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Link Love



It’s September tomorrow?  What in the hell is going on?

Oh wait that’s right…I haven’t been home in two weeks.

And in that two weeks the places where I HAVE been instead of home include (but are not limited to) Manhattan, Brooklyn, SoHo, New Jersey, staring at a T-Rex skeleton, eating the best gnocchi I’ve ever had, Minneapolis, Bloomington, a baseball field, meeting baby Ruxin, LaCrosse WI, nursing my husband back to health, a rehearsal dinner, my best friends wedding, Spicer MN, a rock in the middle of a lake, horseback riding, playing barbies, and in my friend Sara’s kitchen in New London MN.  Not to mention sleeping in 6 different beds, on the subway, and in several cars.

I guess I COULD have found time to blog but Jon probably wouldn’t have liked the fact that showering and brushing my teeth would have had to be sacrificed to make that time.

So in the interest of personal hygiene I took a little break from Midwest Mountainess.

That’s the thing about blogging for free.  Nobody gets to tell me what to do.

I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things.  However, I’m not making any promises as I’m also trying to soak up every delicious last morsel of summer before it’s gone.  I’ve got lots of photo’s from our trip to NYC to share, even more from Vanessa and Andrews wedding, and then just a few (because I was sick of my camera) from my last trip to the lakes this year.

To ease my way back into regular posting, I’ll start off with a simple Friday edition of Link Love.  Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend everybody!!!

Let’s start with the most important link – Anthro is giving 25% off sale clothing and shoes this weekend!  I’ve got my eye on this and this.

Every hair tip imaginable under one easy browsing roof.

Things to know at (almost) 30.  Awesome article.  Here’s a tidbit:

I believe that your 20s are supposed to be hard. But it is not helpful to have to tackle the hard stuff while being told repeatedly that you belong to a unique generation of wastrels.

I am obsessed with this website that answers questions beginning with “what if…”.

Hilarious breakdown of a ridiculously sexist yahoo article.  Only 18 and up on this one.

Who thinks I could make this?

One of the funniest things I’ve listened to in a long time.  The worst haircut ever.

Finally I’d like to end with something a little dated…the Chik-fil-A gay marriage scandal.  I realize this is old news, but it came up again in conversation this weekend and I wanted to post my favorite summation (out of all the articles written about it) to date.  Thanks cousin Timmy for bringing it to my attention.  Meet Miranda :

Bye ya’ll.


Throwback Thursday

This Thursday doesn’t throwback very far.

It goes just a hop skip and a jump back to 2010 and covers Jon and my first trip to NYC.  He surprised me with tickets to Wicked as a Christmas gift and we planned our trip for the following April.

Well Jon surprised me AGAIN a few weeks ago when he told me we were going back to NYC for our 1 year anniversary!  We are leaving this Saturday morning and I am so excited.

In my excitement I was looking through our old photo’s and decided they would work for a Throwback Thursday post.  

Here we are at the then brand new Yankee Stadium!  It was Jackie Robinson day and everyone got a free hat.

Our first trip we did all the mandatory touristy stuff because you just never know if you’re ever going back.  We covered A LOT of ground.  The Met, little italy, chinatown, 9/11 site, famous sandwich and pizza joints etc.

Of COURSE we went to see Lady Liberty and Ellis Island.  I’m half tempted to do this again just to experience the spectacular view of city from the water.  Our first night in NYC we spent wandering around and marveling at Time’s Square.This is me doing my very best ‘native new yorker’ pose.  I’ve even got the Starbucks!As I’m sure most people do, I fell madly in love with Central Park.  You can just look and look and look and never soak it all in.  To think, just 4 months after this photo was taken, we were engaged!  So THAT’S why he made let me try on engagement rings at the NYC David Yurman boutique.

We had such a great time and I feel so lucky to be able to go back.  We’re staying in a different part of Manhattan this trip and will have many new things to discover and explore.  So far our only concrete plans are a few dinners, shopping of course, wandering, and using our Monday tickets that Jon won to see David Letterman!  Everybody look for us!