Link Love.


This was one of those weeks that flew by for me and Jon.  He’s been incredibly busy at work (late nights) combined with keeping up with friends and league hockey, I feel like I’ve hardly seen him.  I’ve been busy at home during the day editing away, blogging, and booking sessions (yay!).  I think we’re both looking forward to a low key weekend with some time together.  Hopefully we’ll make it back up to the mountains for some skiing and other than that we’ll just hang.  Hope everybody has a great few days!

If you don’t normally click on my links, try this one as a starting point.  These photos are AMAZING.  My favorites are #7, #9, and #13…OBVIOUSLY.

These numbers make me grateful I prefer black coffee and tea.

I’m guilty of a few of these grammar mistakes unfortunately.

I will NOT be making these because if I did I’d eat every last one.

A hilarious yet true take on a classic.  “…goodnight recycled baby wipes with no perfume.” 

Have you ever been this angry?  Have you ever felt this much remorse?

A visual history of Richard Nixon getting lazier.

Obsessed with this quirky album.

My neon dress I wore for the Awards Banquet in Costa Rica, which I’ll be posting about next week!  I softened it down a bit with pretty earrings and nude heeled sandals.  Pair it up with a tan and it worked amazingly…so comfortable.


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