Baby Jaxon

I had the unexpected honor to take photos of this little nugget early last week.

Quite simply put, he was an absolute angel.I headed down to the exquisite Denver children’s hospital where baby Jaxon has been for the past few weeks while he gets good and strong and ready to go home. 

He’s so lucky to have been born into such a wonderful family and I felt truly truly blessed that they asked me to help document the very beginning of his life.

I hadn’t been in a hospital since little Miss Livi spent similar time in the NICU.  I wasn’t expecting my reaction to it all and quite honestly I was overwhelmed.  I am a little bit embarrassed to say that when I  got in the elevator to leave I just crumbled.  Like I said, so grateful and honored to have been asked to be there.


3 thoughts on “Baby Jaxon

  1. Chandra

    Gorgeous photos Ali! Perhaps you’d like to spend an indefinite period of time in Oxford this fall, so that you can be here to take Baby Brother’s pictures as soon as he gets home from the hospital :)

    1. Ali Post author

      Thank you Chandra! The lighting in the NICU was a little challenging but I’m pretty happy with them. I would be thrilled to come hand and shoot photo’s for days and days : )

  2. Julie Phan

    Nice photos, Ali! I especially love the third one from the top [with the two babies–I almost died from adorableness] and the very last one. Mad skillz, bro.


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