Link Love

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Jon and I have armed ourselves with costumes that we’re pretty excited about and are heading to a big halloween party on Saturday.  I’m sure Sunday will be spent at home watching football and trying to recover.  I’ve got some fun posts lined up for next week.  Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things around here, I’ve been pretty lame lately.  Everyone have a great weekend and here are some links to peruse as it gets started.

Why is this so flipping adorable?

The odds of finding your ‘soulmate’.

Would anybody ever make these?  Is it a green thing or a cost thing?

I had a rough day yesterday and for some reason this hit home with me.  Not to mention it’s some of the most beautiful writing I’ve read in awhile.

Pretty cool.  How the planets would looked if they were at the same distance as the moon.

15 ways to stay married for 15 years.  Some might surprise you.

Last but not least, a video of what Jon and I are going as for Halloween.


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