried in my car the whole way home, not so much because people were leaving but because the incredible week had ended.

There are no words to describe what it’s like watching your family experience and enjoy for the first time a place you’ve grown to love and call home.  To see all your planning be so worth it you can hardly believe it.  To watch your brothers (who never get a vacation like this) grinning ear to ear for days on end.  To see your dad (who never just shuts down) relax with a glass of wine and let someone else do the dishes.  To make it possible for your Grandpa to see his big sister (possibly for the last time) and show off his own family to her.  To watch 16 people leave all their cares at the door and do nothing but enjoy themselves for 6 days straight.  It was a magical, once in a lifetime sort of experience, for me anyway.

I’ve got about three blog’s worth of photos dedicated to this week, but for today I’ll just post the one’s from Thanksgiving.  That’s what it was all about after all.

HeidiTurkeyDay-10Chalkboard art by Livi.

MindyTurkeyDay-22 Some of you may know that my Dad is a chef extraordinaire who has owned his own restaurants and currently runs a catering business.

Thank God we decided to invite him : )

Had I been the one required to cook Thanksgiving dinner for 16 people we would have been having tacos.  One of the requirements while searching for the house we stayed at was a beautiful kitchen that he would enjoy cooking in.  I’d say we nailed it.

MindyTurkeyDay-23 MindyTurkeyDay-29 MindyTurkeyDay-31MindyTurkeyDay-30 Thanksgiving-40 We spent most of the day trying to stay out of Bob’s way, helping when asked, and watching him work his magic.  My Mom, Grandpa, Aunt Megan and I spent a chunk of the afternoon out on the patio soaking up the sun and the amazing views and just enjoying each others company.  My Grandpa’s version of this day involves seeing  bear on a nearby mountain…we think he’s losing it.  : )


MindyTurkeyDay-27 MeganTurkeyDay-1 MindyTurkeyDay-28 Thanksgiving-41 Thanksgiving-42 Thanksgiving-43 Thanksgiving-45 Thanksgiving-48 Thanksgiving-44

We all started smelling the food so we got dressed for dinner and began setting the tables.  Yet another requirement of the house was that it seat comfortably 16 people for Thanksgiving dinner.  The house we chose sat that many…exactly.

MeganTurkeyDay-4Thanksgiving-50 Thanksgiving-51 Thanksgiving-55 Thanksgiving-53 When we knew dinner was close we gathered outside for some nice photo’s before the daylight was gone.

MeganTurkeyDay-5 Thanksgiving-67 Thanksgiving-64 Thanksgiving-66Thanksgiving-62 Then it was time to get down to business.

Thanksgiving-68 Thanksgiving-69Thanksgiving-72 Thanksgiving-70 Thanksgiving-74 Thanksgiving-78 Thanksgiving-77Thanksgiving-79 Thanksgiving-78 Thanksgiving-76 Thanksgiving-86 After a few wonderful words from my Dad (tears) we chowed down with the gorgeous Beaver Creek sunset in the background.  Thanksgiving-82Like I said earlier…magical.

Thanksgiving-85 Thanksgiving-84Thanksgiving-80 Thanksgiving-87 Thanksgiving-88Thanksgiving-89Following dinner, Jon and I emceed the first annual Hendrickson/Kinkade trivia night.  We were filled with trepidation, but it ended up being a really fun way to close out the night.  It ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip.  The winning team was declared (Mindy Kinkade, Tyler Hendrickson, Livi Kinkade and Ryan Kinkade) and the evening ended with people hot tubbing, card playing, relaxing and snoozing.

HeidiTurkeyDay-9 MindyTurkeyDay-48 HeidiTurkeyDay-11 Thanksgiving-131The day was a huge and delicious success.  My Dad cooked two 20+ pound turkeys for the purpose of leftovers (what can I say I’m brilliant) and we enjoyed the meal for days to come.  Easily my favorite Thanksgiving to date.

There’s a 100% chance we’ll have many more great Thanksgivings, but this one was special, and this group of people might not all be in one place at one time to share a meal ever again.

Every time I look back at this photo filled with grinning people I love…

ForFacebook-1…only one word comes to mind.


Weekend Recap

I’ve been avoiding talking about the fact that I haven’t been posting very religiously as of late.  Hopefully that will change in the coming days, but until then I’m going to continue avoiding it and distract you with some photos of our weekend.

I call this post “Christmas comes to the Hendrickson House and Marlo is unimpressed”.


“Marlo!  Here kitty kitty kitty…  We know you’re an indoor cat that really wishes she could be an outdoor cat so we knew you’d be really excited to see that we brought the outdoors inside to you!”


“No?  Well maybe once we get some ornaments on it you’ll be more excited.”


MMChristmas-9MMChristmas-16“Marlo!  Look over here!  Look at how pretty these ornaments are!”


“Huh.  Still no holiday excitement outta you?  Well let’s decorate some more and see if that helps.”

MMChristmas-14MMChristmas-15“Don’t you just love the glittery snowflakes?!”


“Not a fan of glitter?   Ok then.  You probably won’t like the rest of the decorations.”MMChristmas-5MMChristmas-6MMChristmas-4MMChristmas-17

“Oooh Marlo what do you think about the entry table?  Isn’t it festive and holiday cheer inducing?”


“C’mon…you won’t even look at it?”MMChristmas-18MMChristmas-20Marlo…just come see it!  It’s so sparkly I just know you’ll love it!”


“Wow cat.  You are being such a snot.  Does little miss prissy pants need some help getting in the holiday spirit?”


“Now THAT’S better.”

“Hmm…still not quite right.  I feel like something is missing.”


Call Me Martha.

In the over 28 years she has parented me, my mother has “generously” passed down a few of her traits for me to adopt as my own.  These include things like a biting wit, an eagerness to people please, and perfectionist tendencies or ‘an all or nothing’ like attitude.

What she chose to keep all to herself were things like her ability in the kitchen, her bright green thumb, and most importantly…her incredible creativity.

I’ve long come to accept the fact that I DID NOT inherit my mothers aptitude for making and creating things.  I realize fully that I am not a ‘do it yourself’ creative type and when it comes to crafts it needs to basically be dummy proof before I’ll even think about attempting it.  Lucky for me I found such a craft on Pinterest and decided to be brave and set out on an adventure to the foreign lands of Michael’s craft store.

The craft that I chose I found on the Martha Steward Pinterest board.  Usually I avoid all things Martha because her projects always seems to involve investing a small fortune in obscure craft tools and ‘craft necessities’ to make them look like her staff she does.  It’s a bunch of bullshit if you ask me.  It might be brilliantly marketed bullshit that has made her filthy rich, but bullshit nonetheless.

Anyway, this little project appeared different.  This one appeared dummy proof AND pretty reasonable.  So I ventured out to the suburbs and the local Michaels craft superstore extravaganza to gather my supplies.

They include:

-Spray Paint (your choice of color, but the metallic is much prettier than matte finish)

-Matching Glitter (if you choose, which let’s face it, one always should choose glitter)

-A Paintbrush

-Glue (a crafting necessity apparently)


Yep.  That’s right.  This is a Halloween craft.  The tackiest of all crafty holidays besides every other tacky crafty holiday.

Except this craft is not only dummy proof but sort of elegant and pretty too.

Now…this involves spray paint so you’re going to want to secure a spacious area with good ventilation.  I recommend the great outdoors.

Arm yourself with rubber gloves because spray paint DOES NOT simply wash off your hands. I know this because of trial and error.  And because I had to get my rings professionally cleaned after one pumpkin attempt.

I told you I wasn’t a crafter.

Now here comes the only part tricky part.  You spray paint the pumpkins.

All the way around, every visible surface, even the stem, then let them dry.

I know…it’s a lot to ask…but don’t give up now though because we’re almost done!

After you’ve finished the grueling task of spray painting tiny pumpkins, you’re going to take your paintbrush and with the touch that only Martha could teach you, apply a layer of glue to several of the pumpkins.  Now you will lightly dust the glue coated pumpkins with an ethereal amount of delicate glitter.

You just glitter the pumpkins…ok?  This isn’t rocket science.  Although from the outside looking in my process was probably NOT the one of least resistance.  I did use a makeup brush after all.


They’re gorgeous.  Especially when they get hit by a little candlelight.

I chose to only glitter 2 of the 8 pumpkins I painted.  A little glitter goes a long way.  My mom didn’t gift me her creative crafting skill, but at least she taught me that much.

The remainder I kept only painted with two coats of spray paint.  They really are super easy to make and quite pretty.  I’ve got them staggered throughout the house and they make it ‘holiday festive’ without having orange everywhere.

This concludes my craft lesson for the year.  I hope you all learned something new here, even if it’s that I’m pretty creatively challenged.

In spirit of the season, here are some additional holiday decor views from around our house.  Happy Halloween!!