Leo’s First Birthday


Leo woke up on January 10th a one-year-old.


It feels both completely insane that a year has gone by and yet it also makes total sense. If you’re a mom you get it.  The days are long but the years are short…SO SHORT.

I didn’t think we would celebrate with a party, but when the time came, as well as Auntie Erin, I couldn’t resist. The party hat my mom made for Leo anchored the whole thing. : )




Contrary to the ‘serene’ nature of these photos, the day was absolute mayhem. What you can’t see in these photos are the at least 5 other babies and children, the 15 adults in the basement, and my head spinning in circles. I don’t think I got to speak to anyone for more than 10 seconds.



Leo was entirely unimpressed with his sugar-free, gluten free birthday cake. The kid knows what’s good, what can I say.  I imagined smashed cake and a messy face but he got a bit on his hand and then tried to crawl into my lap when everyone stared at him and sang Happy Birthday.


We had a great day, we’re so thankful to everyone that came, and special thanks to Auntie Erin for most of these photos.  I’ve included some additional photos I took of him at 12 months at the end of this post as well as one from each month leading up. So fun to watch him change and grow!


It’s probably time for the ‘rocker photos’ to end.  : )








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