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Sarah & Eric Get Married!

I was incredibly honored when my friends Sarah and Eric put their trust in me and asked if I would photograph their wedding in Beaver Creek.  They got married over President’s Day weekend and it was so beautiful, so intimate, and there was SO much love.

It was an emotional few days leading up to the wedding for me because I was in Minnesota with my family after my dad suffered a heart attack and then went through open heart surgery.  We all made it through (thanks be) and I flew back to Denver the night before the wedding.  I was very anxious thinking about the photos and the morning of I was incredibly nervous. I was so grateful that the day was filled with friends and people I love.  It was a great welcome home.

I met the girls that morning at the beautiful Beaver Creek Westin where they were getting buffed and shined…and oxygenated.

GuskyBullockWedding-4SalonGuskyBullockWedding-7GuskyBullockWedding-19GuskyBullockWedding-20Salon2GuskyBullockWedding-14~ Sarah brought these old Glamour Shot proof sheets with as ‘inspiration’ for her wedding day look.  It was hysterical. ~Salon3GuskyBullockWedding-21GuskyBullockWedding-39~ Renee at Bang salon of Denver did an incredible job on everyones makeup. ~Makeup1GuskyBullockWedding-29 GuskyBullockWedding-30 GuskyBullockWedding-32 GuskyBullockWedding-53GuskyBullockWedding-33GuskyBullockWedding-34~ Look. At. That. Face. ~

BootsHerFaceGuskyBullockWedding-47GuskyBullockWedding-54TheRings ~ After the very relaxed and fun morning we headed over to the ceremony and reception site which is where Miss Sarah got into her stunning gown. ~GuskyBullockWedding-87

~ It is believed that Mirabelle stands on the site of the first home in the Valley of Beaver Creek, the log residence of George Townsend, who settled there in 1881-82.   It is now an exquisite restaurant (so good) and the owners have done a wonderful job of preserving the original charm and character of the home.  It was such a perfect choice for Sarah and Eric’s intimate day. ~











GuskyBullockWedding-100~ Priceless.  The first look photos are always my favorite! ~CoupleShots1









WithDad~ Sarah has such a wonderful and unique relationship with her Father, Sheldon.  The love in her family is so obvious and pretty remarkable.  It was fun to be able to capture it throughout the day. ~WithDad2




Details2Sarah’s got such an effortless style and it was fun to see that shine through on her wedding day.  From the Frye boots, Anthropologie earrings for the girls, and beautiful dark turquoise cowl she wore to the mason jars, shimmery burlap, and handmade aspen candle holders…everything was amazing.GuskyBullockWedding-89 GuskyBullockWedding-93 GuskyBullockWedding-94GuskyBullockWedding-218 GuskyBullockWedding-212~ Eric and Sarah had an intimate and incredibly personal ceremony by candlelight.  It really was beautiful. Following the ceremony there was a delicious meal, plenty of cake, dancing and an after party…oh, and sparklers of course! ~GuskyBullockWedding-236 GuskyBullockWedding-243 GuskyBullockWedding-245sparklersGuskyBullockWedding-228GuskyBullockWedding-264~ Congratulations my friends.  Thank you again for letting me be a part of it. ~


Beaver Creek Family Vacation Part 1

Thanksgiving-184 Jon and I looked all over ski country for a place to gather our families for Thanksgiving.  From Vail, Breckenridge, and Beaver Creek all the way to Cordillera.  We fell in love with one that ended up falling through, which also ended up being the best possible thing to happen to us.  It lead us to the perfect house.  Comfortable, incredibly spacious, sweeping views of our favorite ski resort, unbeatable location, and with a great kitchen for my Dad.

Thanksgiving-182 Thanksgiving-2 HeidiTurkeyDay-15The setting couldn’t have been more beautiful.  Nestled right into the mountain, directly on runs leading into the Bachelor Gulch base, and with an outdoor hot tub for prime viewing of skiers, the horizon, and wildlife.

Thanksgiving-34 Thanksgiving-38 Thanksgiving-81 MindyTurkeyDay-24 MindyTurkeyDay-25 Thanksgiving-12 I have to admit that the night we arrived I loved seeing everybody ooh and ahh over the house.  I myself did the same thing the first time I walked in and so so hoped everyone else would have the same reaction and that we had met their expectations.

We spent the first evening mostly in the living room, around the fireplace with drinks in hand, reveling in each others company.

MindyTurkeyDay-7Mom had the great idea (since Livi was to be the only kid) to give her the doll she’d been begging for Christmas.  Something to help ‘entertain’ her while all the adults did boring adult stuff.  I grew up playing with American Girl dolls and could hardly WAIT for the day that Livi was interested.  I was probably more excited than she was.

Thanksgiving-3 Thanksgiving-4 Thanksgiving-7 Thanksgiving-5 Grandpa Pete was the first person to get tears out of us (not even an hour into the vacation) by laughing so hard at something that he started (then we all started…and by all I mean the girls) to cry.

Thanksgiving-6 Thanksgiving-28 Thanksgiving-27 Thanksgiving-26It didn’t take long for everyone to strap on some robes and head for the hot tub for some oohing and ahhing at the stars and view.

MindyTurkeyDay-1 MindyTurkeyDay-2 MindyTurkeyDay-3 MindyTurkeyDay-4 MindyTurkeyDay-5 MeganTurkeyDay-8 Thanksgiving-9 MindyTurkeyDay-6 Thanksgiving-8It was a great night.  A great start.  

Exhausted, everyone headed to their beds to prepare for the first morning of vacation in Beaver Creek.

MindyTurkeyDay-10~ Hostess with the most-ess up early making breakfast burritos! ~

MindyTurkeyDay-19 MindyTurkeyDay-20~ Bed Heads ~

Thanksgiving-13Thanksgiving-132First item of business?  SKIING!  I was so pumped that people (especially livi) wanted to get out there.  My uncle Chad skied every single day he was there like a champ!   


~ Livi’s little baby ski’s. ~

Thanksgiving-37 ~ Everybody getting geared up! ~

Thanksgiving-36~ Even Makenna (or Buffy…she couldn’t decide) had her ski sweater ready. ~

Thanksgiving-10We headed over to the Beaver Creek base for a day full of fun.

MeganTurkeyDay-2 MeganTurkeyDay-3 Thanksgiving-14Thanksgiving-90 Thanksgiving-101MindyTurkeyDay-13MindyTurkeyDay-12 Thanksgiving-15 We spent a good portion of the day on the bunny hill teacher the beginners how to ski.

Livi picked it up right away…

Thanksgiving-16 …Ryan not so much.   :  )

Thanksgiving-21 Thanksgiving-20 MindyTurkeyDay-17 Thanksgiving-18 Thanksgiving-22 Thanksgiving-23 It was amazing for me to watch Jon with Livi, teaching a pretty nervous and scared little girl, how to be brave and go for it.  Great day.

MindyTurkeyDay-14 Thanksgiving-19 MindyTurkeyDay-15 MindyTurkeyDay-16

Thanksgiving-17 Thanksgiving-24Everyone had a great time, even if they weren’t skiing.  It was so warm that it bordered on hot so we all soaked up as much famous Colorado sunshine as we could take.  Once Livi tuckered out, she declared that she needed to teach Sawyer how to ski, and just like that she was a pro.  Another night of game playing, hot tubbing and reflecting on the great day followed.

I’ve got one final installment coming later this week of the rest of our trip.  Stay tuned!