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Leo’s Nursery

I have a TON of blogging to do and, as a new mom, all the time in the world!


I am going to try and get his newborn photos, birth story, and first month photos up here before he’s a year old, but at the rate time is flying it might not happen.  : )

I thought I’d start with an easy one and put up some photos of his nursery.  I had such a fun time creating it and everything came together so easily.  Whenever anyone would ask what it looked like I would respond “void of all color and probably totally inappropriate for a child”.  While that may be true, it sure has been a zen place for me to spend time with him during the day and in the middle of the night.  I’m sure over time my influence on the room will fade and his will start to emerge.  It will be exciting to see it evolve from neutral and white to finger print stained and colorful.

Wish me luck with my attempt to catch up with blogging and enjoy the nursery.

*side note – I’m going to list where some things are from because as I would peruse nursery inspiration it would drive me crazy when I couldn’t find the resources.


That dresser is from Ikea with knobs from Anthropologie and the adorable octopus is from my Godmother Amy who got it from Barefoot Dreams.  It’s adorable and SO SOFT.


That gorgeous walnut crib is my very favorite thing in his room.  It’s from my beloved store (Room & Board) and was the first thing I had chosen for the nursery.  It’s so sturdy and well made that it will make a lovely heirloom.


Our good friend Chris hand painted this for us and was the first person to know what letter his name started with!  : )


The stars, frames, succulent and shelves are from Target.  The letter blocks are from Land of Nod (gifted to me by my mom) and are so me, so pretty and, again, totally inappropriate for a child.  : )


Sorry folks but that rattle can’t be bought anywhere as it’s mine from when I was a baby.  #vintage

Side table is from Ikea, wool ‘flowers’ are Etsy and nightlight is Restoration Hardware.


This empty corner of walls is where I’m going to hang our first family photos taken by Cassidy Brooke Photography.  Just waiting for them to be framed!  Teddy from Restoration Hardware and lambskin from Room and Board.


The three prints are from Etsy and were the second thing I knew I wanted in his room.  I absolutely LOVE them.


Glider is Pottery Barn in the softest fabric imaginable and pouf is Restoration Hardware Baby & Child.  The rug is also Pottery Barn and what I based the entire color scheme around.


All things organizational are from the greatest store on earth…Target.


These prints are from the same woman on Etsy as the other three prints.  They’re so flipping cute. Frames are Target.



A photo of my Grandmother and Grandfather Kinkade with their first born, my dad, whom Leo gets his middle name from.


Shelf is Target and bookshelf is Pottery Barn.


The little wooden animals are from Target.


This little mouse is actually the very first thing I purchased for the Nursery.  I bought it when I was newly pregnant and up in Telluride.  I was so excited to get started decorating and worried it was too soon so I very tentatively bought it and hid it away.  I’m obviously thrilled it made it’s home where it belongs.