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Link Love


What’s everyone up to this weekend?

It’s been bananas hot around here.  Luckily yesterday I got a cool off pool day in with Miss Ashley.

Maybe we’ll get another one this weekend because it’s supposed to be scorching!

I get to go to one of my favorite restaurants tonight with three of my favorite ladies in one of my favorite cities (Boulder) and I can’t wait!

Otherwise this weekend is dedicated to getting prepared for our road trip next week!  We’re driving up to the lakes for 10 days over the 4th of July and OF COURSE i’m totally counting down the days.  We’re bringing our bikes for the first time and need to get a bike rack attached to Jon’s car (we would never put something that ugly on pearl).  : )

I don’t have many links for ya’ll this week but here are a couple and a current song obsession.

One of my favorite jewelry designers.

25 best sports GIF’s of all time.

Emily, the write of one of my favorite blogs just got married!

I would like to visit EVERY single one of these.


02 Only the Young


Link Love.

Happy Friday!

We’ve got another busy weekend headed our way with street fairs, Rockies games, an engagement party, and dinner with friends.  You know what that means….lots of photos next week!

Speaking of photo’s, this past Monday I did my first shoot in a long time that was purely for business instead of fun.  I gave them the images yesterday and was a mess of anxiety all night until I finally heard from them.  I got both texts and a Facebook message with better reviews than I dared hope for.  They LOVED them!  I thought I might cry and I was so excited to tell Jon I couldn’t sleep.  So I’ll be posting those over the weekend.

A friend of mine told me I was posting too many links and that she hardly ever clicks on them.  I found this information insane because I’m a link-aholic.  I’m going to keep posting the links on Friday for a few more weeks to see if the ‘clicking traffic’ picks up, but if it doesn’t maybe I’ll try something different!  For now I’ll just do quality over quantity and pick a few.

Have a fantastic weekend and thank you for all time high blog views, likes, and comments this week!

An amazingly functional and beautiful website jam packed with every hair tip imaginable.

If you have an iPhone PLEASE click on this link – I learned so many easy things that I never knew about my phone.  It feels like I have a new one!

With all the baby talk this week I thought I’d link about it as well!  Things I never would have thought of!

A very sweet post from one of my favorite blogs with a very sweet video at the end.  It’s all about love.

Link Love

What’s everybody got planned for the weekend?

This week sailed by for me, but I’m so excited to have the entire weekend off with some great things to look forward to.  Jon and I are meeting some friends to see a comedy show tonight.  We love anything live and, as I’m sure you can tell from my incredible wit, we love funny things.  : ) So we decided we needed to hit up Denver’s Comedy Works more often!

Tomorrow some friends of mine/ours from the summer Jon and I met are in town!  Courtney and Ian are two of our favorite Californians/Minnesotans at heart.  Ian plays for a rugby team and they are playing in the championships this weekend in town.  I had barely even heard of rugby before I knew Ian and now that I’ve watched a few games I feel confident in recommending taking one in.  It’s a fascinating and intense sport.  We always look forward to seeing them.

Sunday signals the beginning of Denver’s Jazz in the Park and we’ve recruited a significantly large group to go hang out.  We’ll set up picnic blankets in the park, open up some bottle’s of wine, snack on yummy food and enjoy the beautiful evening full of great jazz music.  I’m very excited for that one.

Since I did so much posting this week and preparing of posts for next week, my Link Love is a little week so I apologize.  I didn’t have time to scour the internet as thoroughly as I normally do.

Hope you all have an event filled and wonderful weekend!

I love and have always loved to shop on this website.  They make the most beautiful, whimsical handcrafted gifts in Austin, TX.

Which one would you dare to try?  I think I’d choose the green one.


I wasted an entire afternoon on this list.  My personal faves are 1 – 6 -7 & 9

The olympics are coming the olympics are coming!

Speaking of olympics, here’s a gorgeous interpretation of them.

It doesn’t matter the language, you can always understand.  Gets me every time.  Take a look at this beautiful wedding.  That DRESS!  My goodness.

Another video…CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!

See you next week!  Thank you so so so so so much for reading : )

Link Love


I’m doing my weekend ‘link love’ post a day early because our weekend starts today!!!  We fly out of Denver tonight for our first trip home to Minnesota in over 6 months.  Too long if you ask me.  I don’t care what the weather at the lake is like…I don’t even care if it snows.  We’re going to enjoy a 4 day weekend surrounded by people we love to hang out with and beer we love to drink at one of our favorite places in the world.  I’m a little too excited though and it’s going to be a long day for me sitting by the door with my suitcases waiting for Jon to come home.

I’ve got a busy week after we get back but I’m going to try and keep up the posting momentum.  I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Weekend filled with things you love as well.  To kickstart you off, here are some things I found around the web this week that I loved!

100 Tips for a Healthier Summer

My favorite bag website BAGGU has added some adorable new leather key chains in neons!

While researching good gray paint colors I came across my favorite stylists blog with an interesting perspective…Ryan Gosling.

Really beautiful idea for mementos from childhood.

An honest look at the realities of getting a post college job.

These photo’s cause me serious anxiety.  An arm could be gone at any second.  Fun Fact: this is Melanie Griffith as a child.

Apparently people are ‘getting the busiest’ over Christmas and New Years : )

A really great response to the breast feeding TIME magazine cover scandal.  In case you’ve been living under a rock, here is said magazine cover.

This dude has only been taking photo’s for 2 years and creates images like this.

This is a really cool DIY project for a group of girlfriends.

Camera bag that’s on my wish list!

Oh my god make the cuteness stop!

A really beautiful and well done photo essay by the Denver Post that has won a few awards since being published.  It’s a bit of a downer.

And to end the browsing, I’m reposting this website because it just does NOT stop being funny.


Link Love


Happy Friday!


What are your plans for this weekend?

We’re having a pseudo-celebratory dinner out for my rockstar broker of a husband tonight, possibly attending a Foodbank of the Rockies fundraiser at a baseball game on Saturday, and then the rest of my weekend is dedicated to preparing for these goons to arrive on Monday(!!):

I hope they wear those dresses on the plane.  For the record ladies?  Liz is more tan.  It’s settled.

Well, I hope whatever you’re doing it’s amazing!  Here’s some internet love to get you surfing.

  • THIS is the funniest website i’ve come across in a long time.  I’m serious.  You people click on this or I’ll never forgive you and once you do…keep scrolling.  Keep scrolling and scrolling and try not to die laughing.
  • In the spirit of Mad Men being back on the air, which is by the way the greatest show to ever air on television, this website which is not only real but pretty disturbing.
  • How the other half lives.  Karl Lagerfeld (world famous designer for Chanel, among others) and his life in a day.  It’s really fascinating and nauseating all at the same time.
  • Fun idea for a party, especially the part at the end.

Just bought tickets to see this amazing local band for me and my hubby!  Give them a listen, they’re great!

Link Love

I’ve got some good stuff coming up this week including a visit from Auntie Megan and all her puppies, picking out a new bed for our new mattress as well as a St. Patricks day celebration on Saturday!!!  Also I’ll be posting my much delayed February recipe which is just soooo yummy and will always help make your night better.

Since it’s Monday (ugh) and just too nice outside for me to sit at this computer I’m  going to throw up some awesome links from the net for ya’ll to visit!  You DO click on the links right?  I’ll only lead you to good stuff…promise.  Happy web surfing!

This Parisian hotel room is making me twitch.

A new craft to attempt?

I do not want to see my internet hours logged after reading this article.

This video is circling around the internet and it’s guaranteed to brighten your day!

Jon and I HATE spending money on razors so this concept might be brilliant – but the hilarious promotional video is what makes this link worth visiting.

These views are spectacularly beautiful if you have high res capabilities on your computer!

My favorite little bag store came out with new iPad and laptop cases!  So cute.

LOVE this honest article on what it’s going to be like to become a parent (IN THE DISTANT FUTURE MOTHER).

Have you bought this album yet?  If not – I recommend doing so.