Baby Turano

BabyTurano-8 Its funny…getting older.  We all used to look forward to getting together late night at a bar, or a party, and would end up hanging out until the wee hours being mischievous.

Well, times have changed.  NOW we look forward to getting together to celebrate kids 1st birthdays, new homes, and baby showers.  Some of the elements are the same, but many look a little different.  Regardless, it’s always so nice to get the group together to celebrate one of our own on whatever their new adventure might be.  This time, it was the gorgeous Miss Amy who is expecting a baby boy this November.  We can’t WAIT to meet him.  : )


BabyTurano-21 BabyTurano-20BabyTurano-11 BabyTurano-1 BabyTurano-22 BabyTurano-7 BabyTurano-14 BabyTurano-6 BabyTurano-9BabyTurano-23BabyTurano-32BabyTurano-33BabyTurano-34BabyTurano-44BabyTurano-46BabyTurano-51BabyTurano-52BabyTurano-53BabyTurano-54BabyTurano-55BabyTurano-57


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