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Link Love.

Happy Friday!

We’ve got another busy weekend headed our way with street fairs, Rockies games, an engagement party, and dinner with friends.  You know what that means….lots of photos next week!

Speaking of photo’s, this past Monday I did my first shoot in a long time that was purely for business instead of fun.  I gave them the images yesterday and was a mess of anxiety all night until I finally heard from them.  I got both texts and a Facebook message with better reviews than I dared hope for.  They LOVED them!  I thought I might cry and I was so excited to tell Jon I couldn’t sleep.  So I’ll be posting those over the weekend.

A friend of mine told me I was posting too many links and that she hardly ever clicks on them.  I found this information insane because I’m a link-aholic.  I’m going to keep posting the links on Friday for a few more weeks to see if the ‘clicking traffic’ picks up, but if it doesn’t maybe I’ll try something different!  For now I’ll just do quality over quantity and pick a few.

Have a fantastic weekend and thank you for all time high blog views, likes, and comments this week!

An amazingly functional and beautiful website jam packed with every hair tip imaginable.

If you have an iPhone PLEASE click on this link – I learned so many easy things that I never knew about my phone.  It feels like I have a new one!

With all the baby talk this week I thought I’d link about it as well!  Things I never would have thought of!

A very sweet post from one of my favorite blogs with a very sweet video at the end.  It’s all about love.