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Finally Friday!  This cold weather we’re having this week has made the days just crawl by.  No big plans for us around here this weekend.  A little home maintenance and MAYBE some painting…we’ll see how motivated we get.  Thank you so much for reading.  Hopefully this little burst of posts helps jump start me back into regular writing.

Without further adieu, here are some links I was crushing on this week…

I follow a lot of photography blogs and this GORGEOUS recent wedding (of the famed and uber wealthy Ridinger family) posted to one of them is the most over the top extravagant glitzapalooza’s I’ve ever seen.  Here are parts two and three.  That headpiece!!!  Enjoy the eye candy.

I only have two years left to accomplish this, but I’d love to carry this excellent advice into my 30’s.

Very cool project.  A photograph of 4 sisters taken once every year for forty year years.

A mean video, but I still find it funny.  I don’t feel bad about it.  Paula Deen and Oprah at their finest.

I posted The Pregnant Husband on Facebook a few days ago, but it bears repeating.  My favorite internet find since What Should We Call Me.

UNBELIEVABLE.  These three must have a new lease on life.

So creepy I can barely watch, and yet strangely endearing.  The spider that just couldn’t hide.

This one’s for the boys.  Hilarious, laugh out loud, bad lip reading of NFL players.  “I found Fido!  I found Fido you guys!”

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Link Love.


This was one of those weeks that flew by for me and Jon.  He’s been incredibly busy at work (late nights) combined with keeping up with friends and league hockey, I feel like I’ve hardly seen him.  I’ve been busy at home during the day editing away, blogging, and booking sessions (yay!).  I think we’re both looking forward to a low key weekend with some time together.  Hopefully we’ll make it back up to the mountains for some skiing and other than that we’ll just hang.  Hope everybody has a great few days!

If you don’t normally click on my links, try this one as a starting point.  These photos are AMAZING.  My favorites are #7, #9, and #13…OBVIOUSLY.

These numbers make me grateful I prefer black coffee and tea.

I’m guilty of a few of these grammar mistakes unfortunately.

I will NOT be making these because if I did I’d eat every last one.

A hilarious yet true take on a classic.  “…goodnight recycled baby wipes with no perfume.” 

Have you ever been this angry?  Have you ever felt this much remorse?

A visual history of Richard Nixon getting lazier.

Obsessed with this quirky album.

My neon dress I wore for the Awards Banquet in Costa Rica, which I’ll be posting about next week!  I softened it down a bit with pretty earrings and nude heeled sandals.  Pair it up with a tan and it worked amazingly…so comfortable.

Link Love.

It’s here!  It’s here!

Finally Friday.  What’s everyone got going on this weekend?  I have the entire day and night to myself because Jon is busy.  I’ll be cleaning, blogging, and movie watching…I’m secretly pretty pumped.  Tomorrow I get a long overdue haircut and color and true to history I’m sure I’ll be unhappy.  But snip snip nonetheless!  The rest of my weekend will be spent enjoying some quality time with my bearded husband and bratty cat.

I’ve received mixed reviews on the link love posts, but a lot of people seem to like them, and more of you would if you’d actually click on the links and explore the internet world!  It’s fun!  Come along!

This woman almost gave me a heart attack.  But I kinda liked it.

I want this book and I haven’t even gotten the chance to be a shitty mom yet.

This one’s for the boys, or female sports fans.

The joy in this video is contagious and you’re a horrible person if you don’t agree.

Alright.  I’m ALL for being green and everything…but this lady is half nuts half amazing.

Hahahahaha.  This is why I don’t want a dog but feel like I kinda need a dog.

Anybody know where I can find the non $400 version of this…cuz I need it.


That’s all folks, see ya next week!

P.S. How intense was Sandy?  Thinking about everyone out East.

Link Love

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Jon and I have armed ourselves with costumes that we’re pretty excited about and are heading to a big halloween party on Saturday.  I’m sure Sunday will be spent at home watching football and trying to recover.  I’ve got some fun posts lined up for next week.  Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things around here, I’ve been pretty lame lately.  Everyone have a great weekend and here are some links to peruse as it gets started.

Why is this so flipping adorable?

The odds of finding your ‘soulmate’.

Would anybody ever make these?  Is it a green thing or a cost thing?

I had a rough day yesterday and for some reason this hit home with me.  Not to mention it’s some of the most beautiful writing I’ve read in awhile.

Pretty cool.  How the planets would looked if they were at the same distance as the moon.

15 ways to stay married for 15 years.  Some might surprise you.

Last but not least, a video of what Jon and I are going as for Halloween.

Link Love



It’s September tomorrow?  What in the hell is going on?

Oh wait that’s right…I haven’t been home in two weeks.

And in that two weeks the places where I HAVE been instead of home include (but are not limited to) Manhattan, Brooklyn, SoHo, New Jersey, staring at a T-Rex skeleton, eating the best gnocchi I’ve ever had, Minneapolis, Bloomington, a baseball field, meeting baby Ruxin, LaCrosse WI, nursing my husband back to health, a rehearsal dinner, my best friends wedding, Spicer MN, a rock in the middle of a lake, horseback riding, playing barbies, and in my friend Sara’s kitchen in New London MN.  Not to mention sleeping in 6 different beds, on the subway, and in several cars.

I guess I COULD have found time to blog but Jon probably wouldn’t have liked the fact that showering and brushing my teeth would have had to be sacrificed to make that time.

So in the interest of personal hygiene I took a little break from Midwest Mountainess.

That’s the thing about blogging for free.  Nobody gets to tell me what to do.

I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things.  However, I’m not making any promises as I’m also trying to soak up every delicious last morsel of summer before it’s gone.  I’ve got lots of photo’s from our trip to NYC to share, even more from Vanessa and Andrews wedding, and then just a few (because I was sick of my camera) from my last trip to the lakes this year.

To ease my way back into regular posting, I’ll start off with a simple Friday edition of Link Love.  Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend everybody!!!

Let’s start with the most important link – Anthro is giving 25% off sale clothing and shoes this weekend!  I’ve got my eye on this and this.

Every hair tip imaginable under one easy browsing roof.

Things to know at (almost) 30.  Awesome article.  Here’s a tidbit:

I believe that your 20s are supposed to be hard. But it is not helpful to have to tackle the hard stuff while being told repeatedly that you belong to a unique generation of wastrels.

I am obsessed with this website that answers questions beginning with “what if…”.

Hilarious breakdown of a ridiculously sexist yahoo article.  Only 18 and up on this one.

Who thinks I could make this?

One of the funniest things I’ve listened to in a long time.  The worst haircut ever.

Finally I’d like to end with something a little dated…the Chik-fil-A gay marriage scandal.  I realize this is old news, but it came up again in conversation this weekend and I wanted to post my favorite summation (out of all the articles written about it) to date.  Thanks cousin Timmy for bringing it to my attention.  Meet Miranda :

Bye ya’ll.

Link Love


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Thank God it’s Friday.

For some reason this week felt a little too long for my liking.  It was productive with lots of good news that will lead to fun things so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

Here’s a hint about said ‘fun things’.

{Image via Irene Suchoki on Etsy}

We’ve got a busy weekend planned as well and I’m looking forward to a big group dinner with friends, saying farewell to a favorite restaurant that’s closing and Jon’s 31st birthday on Sunday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend – here are some things I found around the web:

If THIS photo doesn’t get you to wear sunscreen I don’t know what will.

Worlds most expensive dog.

Americans are not as cool as we think we are.

50 shades of flesh.  Crazy.

Hilarious pinterest website where someone tests all the DIY for us!

An app every mom should have.

Really beautiful perspective on beaches.

Thanks for reading!  Follow me on pinterest and have a great weekend!