Throwback Thursday

Tomorrow we are heading up North to Minnesota and Pelican Lake for ten days of lake time bliss!  In honor of it being Jon and my 9th (!!!) summer at the cabin together, I thought I’d post some throwback photo’s from my first summer there, the summer we met.

For those that don’t know the story, Jon and I met at Wildflower Golf Course which is part of a large Pelican Lake resort called Fair Hills.  My best friend Vanessa and I decided to work there the summer after our freshman year of college, and by decided I mean I DECIDED and then spent the better half of a month convincing/begging Vanessa to come with me.  Well she did and it ended up being one of the best times of my entire life.  I met so many amazing people that I still keep in touch with…including my future husband!

Ahhhh to be 19 again  : )


This is one of only TWO photo’s from that summer that have Jon and I in them.  My family was at the resort for Fathers Day and Jon was out with all of his cousins on the boat and decided to stop by.  Meeting my parents a little early maybe??  : )

I’m surely making some sort of smart-ass comment.

This is me and my Wildflower girls on my last day of work at the course.

Here’s the ONLY other photo from that summer offering proof that we did indeed meet.  I’m not sure what’s happening with the hats on his head, but that is certainly Jon.  I’m pretty sure this is the night he cornered me in the kitchen of the Hendrickson cabin and MADE me kiss him for the first time.

I hadn’t yet discovered makeup.  My apologies.

You couldn’t pay me to go back to high school or to most of my 20’s, but I’d go back to this summer in a heartbeat for free.Fire starting at Lake 5 with Mrs. Carpenter : )

Another marriage to come out of that summer – Mr and Mrs. Ian and Courtney Carpenter.

Jon is going to KILL MEEEEEEE  but…here’s the ending of a very sweet note he wrote me that first summer.  Little did he know…. : )

And if THAT doesn’t seal my fate as a dead man – I’m very sorry honey but I just couldn’t resist.

Throwback Thursdays are officially my favorite.


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Emily

    Best post ever of your life! :) I almost teared up and I would TOTALLY go back to that summer too! I’d do things a little differently but whatev, SO many GREAT memories…where did you get those pictures?! Who hears from Jane?! I NEED to see you during those 10 days you’re here – we will be in touch – bring your camera again. xoxo

    1. Ali Post author

      I thought you might like it : ) I might not change a thing because then I might not be exactly where I am now. However, there are a few things I might tweak. I have all of those pictures in an album I made the summer after I worked there. Also, I have not heard from Jane since that summer – I’ve tried looking her up more than a few times. That little hippie just vanished into thin air! I too am looking forward to seeing you and catching up. tick tock!

  2. JHH

    Wow! We all look a lot younger. It was a fun summer to have Jon at the cabin all summer long. My girls weekend really enjoyed his companionship and my boys loved having the extended time with him. I have a few vague memories of you coming around once in awhile…always looking a little spooked. :) Glad you both hung in there. See you soon.


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