Link Love

I’ve got some good stuff coming up this week including a visit from Auntie Megan and all her puppies, picking out a new bed for our new mattress as well as a St. Patricks day celebration on Saturday!!!  Also I’ll be posting my much delayed February recipe which is just soooo yummy and will always help make your night better.

Since it’s Monday (ugh) and just too nice outside for me to sit at this computer I’m  going to throw up some awesome links from the net for ya’ll to visit!  You DO click on the links right?  I’ll only lead you to good stuff…promise.  Happy web surfing!

This Parisian hotel room is making me twitch.

A new craft to attempt?

I do not want to see my internet hours logged after reading this article.

This video is circling around the internet and it’s guaranteed to brighten your day!

Jon and I HATE spending money on razors so this concept might be brilliant – but the hilarious promotional video is what makes this link worth visiting.

These views are spectacularly beautiful if you have high res capabilities on your computer!

My favorite little bag store came out with new iPad and laptop cases!  So cute.

LOVE this honest article on what it’s going to be like to become a parent (IN THE DISTANT FUTURE MOTHER).

Have you bought this album yet?  If not – I recommend doing so.


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