Link Love


What’s everyone up to this weekend?

It’s been bananas hot around here.  Luckily yesterday I got a cool off pool day in with Miss Ashley.

Maybe we’ll get another one this weekend because it’s supposed to be scorching!

I get to go to one of my favorite restaurants tonight with three of my favorite ladies in one of my favorite cities (Boulder) and I can’t wait!

Otherwise this weekend is dedicated to getting prepared for our road trip next week!  We’re driving up to the lakes for 10 days over the 4th of July and OF COURSE i’m totally counting down the days.  We’re bringing our bikes for the first time and need to get a bike rack attached to Jon’s car (we would never put something that ugly on pearl).  : )

I don’t have many links for ya’ll this week but here are a couple and a current song obsession.

One of my favorite jewelry designers.

25 best sports GIF’s of all time.

Emily, the write of one of my favorite blogs just got married!

I would like to visit EVERY single one of these.


02 Only the Young


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