The Hurley Family

On last Saturday’s sunny afternoon I had the privilege to get to know and photograph the beautiful Hurley family at their home.  This is one of my favorite kind of sessions to do, more of a lifestyle shoot where a family gets to relax in their own home and I just get to take my time and fire away.


I was ‘gifted’ to them by a past client to celebrate the arrival of their newest family member.  It was fun to meet a brand new family and also to be thought of as a ‘gift’ by another.  Pretty cool.

I was lucky to have an instant connection with them since Momma Hurley is from Wayzata, MN.  Anybody that knows me knows how much I adore Minnesotans.  So we got the “small world” talk out of the way and then I began to seek out some beautiful light to shoot their ridiculously beautiful family.


I’m sorry, but have you EVER seen cuter twins in your entire life?  I just couldn’t get over it!

HurleyFamily-22 HurleyFamily-27

I always thought wishing for multiples was a sure fire sign you were crazy, but after spending the afternoon with these two, I found myself thinking it would be so much fun!  They have this really cool connection that you don’t see as often in other siblings.


Then entered the undoubted star of the day, little baby M.

HurleyFamily-21 HurleyFamily-41


I am constantly forgetting how much fun it is to photograph babies, especially when they are as pretty as this one.


She was such an angel all day, and it was pretty fun to watch her interact with her big brother and sister.



I could go on posting photos of these guys all day, but I’ll just stick to a few of my favorites.  Thank you Hurley family for welcoming me into your home and being so easy to work with.

Welcome to the world baby M.  You are SO lucky to join your amazing family.






3 thoughts on “The Hurley Family

  1. Erin

    Oh my I am in love with these pictures!! Thank you so much for capturing my kiddos at their finest. :) You do beautiful work!! We will call again soon. :)


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